Scary School #3: The Northern Frights

Scary School #3: The Northern Frights

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by Derek the Ghost, Scott M. Fischer

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Charles Nukid and his friends—including new student Lattie, a tough ninja girl—take on their biggest challenge yet in this frighteningly funny addition to the Scary School series. When they're chosen to attend Scream Academy as exchange students, they'll have to face:

  • Rolf Meltington—the principal of Scream Academy

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Charles Nukid and his friends—including new student Lattie, a tough ninja girl—take on their biggest challenge yet in this frighteningly funny addition to the Scary School series. When they're chosen to attend Scream Academy as exchange students, they'll have to face:

  • Rolf Meltington—the principal of Scream Academy and the abominable snowman
  • Polter-bears—part poltergeist, part polar bear . . . totally frightening
  • The Headless Horseman—don't lose your head in his class

But there's something even scarier than going to school with yetis, ogres, and trolls: the Ice Dragon. As an ancient prophecy comes to pass, Charles finds himself destined to battle the monstrous Ice Dragon in order to save both Scream Academy and Scary School from destruction.

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 3–6—Youngsters familiar with the earlier books in this series would be the best audience for this lackluster addition, as frequent references are made to characters and plot developments without adequate explanation. Eleven-year-old Derek the Ghost introduces the story by telling readers about the latest challenge for the Scary School students: They must participate as exchange students at their evil counterpart-Scream Academy. Characters are silly and one-dimensional, such as Penny Possum (who hides like a possum in the back of the classroom) and Jason (who wears a white hockey mask like the horror-movie character). Conflicts are resolved without much fight. The students encounter some creepy characters, including witches, trolls, and an ice dragon, but they offer little suspense in a fairly predictable plot. Marsha Jones's "Ghostville Elementary" (Scholastic), Dan Gutman's "My Weird School" (HarperCollins), and Debbie Dadey's "Bailey School Kids" (Scholastic) series are better selections for kids who enjoy the funny scary genre.—Julie Shatterly, W.A. Bess Elementary School, Gastonia, NC
Praise for Scary School:“[T]his is a laugh-out-loud offering that should find a broad and appreciative audienceamong boys and girls alike.”
Dan Gutman
Praise for Scary School:“I died laughing. Weird monsters in silly situations. Why didn’t I think of that?”
Chris Grabenstein
Praise for Scary School:“Spooky, ooky, and kooky, Scary School reminds me of my middle school.”
E.J. Altbacker
Praise for Scary School:“Scary School is the perfect combination of hilarious and terrifying. It’s hilarifying!”
Children's Literature - Magi Evans
The new student at Scary School is Lattie the ninja girl, whose master enrolled her in Scary School to be sure she was taken care of when he was captured by the Ice Dragon. Known to appear and disappear at will, Lattie also has a platitude for every situation. In this third book in the "Scary School" series, when the students return to school after winter break, the principal announces that six students will be chosen to attend Scream Academy as exchange students. When Charles Nukid and five of his Scary School classmates are named, they are truly scared. After all, Scream Academy is above the Arctic Circle, and its principal has announced that a prophecy declares that a human child will have to fight the scariest monster of all time. Before they even get there, Charles is lost in a crevasse, where he meets Marlin the Fizard (a cross between a wizard and a fish). Marlin reveals that Charles is destined to fight the Ice Dragon, and predicts he will die in the fight. Meanwhile, the other students are contending with all the hazards of Scream Academy: a hallway full of torture devices, a swarm of bookeaters, a three headed witch with one mobile eyeball, a headless horseman teacher, and a snowman principal who literally melts down under stress. Charles rejoins his classmates, and as the Ice Dragon approaches, Charles bravely lifts the Sword of Fire that only he can wield, and with the help of his friends he saves both Scream Academy and Scary School from the Ice Dragon's anti-education rampage, while also releasing Lattie's master and nullifying Marlin's prediction of Charles' death. All the hallmarks of the "Scary School" series—ridiculously funny teachers and students, seemingly deadly but hilarious situations, and monsters of all description—are included in this volume, to the delight of young readers, whether or not they have read the first two stories. Reviewer: Magi Evans
Kirkus Reviews
Six more-or-less-human Scary School students try their luck at frozen, all-monster Scream Academy ("Be judicious or be delicious") as part of an exchange program. The experiment goes well enough at first--at least there aren't any immediate casualties--as the six are conveyed north of the Arctic Circle by giant polter-bears and thrust into classrooms filled with malign trolls, ogres, witches and worse. In chapters with titles like "The Deadly Loogie" and "Severed Head of the Class," nerdy Charles Nukid and his quailing classmates soldier on. They squeak past a continual barrage of deadly threats to a culminating one in the form of Mortazella, a huge Ice Dragon out to destroy all the monster schools. With help from a fiery sword, some much-more-fiery hot peppers and friends like Penny Possum, whose silence literally speaks volumes, Charles prevails and returns to Scary School in triumph. As in previous episodes, the monster count is high, but the body count and the level of actual violence are low. Also as before, the author/narrator ("Derek the Ghost") tucks an extra chapter of thrills into the series' website. It's billed as a trilogy finale for no evident reason except, perhaps, premise exhaustion, but that's a pretty good one. Finished art not seen. Another lightweight creature feature, with a teeming supporting cast of ookie-spookies. (Comic horror. 8-11)

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