I decided to write the kind of book I wanted to read-something that would inspire women all around the globe.

Sassy is a mixture of playfulness, boldness, optimistic poetry and quotes intertwined with thought provoking, meditation, and eye-opening material for the exceptional woman.

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Sassy: An Enchanting Collection Of Poems And Quotes

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I decided to write the kind of book I wanted to read-something that would inspire women all around the globe.

Sassy is a mixture of playfulness, boldness, optimistic poetry and quotes intertwined with thought provoking, meditation, and eye-opening material for the exceptional woman.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781456728359
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 6/21/2011
  • Pages: 100
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.24 (d)

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An Enchanting Collection Of Poems And Quotes
By Rotaynda King


Copyright © 2011 Rotaynda King
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-2835-9

Chapter One


    You laugh greatly at my misfortune and glee with grandeur at my
    proportions as you believe yours are more dignified.

    Nonetheless, my expressions are those of a winner-because you
    are surly undeserving of my speech.

    Dismayed by my stillness-sour you have become. Visibly from afar
    you now candidly know-my portions have no authorization to
    define me, but yours certainly are explicit.


    My love for you was immeasurable, yet you never gave my spirit
    Now, gutted I ruin as you freely stroll. My bucket lays empty on
    these heartless floors.


As we grow we discover the energy others hold in our lives, and the vacancy they leave once they are no longer present. Those promising moments of should have, could have, was going to, yet again evoke for voice. The void is too great to be left unfilled, with organic space unoccupied, we transform.


Who are you child with these frightful coiled locks?

Who are you child with ruin down shoes clapping from soles?

Child I'm talking to you.

Who are you child with these ragged garments?

Who are you child wearing these hefty bifocals?

Child just who do you think you are racing with all your might - as though you are of some importance?

Child, Child.

And the child spoke with absent tremble and a petite thunder in her voice.

"I am all you are not – Yet, everything you grudge to be!"


    I inspire worth
    I inspire trust
    I inspire passion
    I inspire beauty
    I inspire confidence
    It takes a village of women to raise a village of girls.

    I advertise kindness
    I advertise self-esteem
    I advertise discipline
    I advertise gratitude
    I advertise humility
    It takes a village of women to raise a village of girls.

    I encourage commitment
    I encourage leadership
    I encourage friendship
    I encourage loyalty
    I encourage compassion
    It takes a village of women to raise a village of girls.

    I kindle change
    I kindle joy
    I kindle creativity
    I kindle bravery
    I kindle love
    It takes a village of women to raise a village of girls.


She never knew what power she had until she was laying unconscious. She was powerless to the world as well as to herself-without discipline floating reminiscent of counterfeit. Her destiny was left undiscovered by the years of rebellion.

Her self-discipline if matured would have commanded power-surging an inheritance. Lacking control she wilted as if incapable of discovering her power and defenseless in pursing her destiny. As a lost lake her attraction too is void.

Her discipline could have sheltered her in a sea obscurity, except she never understood her power-now her destiny rest awaiting her arrival. Will she ever unearth her authentic power?


    My standard is exceptional
    My knowledge is elite
    My values are supreme
    My strength is immeasurable
    My style is exclusive
    My heart is unpolluted
    My beauty is attracted to itself
    My light is untouchable royalty
    My faith ripens by the second
    My worries are those of fowls
    My wit is yet to be determine
    My peace mirrors calming waters
    My wealth is a portrait of generosity
    My happiness is without lid
    I Am A First Class Woman


Your virtue is not summed by how swiftly you divulge your essence-but by asserting it's confidentially. Given yourself without distinguish restricts absolute-which leads to further questionable provision.

Devotion for oneself can ripen by discovering who you are initially-instead of prying layers of another. Campaign for a partner with integrity, principles, and holiness–quality must be sought after.

Be watchful of those with complexities of inferiority. For their poor standard if lead in by curiosity will paralyze the psyche.


