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Saving Raine

Saving Raine

4.2 9
by Frederick Lee Brooke
"Matt, Raine went to California because her parents thought it was safe. It's not. You've got to get her out as soon as possible. She could die, Matt."

When 19-year-old Matt Carney gets a cryptic message from his father telling him to go to California and save his girlfriend, Raine, he doesn't hesitate-he grabs his AK-47, revs up his blue pickup, and gets ready to


"Matt, Raine went to California because her parents thought it was safe. It's not. You've got to get her out as soon as possible. She could die, Matt."

When 19-year-old Matt Carney gets a cryptic message from his father telling him to go to California and save his girlfriend, Raine, he doesn't hesitate-he grabs his AK-47, revs up his blue pickup, and gets ready to make the 2,300-mile roadtrip.

But cross-country travel in 2021 isn't easy-or, sometimes, even possible. The U.S. has become a near-military state: 17,000 checkpoints severely restrict interstate movement, Predator drones target innocent civilians without cause, and explosions rock cities daily. Matt and his stepbrother, Benjy, face deadly attacks from a corrupt government, ruthless local law enforcement, and bloodthirsty terrorist groups as they embark on their trek. They're about to find out that their trip is much more than a private journey, and their success could change the face of the country-forever.

Can Matt and Benjy outrun the drone missiles raining down on their heads? Can they avoid assassination by government officials hell-bent on taking over what little is left of the country? Can they outsmart the deadly schemes set in motion against them?

Break the rules.
Save the girl.
He only gets one chance before she's gone forever.

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CreateSpace Publishing
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)
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1 - 17 Years

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Meet the Author

Frederick Lee Brooke launched the Annie Ogden Mystery Series in 2011 with Doing Max Vinyl and following with Zombie Candy in 2012, a book that is neither about zombies nor sweets. The third mystery in the series, Collateral Damage, appeared in 2013. Saving Raine, the first book in Fred's entirely new series, The Drone Wars, appeared in December, 2013.

A resident of Switzerland, Fred has worked as a teacher, language school manager and school owner. He has three boys and two cats and recently had to learn how to operate both washing machine and dryer. He makes frequent trips back to his native Chicago.

When not writing or doing the washing, Fred can be found walking along the banks of the Rhine River, sitting in a local cafe, or visiting all the local pubs in search of his lost umbrella.

