Schütz: Weihnachtshistorie; Auferstehungshistorie

Schütz: Weihnachtshistorie; Auferstehungshistorie

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by Ars Nova Copenhagen

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  1. Eingang
  2. Evangelist
  3. Intermedium 1. Der Engel zu den Hirten auf dem Felde
  4. Evangelist
  5. Intermedium 2. Die Menge der Engel
  6. Evangelist
  7. Intermedium 3. Die Hirten auf dem Felde
  8. Evangelist
  9. Intermedium 4. Die Weisen aus Morgenlande
  10. Evangelist
  11. Intermedium 5. Hohepriester und Schriftgelehrte
  12. Evangelist
  13. Intermedium 6. Herodes
  14. Evangelist
  15. Intermedium 7. Der Engel zu Joseph
  16. Evangelist
  17. Intermedium 8. Der Engel zu Joseph
  18. Evangelist
  19. Der Beschluss
  20. Introitus: Chor
  21. Der Ostermorgen
  22. Jesus erscheint der Maria Magdalena
  23. Der Jüngling im Grabe
  24. Jesus erscheint den Frauen
  25. Rat der Hohenpriester
  26. Jesus erscheint den Emmausjüngern
  27. Jesus erscheint den elf Jüngern
  28. Der Sendungsbefehl
  29. Conclusio: Chor

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ars Nova Copenhagen   Primary Artist,Vocal Ensemble
Paul Hillier   Conductor
Concerto Copenhagen   Ensemble
Asger Lynge Petersen   Bass (Vocal)
Thomas Kiørbye   Bass (Vocal)
Tomas Medici   Tenor (Vocal)
Henrik Lund Petersen   Bass (Vocal)
Johan Linderoth   Vocals
Adam Riis   Vocals
Jakob Bloch Jespersen   Bass (Vocal),Vocals
Linnéa Limboldt   Alto (Vocal)
Kasper Eliassen   Tenor (Vocal)
Josef Hamber   Tenor (Vocal)
Else Thorp   Soprano (Vocal)
Sirius Viols   Ensemble
Rikke Lender   Alto (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Heinrich Schütz   Composer
Preben Iwan   Producer,Engineer
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff   Cover Image
Daniel R. Melamed   Liner Notes
Michael Chesnutt   Proof Reading

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Schütz: Weihnachtshistorie; Auferstehungshistorie 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Ted_Wilks More than 1 year ago
Heinrich Schutz (Schuetz) (1585 - 1672) was the most important seventeenth-century German composer who spanned the bridge between the Renaissance era (1440c - 1600c) and the Baroque era (1600c - 1750c). Not surprisingly, therefore, many of Schutz's choral passages sound (to my ear) like an extension of Gabrieli's majestic style, complete with splendid writing for brass, while his recitative passages, with their delicately accompanied narratives, point to the Baroque style refined by those who followed, especially Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750), who was born 100 years after Schutz. With his blend of choral and recitative passages, Schutz essentially tells two biblical stories - Christ's birth and resurrection. This Dacapo CD of two of Schutz's most famous works is a welcome addition to the catalogs, because it combines on a single CD two of his most important compositions. Both works are available on other CDs, but (as far as I can ascertain) not together, as on this new CD. The choral passages are glorious, the soloists are excellent, and the accompaniments are beautifully performed. The recorded sound is crystal clear. Highly recommended! Ted Wilks