    As I arose this morning I thought to myself how full my glass is.
    For this day, I realized I am Enough, and not for the typical reasons
    of health, wealth, great job, or status.
    For when I stood in the mirror on this day, my reflection validated
    me, and said "You Are Enough Just As You Are" and I received my
    gift of value.


    My brown skin is beautiful. I live in discipline.
    My brown skin is charming. I don't stew in unfairness.
    My brown skin is graceful. I walk in love.
    My brown skin is intriguing. I play the game to win.
    My brown is elegant. I thrive in uncertainty.
    My brown skin is remarkable. I am a lifelong learner.
    My brown skin is dazzling. I thread to own myself.
    My brown skin is alluring. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.
    My brown skin is exciting. I rotate inventory frequently.
    My brown skin is mesmerizing. I network like no other.
    My brown skin is power. I understand my worth.
    My beauty as a black woman is just that-BEAUTY


    Welcome to your new life – go ahead and be bold.
    This is your time to take ownership – take pleasure in your
    Be all you can be to yourself – it's still your time to run free with
    no holds.
    Live loud like thunder leaving only imprints for generations to


    Chained to the fences-I stay torched by means of a slow death.
    Unlocked to flea toward new beginnings I grip tightly.
    Captured by the stronghold of what if, but released again by the
    smell of independence.
    Victory I believe – now all I have to do is rise.

         FULL GROWN

    My hips are established
    My mind is matured
    My heart is seasoned
    My plans are stable
    My laughter is infectious
    My goals are unwavering
    My pace is prime-time
    My confidence is lasting
    My love is durable
    My life is balanced


    Talented Sister
    only your walls can stop you.
    Talented sister
    fly without the permission of others.
    Talented sister
    free yourself from regret.
    Talented sister
    your dreams are only the distance you place.
    Talented sister
    rise up and take center stage – be heard.
    Talented sister
    know for each door locked – you have the keys to unlock hundreds
    of other doors.

    Forgiveness waters your garden-without irrigation there will be no


Pick your feet up and get moving–life will wait for no one.

Which includes you in all your beautiful ideas–your destiny is achievable.

Don't wait for others to recognize your greatness–just take off and let them catch up to you.

The world will make room for the gifts which lie within–now is the time to make your dreams a reality.


    The core of who you are
    only can be compromised by who you allow in.
    Your seed is aimed to grow beautiful,
    but even a small bruise can devalue the fruit.


    Exquisite yet Timeless
    Bold yet Humble
    Powerful yet Encouraging
    Beautiful yet Minimal
    Energetic yet Clam
    Ordinary you're not! Extraordinary you are!

    Influencing yet Peaceful
    Gifted yet Intelligent
    Strong yet Balanced
    Willful yet Purposeful
    Youthful yet Professional
    Ordinary you're not! Extraordinary you are!

    Fierce yet Nurturing
    Radiant yet Fostering
    Confident yet Delicate
    Luxurious yet Natural
    Charismatic yet Delightful
    Ordinary you're not! Extraordinary you are!

    Purposeful yet Creative
    Approachable yet Selective
    Attractive yet Disciplined
    Prominent yet Patient
    Sociable yet Spiritual
    Ordinary you're not! Extraordinary you are!

    Sophisticated yet Vibrant
    Driven yet Genuine
    Constant yet Relaxed
    Prestigious yet Secure
    Motivated yet Selective
    Ordinary you're not! Extraordinary You Are!


    I still stand after the injuries.
    I still stand after the neglect.
    I still stand after the abuse.
    I still stand after the grief.
    My life is not determined by your altitude.
    I stand in prominence.
    I stand in triumph.
    I stand in optimism.
    I stand in authority.

    To begin lack of aim is to end without discernment.


    Along the way girls are taught to hold on to their originality, but
    life has a way of defining a standard.
    Girls are told to be confident-but time has a way of receding that
    as well.
    Little girls are told to trust themselves and reluctantly others as
    well-without slight reservation damage is inevitable.
    Tell the little girl inside,
    Courageously, love yourself with no conditions.
    Nourish yourself in abundance.
    Habitually walk in forgiveness.
    You are no longer that little girl, but a Magnificent Woman.


