Save Tonight for Me

Save Tonight for Me

by Chuck Mangione

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  1. Save Tonight for Me  - Chuck Mangione
  2. Machu Picchu  - Chuck Mangione
  3. Take It to Church  - Chuck Mangione
  4. Secret Love  - Chuck Mangione
  5. Rockin' at Red Rocks  - Chuck Mangione
  6. Sweet Cheryl Lynn  - Chuck Mangione
  7. T.J.'s Gingerbread House  - Chuck Mangione
  8. Give Your Heart a Chance  - Chuck Mangione

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chuck Mangione   Primary Artist,Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Voices,Talking,Rap
Jerry Goodman   Violin
Mark Colby   Tenor Saxophone
Josie Aiello   Background Vocals
Johnny Britt   Background Vocals
Elmer Brown   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Tony Brown   Bass Guitar
Bill Dinwiddle   Trombone
Steve Eisen   Baritone Saxophone
Adrian Gola   Violin
Joseph Golan   Violin
Byron Gregory   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Jerry Grossman   Cello
Barbara Haffner   Cello
Mike Halpin   Trombone
Cynthia Harrell   Background Vocals
David Hildner   Viola
Jeff Kievet   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Peter LaBella   Violin
Susan LaBella   Cello
Howard Levy   Harmonica,Jew's Harp
Brenda Mitchell-Stewart   Vocals,Background Vocals
Robert Morgan   Oboe
Roger Moulton   Viola
Jerry Peel   French Horn
Alejo Poveda   Percussion
Lonnie Reaves   Synthesizer,Hammond Organ,DX-7
Steve Rodby   Double Bass
Arnie Roth   Violin,Concert Master
Bill Ruppert   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Don Shelton   Background Vocals
Brenda Stewart   Vocals,Background Vocals
Butch Stewart   Synthesizer,Drums,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Emulator,Rap
Morris Stewart   Tambourine,Background Vocals,Emulator,Rap,DX-7,Tx-816,Linn Drum,Roland MKS-80
Wendell Stewart   Percussion,Drums,Timbales,Overdubs
Chris Vadala   Alto Flute,Piccolo,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Thomas Hall   Violin
Gail Salvatori   Violin
Robert Swan   Viola
John Bartholomew   Viola
Russ Knutson   Percussion
Jeff Morrow   Background Vocals
Felix Wurman   Cello
Paul Iams   Background Vocals
Edward Mumm   Violin
Ellen Panitch   Violin
Jeff Kievit   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Richard Posner   Violin
Stevie Robinson   Background Vocals
Mark Golby   Tenor Saxophone
Fred Nelson   Synthesizer,DX-7
Tony Powell   Background Vocals
Mark Olson   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Robin Robinson   Background Vocals
Stephen Hartman   Harp

Technical Credits

David Byrne   Composer
Chuck Mangione   Art Direction
George Butler   Producer,Executive Producer
Paul Klingberg   Engineer
Bob Ludwig   Mastering
John Patterson   Programming,Engineer
Kevin Smith   Arranger,Orchestral Arrangements
Butch Stewart   Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Morris Stewart   Producer,Contributor,Vocal Arrangements
Bernard Maisner   Artwork

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