Santa's Magic Key

Santa's Magic Key

by William H. Wallace

The story is about a "Magic Key" that opens the lock on any door, so Santa can deliver toys to good boys and girls that do not have a chimney or fireplace  See more details below


The story is about a "Magic Key" that opens the lock on any door, so Santa can deliver toys to good boys and girls that do not have a chimney or fireplace

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Santa's Magic Key

By William H. Wallace


Copyright © 2010 William H. Wallace
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-8924-5

Chapter One

This is the story of Santa's Magic Key. Today Santa carries a magic key on a gold rope around his neck. This is a genuine SANTA Magic key. You can tell it is a Santa magic key because it has a likeness of Santa on the key. This key is so magic that it will open the lock on any door in the whole wide world, but it only works on Christmas eve, and it only works if the good little boys and girls are asleep. That is the magic of Christmas.

Today a lot of boys and girls do not have a fireplace or a chimney to come down and there is no way for Santa to get in the house to leave presents.

Sometime I would have to leave their presents in the yard or on the porch and maybe a dog would come along and drag them off or a squirrel would rip them open, so the Elves made the magic key for Santa.

Now I can unlock the door and if it has an alarm, the key turns off the alarm. Then I will go in and put presents all under the tree for good boys and girls. When I leave I will lock the door and turn on the alarm for I don't want anyone to get in and get the good little boys' and girls' presents.

The key is tied on the gold rope very tightly and should not come off, but if it does and any boy or girl finds it in the yard or on the sidewalk, they should take it in and give it to mom and she will give it to the mail person who will bring it back to Santa at the North Pole. If you go to grandmother's house or an aunt and uncle's house and see a magic key on a table or on the Christmas tree do not bother it for I have put some spare keys in different places around the world. In case I lose my key I can go to grandmother's house and get her key and I do not have to go all the way back to the North Pole and get another key.

Before I had the magic key I would go down the chimney and sometimes Daddy would forget to put the fire out and that would get pretty warm in a hurry.

Going down the chimney I would get soot on my suit and get ashes on my boots. You boys and girls know what mom says when you have been out playing. She says, "Don't come in my clean house with dirt on your shoes and grass on your clothes." Mrs. Claus would say the same thing to Santa on Christmas morning when I came home. "Do not come in my clean house with ashes on your boots and soot on your suit. Go out side and get that dirt off of you." Now with the magic key I come home all nice and clean and I have been able to give all of the good little boys and girls their present, and Mrs. Claus is so happy, she will come out and give me a little kiss.

Now because I have the Magic Key everyone will have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.


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