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Saving Raine 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
steve74it More than 1 year ago
I read Frederick Lee Brooke's Collateral Damage some time ago and I liked it a lot. When he released this first novel of a new series I gave it a try and I've not been disappointed. It is set in a world in a not so distant future but pretty different from ours. The plot is fast paced and the main character, Matt Carney, is well developed. Even if I'm not particularly fond of the YA genre, I enjoyed it (let's say the the SciFi elements prevailed over YA in my opinion). I'll probably read next episodes when they come out.
Micula More than 1 year ago
I received this copy for free in exchange for an honest review. This book had an intriguing premise, probably cultivated by the news that Amazon were using drones to deliver parcels.  We're in the US in the year 2021, so seven years in the future. Apparently this March, a huge terrorist action causes the US to implode, shut its borders, institute martial law (kinda) and food shortages run rampant. Into this hot mess comes our hero, his dad gets arrested and he runs away from home. He then runs across the country, running into rebels, kind hearted skinheads and pastors. In the meantime, there's a coordinated assassination of the presidential hierarchy. Lots of prisoners break out. The new first lady is having an affair and there's a bunch of hog farmers running around. Lest you think I'm selling this short, this is precisely how confusing this book is. It started interestingly enough with the main character's father being arrested, but unfortunately it didn't manage to hold this momentum. The world building is at fault. Now I can get behind dysotopia, I can understand how certain situations can come about, but this situation I cannot see happening. Particularly as soon as next year. The writer has not thought about how the US operates within the world at large. For me to buy a US burdened with food shortages (when it produces enough for 10 billion people alone) something really massive must have happened to make it so. A nuclear war, a massive tidal wave taking out the Eastern Seaboard, meteor strike or aliens etc. This world is believable but not with the background or timeframe that's been given. That's the major stumbling block to me enjoying this story. It's like watching Space 1999 and realising that we've passed that date and we don't live on the moon. Another issue lies with the characters. Matt could be a good character, he really could, but he's crippled by a lousy romance, a tragic backstory and no actual sense of place. I don't care about his family, because I know nothing about it. The other characters are not memorable and I rapidly became bored with the 'look ma - a critter' stereotypes.  All of this is unfortunate because the writing is rather good and it's for the potential alone that I give this two stars.
Ranousha More than 1 year ago
The story: As a dystopian diehard fan, I’ve been looking forward to reading this book. The story is purely amazing. Great style of writing and interesting characters. The whole aspect of a dystopian world is well done. I’m a fan. Summary: The story begins in 2021, in the USA, with Matt 19 years old, living with his father, his stepmother and 2stepbrothers and step sister. After something happens to his father, he then receives a message from him saying that his girlfriend, Raine, is in danger, so he goes after her to save her. Throughout the book he goes through ups and downs, we find some revelations and dangerous truths. However there are some good things too that happen, family things ;). What I loved: - The writing style is a definitive plus. It’s simple, fluid and you easily feel confortable with it. - The story is rich with everything, especially the characters. There’s no way you’ll get bored reading this book. - It’s full of intrigue, action, romance and drama. Even the family aspect in this book is very interesting. - The technology mentioned in this book is just… wow! I was really taken from the moment the writer started describing the technology! I wish I lived there! - The world the writer created is amazing: bulletproof restaurants, electronic vipers, expensive food…. etc. - It’s just a great dystopian book! - Can I add that the title is just well chosen?! :D. What I disliked: - I found the chapters to be a bit long to my liking. - That’s all!   The characters: Matt: wow! Just wow. What an amazing boy. The author created the perfect protagonist to this book, strong, loving, caring, determined, protective and brave. Nothing more to be said. Other characters: In order to not spoil the book for you, I can’t describe the other characters, but trust me when I say, this book has the best characters I read about in a long time. They’re each interesting in their own wicked way (even the stepmother… whom I dislike by the way).   Favorite quotes: Just yesterday, he’d taken Matt to the electronics store. They’d spent two hours looking at new Vipers, Chameleons and Tornados. The new Tornado could travel at eighty mph and stream video from twenty miles away. Chameleons had advanced noise cancellation and blended in with the background, impossible to see. Afterward, John had taken him out for a $100 pizza. --- Chapter 1. Gripping the wheel with one knee as the truck skidded backwards, Matt aimed his slingshot out his open window. His eyes met the eyes of the driver in the split second before the ball bearing tore through their windshield. The steel ball impacted the man’s forehead, burrowing a three-inch crater. Safety glass had its limits. --- Chapter 3. Matt smiled. It was cool to think he and his stupid twin brother had at least one thing in common. Otherwise they seemed to share almost nothing. Luke had grown up with their mother, while he had grown up with their father. Luke wasn’t even on speaking terms with John Carney. It was cool that the one thing they did have in common was a matter of mutual ignorance. --- Chapter 49. Conclusion: If you want a different, interesting, intriguing and very well done dystopian story, read Saving Raine, you won’t be disappointed.   I shall say I’m really looking forward to the next book! And finally, thank you so much to Ally, the publicist, for contacting me about the book, the blog tour and for sending me an e-copy to review. Thank you so much!
