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Satisfaction: The Collection

Satisfaction: The Collection

4.5 6
by Tori Scott

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Together in one volume: Satisfaction Guaranteed, Perfectly Satisfied, and Finally Satisfied. Newly edited and revised.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Book One (Cara and Gray)
Perfectly Satisfied: Book Two (Reggie and Sam)
Finally Satisfied: Book Three (Angel and Mitch)

The Satisfaction Collection of novellas follows lifelong friends as they find


Together in one volume: Satisfaction Guaranteed, Perfectly Satisfied, and Finally Satisfied. Newly edited and revised.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Book One (Cara and Gray)
Perfectly Satisfied: Book Two (Reggie and Sam)
Finally Satisfied: Book Three (Angel and Mitch)

The Satisfaction Collection of novellas follows lifelong friends as they find their way from friends to lovers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Caramia Kensington makes a living setting up seduction scenes for rich playboys. Imagine her surprise when her current customer turns out to be her old high school flame, Grayson Montgomery. And the woman he plans to seduce is Cara.

"A novella that flows smoothly and leaves you begging for more. Recommended for fans of novellas and fans of reunion romances." maldivianbookreviewer.com


Perfectly Satisfied: Regina Baker has loved Sam Hyatt since the third grade, but Sam has an ideal woman in mind, and Reggie doesn't even come close. As the heir to a sizable fortune, Sam has a responsibility to marry well. His wife needs to be well bred, well educated, and well heeled. As a poor preacher's daughter with a landscaping business that barely pays the bills, Reggie feels like a mangy mutt compared to Sam's current girlfriend, who has a pedigree a mile long.

Their matchmaking friends, Cara and Gray, arrange for Sam and Reggie to join them on a two week cruise, where Sam will have a chance to see what he's been missing and Reggie will have two weeks to win Sam's heart.

"I am a fan of the first book, 'Satisfaction Guaranteed', and fell in love with all the characters. In addition, after reading 'Perfectly Satisfied', I think it surpass Satisfaction Guaranteed. This story falls in the category of sweet with a dash of Cinderella."--Romance Novel Junkies


Finally Satisfied: Angel Kensington has never gotten over giving her baby up for adoption sixteen years ago. She's spent the time since then fighting panic attacks, hiding from her feelings, and isolating herself into a well-regimented existence. She has no room in her life for changes, complications, or men.

Mitch Turner presents a definite challenge for Angel. He's the wrong man for her, even if she wanted a man in her life. Why won't he just leave her alone?

Mitch has felt responsible for what his family did to Angel. They'd treated her like trash, left her to flounder with no hope of keeping her baby. He'd offered to marry her back then, but she'd not only turned him down flat, she'd avoided him ever since.

But now Cara and Gray are getting married and Angel is the maid of honor and Mitch is the best man. Angel can't avoid Mitch any longer, and she can no longer avoid facing her past. But are Mitch's feelings for Angel real, or are they just guilt over something he couldn't fix?

"I enjoyed Angel and Mitch's story very much! Both characters carry a lot of baggage, but even when it seems they might not get their happily ever after, the reader still cheers for them. The Satisfaction series was, yes, very satisfying!"--The Readin' Librarian

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Meet the Author

Best Selling and award-winning author Tori Scott has been writing for 12 years and is a former Golden Heart finalist in the prestigious RWA writing contest. She won a Colorado Gold contest, was a finalist in numerous other contests, and lists several publications among her accomplishments, including a featured Christmas story in Woman's World magazine.

She's naturally curious about everything, which has led her to change careers often. As soon as she's learned all she can about one occupation, she's ready for the next. She's been a high school English and history teacher, a school principal, a child care director, a car salesman, a portrait consultant, and an insurance salesman.

Tori believes in love. She met her husband, Tony, on her first day of college at the age of 17 and knew the moment she met him that he was the one she was supposed to marry. She did, and they now live on 5 acres in the country with their dog Blue. They have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren spread from Massachusetts to southern California.

Tori loves reading, swimming, photography, traveling, and especially writing.

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Satisfaction: The Collection 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Satisfaction was a good ending to the Club X series. Liked the way the book had an ending to each couples story.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
Emotional Journey: : SATISFACTION is the fourth installment in KM Scott’s Club X adult, contemporary, erotic romance series focusing on three brothers: Cassian, Stefan and their half brother Kane. SATISFACTION is an ensemble storyline that looks at three couples-their lives, their loves and their futures covering approximately six years in the life. Told from six alternating (Cassian, Olivia, Stefan, Shay, Kane and Abbi) first person points of view SATISFACTION is an ensemble storyline that spans the spectrum of intense emotional highs and lows; heartbreak and happiness; passion and hate. Three couples following differing paths and battling personal demons that lead to self awareness and self discovery for everyone involved. Through it all, Alexandria March stands by each of her children and the choices they make. Abbi and Kane’s story unfolds like a collapsing house of cards as Kane Jackson battles a self fulfilling prophecy of pain and hurt. Cassian and Olivia’s relationship struggles with Olivia’s issues about the future; and Stefan and Shay come to a mutual understanding about love, responsibility, and their private lives. We have a front row seat as Kane’s self hatred affects everyone in his life never realizing that the hurt he is trying to avoid is exactly what he has let happen to those he loves. KM Scott takes the reader on an emotional journey; a passionate and inspiring storyline about three brothers and the choices they make. The premise is seductive; the characters heartbreaking and intense; the happily ever after an unfolding story of love and understanding. Buckle up and have your box of tissues ready because the roller coaster ride is about to begin.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book took everything out of me. I knew it would be emotional but man..she knows how to write an ending. We get closure for everyone and then a little something at the end. I love KM Scott and with this series..she has won me over in the best possible way. I have never cried as much as I cried during this book. She gives us the end of all their stories and I am still waiting for more. This book flowed nicely and even though it was less than 200 pages it didn't rush, it didn't stop short, it was everything. Thank you KM Scott for giving us Club X. You will never know what these boys have meant to me during this series. Maybe we will get some novellas...*hint* *hint*
froggy29532DC More than 1 year ago
Cassian, Stefan, and Kane, two brothers and one half-brother, the sexy, hot men that ran a fantasy club known as Club X. Three brothers, with the only thing in common being who their father was. Their individual stories were told in the books, Temptation, Surrender and Possession, where each one of these players met a woman that turned their worlds upside down. The one thing alike in these three books, was that nobody got a happily ever after, some were closer than others, but still it did not happen. K.M. Scott, has teased us for weeks saying that in this book there would be two weddings, two breakups, two babies, and three happily ever afters, and she did not disappoint. I racked my brain trying to figure out what would happen and to whom, but I failed miserably, and I am not about to tell anyone, I don't want to spoil it. All I am going to say is to get ready for a fantastic read, that you will not want to put down, and it won't hurt to have a box of tissues near by! You will be finding out things about Cassian, Olivia, Stefan, Shay, Kane and Abbi that wasn't included in the other books. There are surprises along the way, heartbreak, ups and downs, marriages and births. Be prepared to learn more about these three brothers and their demons. That is all I am going to say, other than I really enjoyed this emotional book, and although I hate to see this series end, I am anxiously waiting to see what K.M. Scott comes up with next!! I was lucky enough to be chosen to read an ARC of this book, and now I cannot wait for it to be released, so everyone else can read it too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun collection of short novellas about a group of friends who make their way from friends to lovers. The first is short and sweet, the second continues the story and adds new characters, and the third, which is a more serious story, wraps everything up. An easy beach read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There are several pages missing. I also do not like that the trilogy ends with so many unanswered questions. I was highly disappointed.