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Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love

Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love

4.3 16
by Sebastian Cole

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Winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award, and placing in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards, Readers' Favorite Book Awards, Feathered Quill Book Awards, USA Best Book Awards, International Book Awards, National Indie Excellence Book Awards, and ForeWord Firsts debut literary competition.

Noah Hartman has it all, or so it seems. Groomed since childhood


Winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award, and placing in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards, Readers' Favorite Book Awards, Feathered Quill Book Awards, USA Best Book Awards, International Book Awards, National Indie Excellence Book Awards, and ForeWord Firsts debut literary competition.

Noah Hartman has it all, or so it seems. Groomed since childhood to inherit his family's fortune and business empire, the effect of living the life set down for him by two controlling parents has left Noah out of touch with his inner self. Enter Robin, who -- in direct contrast to Noah -- is a vivacious, free spirit with no material possessions to speak of. Robin's love saves Noah by inspiring him to stand up to his parents and reclaim his true identity at all costs. But Robin harbors a secret that could devastate their lives forever. Is it enough for two soul mates to find each other, or are the forces that would tear them apart too great to overcome?

Many years later, Noah lies in a hospital bed recounting his life of love and loss, only to discover a far greater truth about the past, present, and future. And the one certainty that remains unchanged in Noah's heart -- true love never dies.

Looking for the next great love story? Look no further: read SAND DOLLAR: A Story of Undying Love!

Editorial Reviews

Feathered Quill Book Reviews - Corey Bickel
In the tradition of Nicholas Sparks, whom Cole cites as his favorite author, Sand Dollar is a sentimental love story about finding and losing one's soul mate... SAND DOLLAR is a touching romance with the hopeful message that it's never too late to reconnect with a lost love, or to take a chance and follow your heart.
Bestselling author of Pandora's Temple - Jon Land
SAND DOLLAR is one of those rare books that makes you feel, laugh and cry all at the same time. This smashing debut by Sebastian Cole reads like the best of Nicholas Sparks with just enough schmaltz. Moving and emotive, it's every bit THE NOTEBOOK.
Miss A - Mina De Caro
Keep a tissue box close by while reading this evocative novel. SAND DOLLAR, a novel utterly heart-wrenching in its tragedy and absolutely gratifying in its resolution, won't leave your soul and your eyes dry.
Book Ideas - Celina Cuadro
So to the hopeless romantics out there I say, Highly Recommended – have at it, this is a must-read. To the snarling cynics like me who mentally have their arms akimbo and their eyebrow raised, I say pick up SAND DOLLAR: A Story of Undying Love and surprise yourself by discovering the romantic in you.
Hollywood producer - Marsha Oglesby
In the vein of THE NOTEBOOK and numerous other classics, SAND DOLLAR proves once again that true love never dies.

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Meet the Author

Sebastian Cole never intended on being a writer. He graduated from Brown University in the 80s, then worked briefly in New York before returning to Rhode Island to work in his family’s business. Nineteen years later, he took a leap of faith and left the company to pursue his dreams, which has led him to where he is now: a novelist of romantic fiction. Cole writes from the heart, believing in true love, love at first sight, and finding that one person in life you’re meant to be with.

Sebastian Cole’s debut novel, Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love, was emotionally inspired by his own personal life experiences. Sand Dollar has won numerous awards, including winning the Beverly Hills Book Award for Romance, and placing in the ForeWord Reviews Book Of The Year Awards, Readers' Favorite Book Awards, Feathered Quill Book Awards, USA Best Book Awards, International Book Awards, National Indie Excellence Book Awards, and ForeWord Firsts debut literary competition. The book has received rave reviews, many of which compare Cole to his favorite author, Nicholas Sparks, whom Cole cites as an inspiration for becoming an author. Whether or not he ever achieves that kind of success, touching the lives of others through his writing has been the single most gratifying thing he has ever done.

