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by Shirley Conran

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
From the author of Lace comes a spirited survival story undoubtedly destined to become another bestseller. When a group of Nexus executives brings their wives to the South Pacific paradise of Paui, vacation is not on their minds. Having found rare minerals on the island, they are determined to strike a swift deal for mining rights. But in their greedy rush to claim the prize, the men fail to take into account a rapacious general, who takes control of the island in a military coup and brutally executes all of them. Returning from a sail in time to see the massacre, the women escape into the jungle, where they painfullybut a bit too easilylearn survival tricks from the ship's captain. His subsequent death leaves the once shy Annie in charge of the rest: Silvana, a wealthy, distant matron; the athletic, high-strung Patty; outspoken Carey; and Suzy, a sensuous, spoiled child. Although misfortune rains down on the group, opportunity also has a way of magically appearing as these castaways battle jungle, cannibalistic natives and their own frightening desires with a gritty determination that belies their pampered pasts. Conran whips up excitement, tension and, at times, a horror-struck fascination that makes this tall tale an entertaining page-turner. Major ad/promo; Literary Guild main selection; Lorimar TV miniseries; author tour. (September 18)
Library Journal
A fast-paced adventure thriller scheduled for a TV mini-series. When the top executives of Nexus mining company are massacred on a South Seas Island, their five spoiled wives are stranded in the jungle with their fishing guide, surrounded by bloodthirsty natives. To survive, they must become as savage as their surroundings. The idea of cannibalism haunts the story from the prologue, where Conran writes of ``savoury, mouth-watering steam'' rising from a roasting corpse. The story is so intense that it is a pity the writing is only adequate. Where style and character development could have heightened the tension, Conran too often falls back upon cliche and stereotype. In her fictional society all the rich are dishonest, and all women are slightly simpleminded. Public libraries buy for demand. Literary Guild main selection. Elsa Pendleton, M.L.S., Computer Sciences Corp., Ridgecrest, Cal.

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Savages 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book. Fish out of water story for these women as they discover their strengths and weaknesses.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Yes one to remember