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Scent of Magic

Scent of Magic

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by Andre Norton

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There is a malevolence lurking within the castle's walls, inspiring brazen treacheries and usurpations...and a foul abduction as unthinkable as it is unexpected. Something horribly strange and forbidden has struck at the dawn of a new day of corruption and terror. And a young girl finds the heightened sense that has been her fortune now drawing her inextricably down


There is a malevolence lurking within the castle's walls, inspiring brazen treacheries and usurpations...and a foul abduction as unthinkable as it is unexpected. Something horribly strange and forbidden has struck at the dawn of a new day of corruption and terror. And a young girl finds the heightened sense that has been her fortune now drawing her inextricably down into a maelstrom of evil. Now a great quest is in Willadene's future: a journey to a place of darkness; of tainted covenants and ancient battles of blood and sacrifice when monsters warred with heroes. For the extraordinary power that has molded her destiny is propelling her toward shocking self-knowledge and an impossible rescue in a realm of shadows, secrets, and devastated hope where the invincible lord of abominations reigns.

Editorial Reviews

New York Times Book Review
A Superb Storyteller.
Milwaukee Shepherd Express
Amazing . . . Innovative . . . Fascinating . . . Norton Has Found A Chord Seldom Played In Storytelling.
Tampa Tribune-Times
A Classic Tale of Good Against Evil . . . Norton Has Created A Wonderful Magical Kingdom.
Very compelling . . . Fabulous Magics.
Peter Straub
One Of The All-Time Masters.
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The veteran Norton concocts a heady mixture of Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and aromatherapy in this new magical adventure. Scullery maid Willadene, 16, no sooner escapes from her cruel Aunt Jacoba's tavern than her gift, the ability to nose out the auras of Good and Evil, leads her into the service of innocent young High Lady Mahart, the victim of gorgeously wicked Aunt Saylana, who is scheming for the ducal throne of Kronengred--and more. To counterpoint her adolescent girl heroines Willadene and Mahart, Norton swirls familiar ingredients into her time-tested story recipe (the Witch World series), such as the intrepid spy Nicolas, the dashing warrior-prince Lorien, assorted evil uglies both human and unearthly and an enigmatic creature named Ssssaaa, the most intriguing of the lot. After 60 years of creating popular fantasy worlds, Norton can be forgiven the few dangling ends and generally conventional approach of this aromatic Disney-esque sword-and-sorcery tale. (Sept.)
Library Journal
Willadene's keen sense of smell, allowing her to distinguish the odors of good and evil, transforms her from scullery maid to herbalist's apprentice and places her at the center of an ancient war between the powers of light and darkness. The latest novel by sf/fantasy grande dame Norton brings together a varied cast of appealing characters caught in an intricate web of intrigue and treachery. Skilled storytelling and a new twist on magic make this a good choice for most fantasy and young adult collections.
Kirkus Reviews
Young Willadene of the city Kronengred, having lost her parents in the recent plague, toils as a scullery maid in the disreputable Wanderers Inn. Her secret gift is an extraordinarily sensitive and discriminating sense of smell, a talent she hopes will prove useful to the wise Herbmistress Halwice. One day at Halwice's shop, Willadene stumbles across an unconscious young man, while Halwice sits nearby locked in a magical trance. Using her wits and her talent, Willadene frees both victims from the trap. The man, Nicolas, a spy known as the Bat, works for Duke Uttobric; the Duke's chancellor, Vazul, has a ferret-like familiar, Sssaaa, and is training Uttobric's comely daughter, Mahart, to meet the challenges ahead'which will center on Uttobric's enemy and rival, the Lady Saylana. With her spoiled-brat son Barbric, Saylana is scheming to seize the dukedom by way of a secret pact with a Dark Old Power. Uttobric and Vazul hope to tempt King Hawkner's son, the warrior Prince Lorien, into an alliance via marriage to Mahart. During another mission, the Bat is severely wounded, and Willadene must not only nurse him but defend him against evil-magic attack. Then, as Lorien arrives at the castle, the conspirators abduct Mahart and convey her to a place of ancient evil where her life force will be consumed in rejuvenating the foul Old Power that has already ravaged Saylana from within. Can Willadene, with her expert nose, help the Bat and Prince Lorien track Mahart down and defeat the Power before her soul is devoured? Sturdily constructed, fetchingly rendered: a top-notch outing for the grandmasterly author of The Mirror of Destiny (1995), among countless others.

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HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Edition description:
1st Edition
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6.46(w) x 9.58(h) x 1.25(d)

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Chapter One

The great bell in the central watchtower of Kronengred boomed the same warning as it had for more years than the most diligent scholars could remember. A heavy vibration of sound penetrated every one of the aged buildings huddled comfortably together, rising even to the castle on a mount which rivaled the height of the bell tower. Though the dark of the passing winter season still held in thick blots around alleys and doorway, yet the bell's call now sounded to, all responsible citizens — those who had kept Kronengred's prosperity and safety alive — to be up and about the day's labors.