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Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
samieOH More than 1 year ago
Loved the book.it makes you stop and think about love all over again! Would recommend to all!!
novalone More than 1 year ago
Wonderful story and great writing!! Grab a box of tissues and settle in.
avidreaderJG More than 1 year ago
I really thought this book would just be a schmaltzy romance good to read on the plane heading home. What a surprise this romantic fantasy was! The theme was the dream of your long lost love returning - with all of the joys and heartaches, but most of all faith. I really couldn't put it down. And the added author comments and book club discussion points at the end just added to the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was good BUT cannot compare to Notebook.  It skipped around and I found myself having to go back and reread parts in order to catch up.  I am though looking forward to the movie. 
DonnaFoz More than 1 year ago
I think I have a new favorite book. I absolutely loved this book. I just finished it today and thought that it was amazing. I was at my Mom's house reading the final chapters and crying, then I handed it to her and said, "You've got to read this!" She said she wasn't sure as she had seen me crying. I told her that it is indeed a beautiful love story and it did have a fantastic ending. I don't even usually like romance novels but I loved this one. My favorite part was when the protagonist, Noah, said to his brother, and I'm paraphrasing here, even though my life may be over, my love will never end. It is especially reassuring to read this today on Veteran's Day as I'm missing my eternal hero, my dad. I believe that even though I didn't get to see him and thank him for his service to our country this morning, that he still knows what is in my heart and mind and that he does indeed still continue to love me as much as I still love him. Thank you, Mr. Cole, for an incredible novel that moved me to tears in a very personal way. I will most definitely read this novel again, as I often do with my favorites, and recommend it to my friends. Congratulations on a superb book! I really don't know how to give an adequate review of this without spoiling the ending so I would just like to encourage everyone to read it! Amazing!
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
Noah Hartman meets his soul mate, Robin at a local club. When he loses her, he does not ever give up on their love, truly believing they belong together. Finally, Noah agrees to marry Sarah, a long time family friend. As Sarah is ready to walk down the aisle, Robin walks in and declares her love for Noah. An old and sick Noah tells his love story to Josh, an orderly at Mount Sinai Hospital. As the story is told different family members arrive to tell him goodbye. The closer to the end of the story, the more the pieces of his life are put back together. When I was told that this was the next great love story I was cynical, but it is totally true. Noah and Robin’s story is the greatest love story I have ever read. Robin was a character I didn’t really like. The way she played with the good guy, Noah, broke my heart. The fact that she had a child from a previous relationship and kept uprooting her life made her the type of mother that I never understand or can relate to. I did like that she encouraged Noah to break free from the unreal hold his parents had on him letting him finally live his life his way. But this was really the only good thing I can say about Robin. Noah was the prince of the story. Willing and wanting to worship Robin and put her on a pedestal giving her everything a woman could want. Every girls dream man. The fact that he allowed his parents to rule so many of his decisions and life was his biggest downfall. The control went beyond being a momma’s boy and was definitely the cause of most of his issues with Robin. Noah instantly won my heart when he included Robin’s daughter in many of their plans making her feel like part of the “family” he was trying to form. I highly recommend Sand Dollar to everyone. This is a story that will touch you to the depth of your heart.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
The narrative of Sand Dollar weaves back and forth through the life of Noah Hartman to tell a story of the undying love of soul mates and the trials and rewards of following one’s heart. As the story begins, Noah is about to be married to Sarah, a beautiful young woman who has his parents’ approval and his trust and devotion. Just as Sarah is about to walk down the aisle, the ceremony is interrupted by Robin, the free-spirited but damaged girl who left Noah with a broken heart years before. She tells him that leaving him was a mistake and that she remembers her love for him. We are left with Noah standing uncertain between the two women, not knowing whether to choose his true love or the woman who is a reliable friend. Next we see Noah at eighty, in the hospital for reasons he can’t remember. He tells Josh, a hospital orderly, the story of himself and Robin and the ups and downs of their relationship over the years. In his late thirties, although he seems to have it all – money, a fancy car, a house on the beach and a secure job with his father’s company, Noah feels trapped by his parents’ strict control of his life. He longs to break free and make it on his own, to live a real life and make his own mistakes, but isn’t brave enough to challenge his parents. The night he meets Robin at a dance club, he is enchanted by her free spirit and the two are instantly drawn to each other. Yet Robin has problems of her own that made it difficult for her to stay in a relationship. After finding and losing Robin several times, Noah, despite his heartache, is inspired by her to finally start his own business and live his own life. Although Robin never leaves his heart, he eventually finds some happiness with