Save a Fortune on Your Estate Taxes: Wealth Creation and Preservation

Save a Fortune on Your Estate Taxes: Wealth Creation and Preservation

by Barry Kaye

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What did J.P. Morgan, Walt Disney, Hedda Hopper, Franklin Roosevelt, and Elvis Presley have in common? They all had sizable fortunes that were greatly diminished by estate taxes. Unfortunately none of them knew Kaye, whose theories of ``wealth creation and preservation'' might have helped shelter their estates. Kaye's program (espoused in the book, a videotape, and at his Wealth Creation Centers) involves using large, expensive life insurance policies and various kinds of trusts to mitigate the sting of estate taxes for those with estates of $1,000,000 and up. While the book is understandable and loaded with pie charts and tables, it is clearly out to sell a product (the more expensive insurance premiums) to a relatively limited audience. Public libraries will prefer books such as Terry Savage's Terry Savage Talks Money ( LJ 5/15/90) that are a more objective guide to investment options of all kinds.-- Joan Pedzich, Harris, Beach & Wilcox, Rochester, N.Y.

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