Saunders Fundamentals for Nursing Assistants / Edition 1

Saunders Fundamentals for Nursing Assistants / Edition 1

by Arlene L. Polaski, Judith P. Warner

ISBN-10: 072163608X

ISBN-13: 9780721636085

Pub. Date: 01/28/1994

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

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Elsevier Health Sciences
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Table of Contents

Unit 1Beginning a Career in Health Care1
1Learning About Health Care2
2Finding a Job26
3Understanding the Law and Ethics of Nursing Care40
4Understanding the Nursing Process58
Unit 2Ways of Communicating73
5Communicating with People74
6Reporting and Recording100
7Understanding Medical Words128
Unit 3Measuring Vital Signs143
8Understanding Vital Signs144
9Measuring Body Temperature152
10Measuring Pulse, Respirations, and Blood Pressure184
Unit 4Giving Basic Care223
11Preventing the Spread of Infection224
12Giving Safe Care266
13Giving Personal Care314
14Making Beds376
15Making Patients Comfortable391
16Helping with Activity and Mobility408
Unit 5Learning About Body Functions and Patient Care473
17Learning About Body Structure and Function474
18Learning About the Senses486
19Learning About Foods and Fluids520
20Learning About Bowel Elimination562
21Learning About Bladder Elimination604
22Learning About Human Reproduction632
Unit 6Helping in Special Situations653
23Admitting Patients654
24Discharging Patients671
25Caring for the Preoperative Patient683
26Caring for the Postoperative Patient706
Unit 7Considering the Whole Person729
27Understanding Psychologic Development730
28Understanding Social and Cultural Development750
29Understanding Sexuality766
Unit 8Caring for Special Groups of People777
30Caring for Infants and Children778
31Caring for Elderly Patients816
32Caring for Patients in the Home842
33Providing Emergency Care856
Answers to Review Questions897

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