Sarah and the two arrange their wedding when she becomes pregnant. As Noah recounts the events of the wedding to Josh, he sees the course of his relationship with Robin with a new clarity, and the choice he made is finally revealed. Will Noah take this final chance to be with his true love? In the tradition of Nicholas Sparks, whom Cole cites as his favorite author, Sand Dollar is a sentimental love story about finding and losing one’s soul mate. Cole metes out important information at a good pace, keeping the reader as baffled as Noah by Robin’s strange changes of heart, and carefully manipulates details to lead to a real surprise ending. Although he often simply describes the feelings of Noah and Robin, rather than fully developing key scenes to make the reader really fall for them and feel their emotions, both characters have enough charm to keep us interested in their fate. Anyone who has felt that they missed an opportunity for love and wishes for a second chance will find themselves relating to Noah. His quest to find the courage to live his own life is inspiring, and his struggles in this area will likely hit home for a lot of readers as well. Some really lovely and romantic scenes add to the story’s appeal. Quill says: Sand Dollar is a touching romance with the hopeful message that it’s never too late to reconnect with a lost love, or to take a chance and follow your heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book was very hard to follow...flip flopping back and forth in between years. This book was also far more fantasy than romance.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite Sand Dollar is a real romance novel from the pen of Sebastian Cole. Raised and groomed from his infancy to take over the family business, Noah is straight forward, organized, and has a no-nonsense attitude...that leaves him feeling empty inside. Robin is a burst of fresh air and energy, but though they are attracted to each other, a secret threatens to tear them apart forever.  One of the best things about this book was its beautiful cover and awesome formatting. I know that sounds a bit shallow, but I really believe that the cover sets the tone of the story and Sand Dollar's cover is so beautiful that you really feel as though you're about to fall in love. The formatting too was crisp and clear, allowing for smooth, unimpeded reading. While this is a relatively short story, you get a real feel for the characters and I'm getting all choked up just thinking about it! Sand Dollar is a great, feel good, possibly cry-your-eyes-out romance.  Sebastian Cole has a real winner here. Though Noah and Robin seem as different as night and day, their contrasting personalities go far in pulling out their "real" selves, making both of them happy for these changes. What makes this book stand out is that, in the vein of Nicholas Sparks, Sebastian Cole has set "now" as a time in the couple's future...having Noah remember the love and what happened. It captures you, enthralls you, and makes you want to hold Noah and Robin in your heart!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not my style of writing - 223 pages of jumping around
lprather66 More than 1 year ago
"Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love" will take you on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. It is a heartbreaking love story that will stay with you even after you put it down. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book: “With peaks of joy and valleys of heartache, life is a roller coaster ride, the rise and fall of which defines our journey. It is both scary and exciting at the same time.” It sums up the book perfectly. If you are a fan of "The Notebook", then this is the book for you.
penandtome More than 1 year ago
Noah Hartman’s first wife abandons him, only to return 13 years later at the church when he is getting married to Sarah, the woman carrying his child. The story jumps ahead to eighty year old Noah in the hospital. As Noah tells hospital orderly the rest of the story, he jumps back and forth in time with little warning or transitional paragraphs. It is hard to follow the storyline and keep track of all the characters.
TheStuffofSuccess More than 1 year ago
Many reviewers have compared Sand Dollar by Sebastian Cole to Nicholas Sparks.  To be fair I want you to know that I have never read a Nicholas Sparks book nor have a seen a related movie.  I don't ordinarily read books that are classified as romance but I was interested in Sand Dollar due to its fantasy romance genre.  For the first half of the book it seemed more like a lost love type of story and although that is interesting, I wasn't quite sure what the fantasy aspect was.  As I continued to read though, that became increasingly clear.  From the beginning it is clear that Noah is a great person with a great desire to love and be loved.  I have never been in a position where the person I am destined to be with - my soulmate - is just not someone it is possible to be with.  But the premise is quite heartbreaking and I found myself wanting so much more for Noah.  Robin is his soulmate.  That is clear but for some reason it just never seems to work out.  The reason it doesn't work out is eventually made clear and then my heart broke for the two of them and how they had so much stacked against them and their relationship.  The fantasy becomes evident towards the end of the book and it was one of those "oh my God that can't possibly be" type of moments.  I read most of this book in one day/sitting.  That wasn't my intent but once I made it past the first half of the book I really just good not find the perfect time to put it aside for another day.  Every chapter's conclusion was not a conclusion at all - it left me hanging for the next and I just couldn't step away.  I give this story a five star rating and would definitely read future novels by Sebastian Cole.   I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago