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Saving Money

Saving Money

by Philip Heckman

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Children's Literature
Author Heckman has written an easy-to-read book for children on how to save money and how to do it successfully. In a forty-eight page four-chapter book, Heckman holds the interest of his reader by giving anecdotes. For example, one such person is Kelly Liddicoat who, after graduating high school, wants to design jewelry, but she needs a special welding machine that cost lots of money. Kelly finds a job in a jewelry store and saves her money. She avoids high interest fees by saving rather than borrowing the money. The author explains the benefits of opening a savings account where your money will earn interest and grow. He talks about compound interest where your money and interest both earn money. In addition to using savings accounts, Heckman describes money market accounts, CDs, savings bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. Chapter 3 describes "Saving Secrets" by setting goals, making a plan, and measuring how you are doing. In chapter 4, Heckman suggests staring small. He gives an example of a young boy who wants a digital camera that costs $120.00. He has $15 and needs $105 more. If he saves a week, he can buy the digital camera in fifteen weeks, or less than four months. The author ends his book by reaffirming that the more a person saves, the better that person will get at it. Learning to make a plan and then sticking to it will lead to success. Illustrations, photographs, charts, and sidebars are included. Back matter includes a glossary, source notes, bibliography, further reading, and websites. 2006, Lerner Publications Company, Ages 10 up.
—Della A. Yannuzzi

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Lerner Publishing Group
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How Economics Works
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7.10(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.20(d)
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8 - 11 Years

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