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School Days: 28 Songs and Over 250 Activities for Young Children

by Gryphon House Inc.
School Days: 28 Songs and Over 250 Activities for Young Children


From "The Alphabet Song" to "The Nursery Rhyme Rap", children will sing and learn about a place they spend much of their time: school. The enclosed CD features 28 fun songs-old favorites and originals-and the book offers more than 300 activities that teach children about starting school.

Every song has:

  • Literacy Links to teach comprehension skills, letter knowledge, and phonemic awareness
  • Curriculum Connections to integrate the content of the song with curriculum areas such as math, art, sand and water play, science, outdoor play, field trips, and discovery
  • a "Did You Know?" section with fun and interesting facts related to the song
  • a vocabulary list to enhance children's language skills
  • theme connections
  • home activities to extend the learning
  • related children's books

All children love to sing and learn, so the book includes both English language learner strategies and special needs adaptations.

Songs Include:

  1. This Old Man
  2. Sing a Song of Opposites
  3. Days of the Week
  4. The Alphabet Song
  5. Good Morning to You
  6. Nursery Rhyme Rap
  7. Months of the Year
  8. Great Green Gobs
  9. Three Straight Sides
  10. Clean Up
  11. School Days
  12. Miss Mary Mack
  13. What Goes Together?
  14. Can You Put the Toys Away?
  15. Are You Listening?
  16. Do You Know the Principal?
  17. Grand Old Duke of York
  18. MacNamara's Band
  19. Johnny Works With One Hammer
  20. Old MacDonald Has a Band
  21. The Color Song
  22. My Hands on My Head
  23. I Like School
  24. B-B-B Bubbles
  25. Stop, Drop, and Roll
  26. Rhyme Time
  27. Bubbles in the Air
  28. Happy Faces

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