    No one knows my ending and few have known my beginning.
    My freedom resembles a river flowing with opportunities.
    Exclusively I will navigate the direction,
    and my persistence will challenge the currants.
    With every whisk I will wash ashore a new discovery.


    This moment is mine to seize.
    The role I play demands awards.
    I am entitled to as many takes as life will grant me.
    My light from within will guide me towards perfection.
    The stance I make today will evoke actions of tomorrow.
    This film will be priceless.
    Camera, Action, Lights.


    I trust you Lord.
    I trust you.
    I trust you.
    I trust you.
    I am committed to waiting this storm out with you Lord.
    I trust you will shield me as you have done so many times before.
    As the tides thump against me - I grant you complete control.
    For I believe in you and know victory awaits me.

          DETOUR MAN

    I know what I like and I know what I dislike.
    I know what I like and I know what I dislike.
    I know what I like and I know what I dislike.
    And at this moment it's you – please leave.


    Going through life without purpose emulates an untamed yard
    without a beginning or end.
    Knowing where to begin in taming the yard can be mystifying - but
    once the necessity has been exposed the process is now initiated.


    The greatest mistake we can make is to live in between two
    worlds, because we ultimately neglect the most beloved one –
    with no progression toward either one.
    Accept who you are and where you are presently, and stop
    catering to a woman who has no occupancy inside your residence.


    The journey of life has multiple directions.
    Life allows us the freedom to choose which route.
    Time will make a decision regardless of your inability to select a
    The art of choice is being willing to choose a pathway.

    Distinguish your day by believing within yourself.


    My shoes wobble off in serious contemplation.
    My socks nonetheless come off willingly.
    My belt unbuckles wavering.
    My trousers glide off effortless.
    My shirt unpeels staring at the anonymous.
    My undergarments dash off with anticipation.
    Now standing idyllic I leap.

           WORLD PEACE

    I run to the left
    I run to the right
    I run for freedom.

    I run to the left
    I run to the right
    I run for freedom.
    I run for peace.

    I run to the left
    I run to the right
    I run for freedom.
    I run for peace.
    I run for equality.

    I run to the left
    I run to the right
    I run for freedom.
    I run for peace.
    I run for equality.
    I run for courage.

    I run to the left
    I run to the right
    I run for freedom.
    I run for peace.
    I run for equality.
    I run for courage.
    I run for compassion.

    I run to the left. I run to the right.
    I run. I run. I run.


    You wanted to break me with your shallowness and emptiness but,
    guess what-
    I Persevere.
    You wanted to break me with your degrading dialect but, guess
    I Rise.
    You wanted to break me with your complexes of inferiorities but,
    guess what-
    I Conquer.
    You wanted to break me with your rage and anger but, guess what-
    I Survive.
    You wanted to break me with your resentments and guilt but,
    guess what-
    I Maintain.
    You wanted to break me with your lack of admiration but, guess
    I Sustain.
    You wanted to break me with your shrewdness but, guess what-
    I Thrive.

    Investigating excuses dispatches all doubts.

    Strength is not aborting your goal in sight of fear, but staying the
    course and profiting from it.

    A dialogue with insecurity kills promise.


    I'm going to honor my temple by taking a loving look at myself in
    the mirror.

    I'm going to embrace all my quirkiness which sets me apart from

    I'm going to compliment myself for all the beautiful qualities I

    I'm going to celebrate the cellulite on my thighs and marvel at the
    texture of my hair.

    I'm going to appreciate my eye color and nurture all my facial

    I'm going to rejoice in my beauty and admire my luxurious brown

    I'm going to forgive myself for what I didn't know and applaud
    myself for what I now understand.

    I'm going to compliment myself often, admire my own beauty, and
    relish in my own tranquility.


Excerpted from Sassy by Rotaynda King Copyright © 2011 by Rotaynda King. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents


PART ONE Poems and Quotes....................1
PART TWO (Special Edition) Poems For Mentors & Family....................71
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