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School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text / Edition 2

School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text / Edition 2

by Janice Selekman

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ISBN-10: 0803622090

ISBN-13: 9780803622098

Pub. Date: 06/19/2012

Publisher: F. A. Davis Company

Awarded a 2012 AJN Book of the Year Award!

The only text endorsed by the National Association of School Nurses


Awarded a 2012 AJN Book of the Year Award!

The only text endorsed by the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) and winner of an AJN Book-of-the-Year Award is now in its 2nd Edition!

Inside, you’ll find comprehensive coverage of the multiple facets of school nursing—from the foundations of practice and the roles and functions of a school nurse through episodic and chronic illness and behavioral issues, to legal issues and leading and managing within school settings.

Written and edited by school nurses and pediatric experts, it features real-world-tested, best practices based on evidence and experience. There’s content here that you won’t find in other books, such as health assessments, individualized health plan development, mental health conditions including adolescent depression, contemporary legal issues, and current policy statements essential to school nursing.

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F. A. Davis Company
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New Edition
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8.30(w) x 10.70(h) x 1.80(d)

Table of Contents

  1. The Profession of School Nursing
    1. Historical Perspectives of School Nursing
    2. The Profession of School Nursing
    3. Standards of Practice
    4. Theories and Models of School Nursing Practice
    5. The School Nurse’s Role as Health Educator
    6. The School Nurse's Role in Research and the Development of Evidence-Based Practice
    7. Collaboration with the Community

  2. The Legal Foundations for School Nursing
    1. Legal Issues Related to School Nursing Practice: The Foundation
    2. Legislation Affecting School Nurses
    3. Federal Laws Protecting Children and Youth with Disabilities in the Schools
    4. Student Health and Education Plans

  3. Understanding Children and Families
    1. Demographics of Children and Adolescents
    2. Growth and Development: Preschool Through Adolescence
    3. The Student's Family
    4. Cultural Competence in Professional School Nursing Practice

  4. Health Promotion/Disease Prevention/Acute Care
    1. Promoting Health at School
    2. Disease Prevention
    3. Acute Measures for Emergent Problems
    4. Common Complaints
    5. Athlete Health Promotion
    6. Skin Disorders

  5. Children with Chronic Conditions
    1. Children with Chronic Conditions
    2. Allergy
    3. Asthma
    4. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities
    5. Diabetes Management in the School Setting
    6. Intellectual Disabilities
    7. Mental Health Concerns
    8. Overweight Children: Making a Difference
    9. Seizures and Epilepsy
    10. Skills Needed by Children Who Are Technology Dependent

  6. The Behavior of Children and Adolescents
    1. Behavior Assessment and Management in School
    2. Youth Violence
    3. High-Risk Behaviors
    4. Pregnant and Parenting Teens

  7. School Health Management
    1. Health Services Management
    2. Emergency Management, Crisis Response, and the School Nurse’s Role
    3. Budgeting and Accessing Funding
    4. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for School Personnel
    5. Staff Management

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