SAT Subject Tests: Chemistry 2005-2006

SAT Subject Tests: Chemistry 2005-2006

by Kaplan, Claire Aldridge

*3 Full-length practice tests
*Comprehensive review of all the tested material with practice quizzes for each chapter
*Effective strategies to maximize your score

Everything you need to score higher on the SAT Subject Test: Chemistry -- Guaranteed.

Kaplan's comprehensive guide includes:

2 full-length practice tests

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*3 Full-length practice tests
*Comprehensive review of all the tested material with practice quizzes for each chapter
*Effective strategies to maximize your score

Everything you need to score higher on the SAT Subject Test: Chemistry -- Guaranteed.

Kaplan's comprehensive guide includes:

2 full-length practice tests

Diagnostic test with personalized feedback

Detailed answer explanations

Powerful strategies to help you score higher

Focused review of important formulas, concepts, and solutions, plus essential reference tables

Practice questions in each chapter, covering all tested material, from acids and bases to thermochemistry

Glossary of key terms to reinforce must-know concepts

The most up-to-date information on the test

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SAT Subject Tests

Chemistry 2005-2006
By Kaplan


Copyright © 2005 Kaplan
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0743265319

Chapter One: How to use this book

For more than 50 years, Kaplan has prepared students to take SATs. Our team of researchers and editors knows more about SAT preparation than anyone else, and you'll find their accumulated experience and knowledge in this book. As you work your way through the chapters, we'll show you precisely what knowledge and skills you'll need in order to do your very best on the SAT Subject Test: Chemistry. You'll discover the most effective way to tackle each type of question, and you'll reinforce your studies with lots of practice questions. At the beginning of the chemistry review section, you'll find a lengthy diagnostic practice test, and each chapter in this section ends with a short quiz. At the back of the book you'll find two full-length, formatted tests with answer keys, scoring instructions, and detailed explanations. In addition, the Ready, Set, Go! section contains helpful tips on beating stress while you prepare for the test and on pulling off a victory on Test Day.

Get Ready to Prep

If possible, work your way through this book bit by bit over the course of

a few weeks. Cramming the week before the test is not a good idea; you probably won't absorb much information, and it's sure to makeyou more anxious.

If you find that your anxiety about the test is interfering with your ability to study, start off by reading the Stress Management chapter in this book. It provides many practical tips to help you stay calm and centered. Use these tips before, during, and after the test.

Learn the Basics

The first thing you need to do is find out what's on the SAT Subject Test: Chemistry. In the first section of this book, "The Basics," we'll provide you with background information about the SAT Subject Test and what it's used for. We'll also give you the lowdown on the kinds of questions that are typically seen on the test and how best to tackle them.

Chemistry Review

Once you have the big picture, it's time to focus on the chemistry. The "Chemistry Review" gives you a succinct review of the chemistry you'll need to know on Test Day. Each chapter within this section deals with a major subdivision of chemistry and focuses on concepts crucial to a full understanding of the subject.

The chemistry review section begins with a full-length diagnostic test. If your time is limited, you can use the diagnostic test to bypass the material you already know well enough and to zero in on what you need to work on. Each chapter in this section also ends with a follow-up quiz, complete with answers and explanations. When you feel you have mastered the material in a chapter, take the follow-up quiz to make sure. Don't forget to use the glossary at the end of the book to brush up on vital definitions.

Finding Your Way

How you use this book depends on how much time you have. Let's take a look at three typical students who are planning to take the SAT Subject Test: Chemistry. Note that our hypothetical students use this book in three different ways. Which study plan best matches your situation?

I'm taking the Chemistry Subject Test a month from today."

Angela has plenty of time to prep for the test. If you're like Angela, and you have at least two weeks to prepare, then we recommend that you work through the entire book.

"I'm taking the Chemistry Subject Test in a week."

If you're like Bill, you'll need a shortcut. If you have fewer than two weeks but more than two days to prepare, then we recommend that you use the diagnostic test to determine which chapters you can safely skim, or even skip.

"Help! It's two days before Test Day!"

Eric is in a panic. But you don't need to freak, even if you're in Eric's situation. There's still a lot you can do to improve your potential score. Use our Panic Plan to get through this book. First and foremost, you should become familiar with the test. Read the introductory section in this book. And if you do nothing else, you should at least sit down and work through one of the full-length practice tests at the back of this book under reasonably testlike conditions.

When you finish the practice test, check your answers and look at the explanations to the questions you didn't get right. When you come across a topic that you only half remember, turn to the appropriate chapter for a quick review. When you come across a topic you don't remember or understand at all, skip it. You don't have time to learn and assimilate completely new material. At least you'll know to skip any similar question you might encounter on the actual SAT Subject Test: Chemistry.

Take the Practice Tests

At the back of the book are two full-length chemistry practice tests. The best way to use these tests is to take them under testlike conditions. Don't just drop in and do a random question here and there. Use these tests to gain experience with the complete testing experience, including pacing and endurance. You can do these tests at any time. You don't have to save them all until after you've read this whole book. Just be sure to save at least one test for your dress rehearsal some time in the last week before Test Day.

Take a Break Before Test Day

A day or two before the test, be sure to review chapter 18: The Final Countdown. It includes essential "how-to" tips that will help you get the upper hand on test day. Then, relax! Read a book or watch a movie. And most important, get a good night's sleep. How you approach the days leading up to the test really does matter!

On the morning of the test, eat a light breakfast (nothing too heavy to make you sleepy!) and quickly review a few questions if you feel like it (just enough to get you focused). Walk into the test center with confidence -- you're ready for the challenge!

Copyright © 2004 by Kaplan, Inc.


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