His Highness, the Duke, might wriggle deeper into the covers of his great bed, but in the tiny cupboard (one could certainly not dignify it with the tide of "room") off the vast kitchen of the Wanderers Inn, Willadene sighed herself into sitting up, the musty staws pricking through the ragged cover of the pallet beneath her, meeting her every movement with familiar scratching.

Her first real act was always the same. Before she reached for undersmock her hands went to that small bag, warm between her small breasts, and lifted it to her tormented nose. A deep sniff of the crushed spices and herbs within cleared her head, but the dull ache from last night's long service in the taproom did not go away.

Now she dressed hurriedly, pulling on clothing which had been cobbled down from a much larger size, so worn that its color was now a uniform muddy gray. Smells— it was always the smells against which she had to brace herself each morning. She was sure sometimes thatthose invaded her very dreams, bringing shadows of nightmares. The kitchen was no flower garden for the pleasuring ofsome lord's daughter, that was certain.

She was still twisting her lank hair up under a kerchief when she heard, as she had feared, the clang of pans, harshly slammed down together on the long table. Aunt Jacoba was the only one who dared to use those utensils without order, and, by the sound of it, she had a monumental temper to work off this morning.

"Willa — get you here, you lazy slut!" That voice, which even sounded like a badly scrubbed kettle, arose on the end of one crash. Certainly Aunt Jacoba had deliberately swung the big porridge kettle on its hanger so that it had rebounded from the smoke-darkened stone of the wide hearth.

Willadene (sometimes she forgot she had once been called that — it had been years now since the great plague had decimated the inhabitants of the city and she had been grudgingly accepted under the orders of the district Reeve by her father's cousin as a scullery maid, or scullery drudge) hurried into the kitchen.

Wisely she had been on guard and so dodged the heavy tankard which might have struck her senseless if it had landed true. There was no easy greeting from Jacoba when she was in this foul mood. Swiftly the girl reached well over her head and pulled down a flitch of bacon. She had to fight with all her strength against the smell of the meat — it was never of the first quality and always kept too long. Jacoba pinched each pence when it came to supplies for the majority of those eating early in the morning. Perhaps they were still so drowsy they were able to choke it down in a dull fog of half sleep.

Jacoba had turned to the stirring of the Yast pot of porridge which had been set to cook slowly the night before. Figis, the waiting boy, his face still masked with most of yesterday's grime, was slamming bowls onto a tray. He did not look up, but Willadene, sighted the bruise near his eye. There was an ever-going feud between Figis and Jorg, the horseboy.

She sawed away at the bacon with a knife which Figis should have sharpened yesterday. What she turned off now were not smooth slices but ragged hunks to be put in the footed skillet, when she knelt in the ashes which had drifted out from the fire to thrust her burden close enough to the flames for its contents to begin to sputter.

Longing to pull out her spice bag and use it as a defense against the heavy odor of the now-crisping meat, Willadene hunched her shoulders and held on, grimly determined not to attract any attention from Jacoba.

The big woman was sawing at rounds of yesterday's black bread — now near stone hard. These were the plates waiting to hold the bacon and wedges of cheese. The fare might be of third or even fourth grade, but Jacoba did not stint on portions.

Then she turned to ladling out porridge — there were five bowls waiting. Willadene haunched in upon herself.

So fortune had not favored her. Wyche had stayed the night. When she had crept away as the last two candles were near to guttering out in the taproom he had still been there, the huge bulk of his body half sprawling out of the one large chair which the inn owned. The odor of mulled cider of the strongest had not been enough to hide that other stench exuding from him. It was not only that of unclean flesh, and/or filthy clothing but something else of which she was aware but could not put name to-though now and then the inn sheltered other patrons who carried the same odor and mostly they had been an ugly lot.

Meet the Author

For well over a half century, Andre Norton (1912-2005) was one of the most popular science fiction and fantasy authors in the world. With series such as Time Traders, Forerunner, Beast Master, and the Central Control Series (comprised of the books Star Rangers and Star Guard), her tales of adventure have drawn countless readers to science fiction. Her fantasy novels, including the bestselling Witch World series, have been popular with readers for decades.

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Scent of Magic 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
On a whim, I checked to see if this old favorite of mine was in ebook form. Hooray! It was, and on rereading it, it's as good as I remembered! It's also better than many written today!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was very boring i could barely get interested in it at the beginning yawn!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book by the brilliant Andre Norton was a masterpiece of Fantasy-Fiction.I enjoyed reading about the special young healer and the mysteries of a Ducal court.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book and fell in love with Andre Norton's way of writing. She clearly knows her herbs and judging by the titles of the other books, she must know a lot more about the other senses. I just hope everyone else has time to read this...