Scent of Scandal

Scent of Scandal

3.5 7
by Carole Matthews

Love Stinks

It does when you find out that the guy you're head-over-heels about is already married. That's when Rose Stevens decides to escape her problems and flee to a remote country village. All she wants is peace and quiet, but the quaint, eccentric villagers of Great Brayford have other ideas.

Rose is amazed that her occupation as an aroma-therapist

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Love Stinks

It does when you find out that the guy you're head-over-heels about is already married. That's when Rose Stevens decides to escape her problems and flee to a remote country village. All she wants is peace and quiet, but the quaint, eccentric villagers of Great Brayford have other ideas.

Rose is amazed that her occupation as an aroma-therapist is causing such consternation among the townsfolk, when what else goes on within the village limits seems so much worse: there's a housewife who's a hooker, a sex-starved neighbor and a troublesome Peeping Tom.

Beneath the all-pervasive aroma of garden lavender there's a distinct scent of scandal here, and Rose thinks that her small transgressions seem paltry in comparison — until she starts to get intimately involved with the sexy local builder ... and her ex-lover arrives out of nowhere with a shocking announcement ... and she unwittingly finds herself in the center of a chaotic, rumor-fed hurricane of scandal that ensures her life is even more complicated than it was before. But maybe that's also because she's in love again.

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Kirkus Reviews
British aromatherapist looks for love. Cutesy premise gets annoying fast when most of the character names are herbal fragrances: Anise, Angelica, Basil, Cassia, Gardenia, and so on. Not surprisingly, the heroine is named Rose, inhabitant of 5 Lavender Hill, a charming cottage in Great Brayford bought for her by Hugh, her former paramour, who's married with kids and staying that way. Though local busybodies sniff, so to speak, at her unusual line of work, Rose wipes away a few brave tears and goes about her business, moving oily little bottles from one place to another and consulting herbals. Will she ever find love again? Well, yes. It seems that the cottage needs its fireplace opened up (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). Fortunately, handsome young contractor Dan Spikenard appears, wearing exactly the right clothes for this tame sexual fantasy: a Gap plaid shirt, jeans properly faded but not ripped, and unmuddy workboots. His eyes are a clear green; his hair a brick-dust blond. Dan is sympathetic and understanding, capable and kind. In fact, he's the perfect combination of decorative stud, girlfriend, and mommy. Rose is charmed but wary. After all, Dan's involved with someone else. But he does seem to understand-instinctively and immediately-that she couldn't help falling in love with Hugh, who was very persuasive (he would have to be, since he's American and living in North Carolina). Dan expresses his tender concern by digging in the dirt with a stick like the boyish darling he is and spouting utterly improbable dialogue for a male character: When women go quiet it's usually a man's fault. And: Spending the day with you, relaxing, chatting, enjoying each other's company, has really opened myeyes. Will Dan and Rose ever find happiness? Just ask the elderly spinsters in the neighboring house who keep peeking at her through the curtains. Another brittle little romance from Matthews (Bare Necessity, 2003, etc.). Agent: Helen Breitwieser/Cornerstone Literary

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Meet the Author

Carole Matthews worked as a secretary for six years before retraining as a Beauty Therapist. She approached Britain's Central Television with suggestions for a beauty programme and went on to write and develop a health-based magazine series called Look Good, Feel Great. After leaving Central Television, Carole worked in a holistic clinic in Milton Keyes, England and wrote freelance articles. She wrote her first fiction in 1995 — a short story that won the Writers News competition. She used the money to fund a writing course where she met her first literary agent. The rest, as they say, it history.

Already a best-selling author in England, Carole Matthews makes her American debut with For Better, For Worse, a book Kirkus Reviews calls "a cheeky romp from a best-selling Brit with a great sense of fun." The book, which has been optioned by Pandemonium Films, tells the story of recently divorced 30-something Londoner Josie Flynn. As her marriage ends in disaster, Josie flies across the ocean to her American cousin's "big mistake" wedding. Soured on love and in no rush to meet anyone, she ends up sitting next to Matt Jarvis — a recently divorced rock journalist who she becomes smitten with before the plane touches down. But alas, they go their separate ways. After all, Josie's got prenuptial confabs to worry about and that dreaded lilac chiffon bridesmaid's dress to wear. But Dante himself couldn't have dreamed up the hell this wedding is proving to be. Josie finds herself wondering how she — or any unattached modern woman, in fact — can hope to survive the new romantic rules of the twenty-first century.

For Better, For Worse was recently chosen as the fourth book club selection of the phenomenally successful Reading with Ripa book club on the nationally syndicated morning show, "Live with Regis & Kelly". "It's a big five points for humour," said co-host Kelly Ripa. "Live with Regis and Kelly" started the Reading with Ripa book club in April 2002. Ripa's previous three picks have all landed on the New York Times bestseller list.

Carole Matthews is a self-proclaimed evening class-aholic. So far she has studied garden design, golf, calligraphy, feng shui, stencilling, style analysis, watercolour painting, flower arranging, kiln glass, mosaics, stained glass and wire sculpture (to name a few!) She also runs day courses on 'Getting Your Novel Published' for Bedfordshire Adult Ed. Carole is also mad about films and of course, reading! She reads 1-2 books every week and is currently trying her hand at film scripts. Carole says she is eager to write more books(bestsellers, of course), more sitcom and maybe a comedy drama. She would also like to see the world, laugh a lot, stay healthy and eventually become wealthy and wise.

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Scent of Scandal 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Sherri_Hunter More than 1 year ago
What began as a very slow and sluggish start of this book for me, turned out to be quite enjoyable. I really liked Rose and Dan and once all of the introductory blah blah blah for all of the various characters was done, I started to enjoy the story and found myself wondering how it was all going to play out. Considering how Rose is judged by Anais without reason, I am surprised Anais didn’t wind up being murdered, but I did enjoy the way she gets her comeuppance in the end. I didn’t care for the way Rose handled the return of Hugh and how easily she gave up on Dan. If the story had ended there, I would have put the book in the freezer. Thankfully, the story provides excellent closure and a happy ending. My Final Verdict: An enjoyable story that will entertain fans of contemporary romance and chick-lit. If you are a patient reader and can get through the sluggish start, I recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
madison_24 More than 1 year ago
Cute read. Love the characters, even the little old bitty that was causing trouble.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this in a fit of insomnia but I have to say it wasn't the content of this book that kept me awake. The characters were bizarrely uninteresting considering their lifestyles (was a prostitute housewife really necessary?). The elderly lady w/ the binoculars was by far the most interesting character and even she softened in the end (no reason given considering her sister stole her paramour). Probably won't be recommending this to any fans of chick lit.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are someone that loves romantic comedies than you will love this book. The main character, Rose, is one of the most lovable characters I have ever read. Matthews draws up a cast that you know from the very beggining of the book, will cause enough drama to fill all the pages and more, but every character is still lovable and very fun to read about. The whole time you root for Rose and Dan to get together and throughout the whole book something stops them, which makes you want to never put the book down. This is a great quick read and definetly worth every minute and penny you spend on it!