sportzmomof5 More than 1 year ago
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This book has a great storyline that flowed well. The characters are well developed and relatable. This is the first book in the series and I think this series is going to be one to watch. Can't wait for book 2.
TinaB0917 More than 1 year ago
This book is hard for me to review. When I started reading it, I was intrigues as to what was going on. The world that the author created is kind of crazy. Planes were scarce in the sky, food was hard to come by in stores and the government seemed to control everything.  Matt saw his father arrested and accused of treason. His step mother was very mean to him, so he decided to leave.  Chaos ensues where he is running for his life and trying to save people he loves.  The story is told by several different people and in their POVs. The way they link together isn't shown until later in the book. This confused me and frustrated me at times.  There are a lot of political issues in this book, which are not something that I usually read. They are explained for the most part, though. There was a ton of action in it. Some of the secondary characters were interesting. The way it comes together in the end is wonderful. I am curious to see what happens now. It does end in what I would consider a cliff hanger. 3.75 stars I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
RoxyKade More than 1 year ago
This was a very interesting read, with plenty of action and mayhem. I enjoyed the main plotline with Matt on a mission to save Raine, however, there were quite a few subplots, with the introduction of many other characters, and I sometimes felt like there was too much going on. It became a bit distracting. Another thing that got my head spinning, were all the different types of drones etc. I don’t read a lot of Sci-fi so I felt a bit lost whenever they were mentioned because I just couldn’t picture them. These few minor details meant I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself in the futuristic world created by Brooke, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like this book. As I mentioned earlier, it was full of action and really interesting. The many plot twists and turns were intriguing and kept me entertained. There were even a few surprise curveballs thrown in for good measure. My heart went out to Matt, he was in the middle of all the chaos, trying his best to keep his head above water. He had such a good heart, which was evident when he chose to leave his undeserving family some food. Although, I got the feeling it was more for Benjy than the rest of them. And then there was Raine. She didn’t make much of an appearance in the book, until the very end, but she was Matt’s main focus and I felt so bad for him when she wanted nothing to do with him. Again, ever the good guy, Matt still risked everything for her despite her rejection of him. I did see a bit of hope for them at the very end, though. I just hope they find some normal in all the craziness. Readers of intelligently plotted and written Sci-fi reads will be thrilled with this book.
bucmjt More than 1 year ago
Saving Raine by Frederick Lee Brooke is a fantastic look into what our future may become. It is exciting and over flowing with strong,purpose driven characters. The telepathy was a pleasant surprise. I am usually a bit out of my league reading sci-fi novels, but this one explained the details with minute patience. The story line is jumbled and erratic, always leaving me on the end on my seat, wondering how each episode fits into the big picture. All in all, a terrific beginning to a compelling series. Bring on book 2. *I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*
WiLoveBooks More than 1 year ago
This is the first book of a new series and sets up an interesting dystopian near-future that is scarily realistic.  After Matt's father is arrested, he gets a message that he needs to get across the country to save his long-distance girlfriend. Getting there is not as easy as it sounds. There is plenty of action and suspense and the story moves right along, although the storyline is split between several different characters' points of view. I found that a bit distracting at times because I forgot who was supposed to be the main character and what they were trying to accomplish. There are a lot of loose threads at the end to be continued in the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book cover is apt for the story line. The title Saving Raine is all about Matt’s cross country road trip to save his girlfriend, Raine. The drones shown in the background play a crucial role in this story. The introduction to Matt’s family background, is really detailed. It sets a nice pace in the beginning. The author’s writing captures the very essence of each situation, makes you want to hang onto every word of his. You feel exactly what Matt feels. The turmoil that he goes through is very much real. His step mother drives him mad, but she drives you mad too!. The one thing that really has impressed me is the presence of drones. Every one has a drone of their own. That’s how the author sees year 2021 to be. The police drones are really amazing. It flies upto people, scans their retinas and immediately gets info on that person. How futuristic is that!. Also, drones projects voice too (to use them as your mouth piece, like a mic). The ideas that the author came up with is very creative and believable in a futuristic world. There is a whole lot of side plots too. You follow Ike and Tranny (who are characters out of Doing Max Vinyl (book one of the Anne Ogden series)) and get to know more about them. There is this character called Peaches who does some sermons spreading peace. I found it to be captivating and sending a powerful message. There are many other too. I love the way it all links together. I wish the spark between Matt and Raine was portrayed a bit more intensely. However, the way the story goes, I feel that that will be covered in book number two. I just can’t wait to read it! All in all, a great book!. I give this book 5 stars