Science and Nordic Skiing

Science and Nordic Skiing

by Vesa Linnamo, Paavo V. Komi, Erich Muller

ISBN-10: 1841262293

ISBN-13: 9781841262291

Pub. Date: 09/28/2007

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport

The International Congress on Science and Nordic Skiing was held at the Vuokatti Sports Institute located in the north-east of Finland, from June 18 - 20, 2006.


The International Congress on Science and Nordic Skiing was held at the Vuokatti Sports Institute located in the north-east of Finland, from June 18 - 20, 2006.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Part 1 Keynote Lectures

The role of biomechanics in optimizing performance in nordic skiing E. Müet;ller S. Lindinger G. Sattlecker H. Schwameder T. Stöet; 13

Biomechanics in cross-country skiing - Methods and future research questions S. Lindinger 23

Exercise performance in cold weather; neuromuscular aspects J. Oksa 43

Exercise performance in cold weather; cardiorespiratory aspects M. Sandsund 49

Part 2 Cross Country Skiing

Development and testing of a custom built ergometer for upper body power evaluation in cross country skiing L. Bortolan B. Pellegrini F. Schena 61

Training loads cross-country skiers during skiing practice on snow in summer and autumn mesocycles A. &Ccheck;epul&eo;nas 69

Using double-poling simulations to study the load distribution between teres major and latissimus dorsi L. J. Holmberg A. M. Lund 81

Effects of training on cardiac autonomic modulation during night sleep in cross country skiers E. Hynynen A. Nummela H. Rusko I. Häet;mäet;läet;inen R. Jylhäet; 90

Effect of low-resistance strength training on contractile properties of leg extensor muscles and aerobic working capacity in young cross-country skiers A. Kivil A. Nurmekivi J. Ereline H. Gapeyeva M. Päet;äet;suke 99

Which are the antagonists to the pectoralis major muscle in 4th gear, freestyle technique, cross-country skiing? A. M. Lund L. J. Holmberg 110

Poling forces response to the increase of elevation in roller skiing B. Pellegrini L. Bortolan F. Schena 119

Effect of stride frequency on the maximal velocity and skiing time in classical sprint skiing H. Piirainen P. Väet;häet;söet;yrinki J. Salmi V. Linnamo 130

Theoccurrence and risk of asthma development in cross-country skiers in relation to unprotected training in severe cold, illness, overtraining, training volume, and age N. -F. R&obhi;nbeck N. O. Vikander 139

Cross country ski technology: performance success-factors and barriers in an athlete fair play persepective N.-F. R&obhi;nbeck N.O. Vikander 149

Testing concepts for the cross-country skiing sprint T. Stöet;ggal S. Lindinger E. Müet;ller 159

Elite cross country skiers: should they look to swimmers? A cross-sport analysis of psycho/social characteristics N. O. Vikander T. Solbakken R. K. Stallman 171

Part 3 Ski Jumping

Comparison of lower limbs strength abilities between athletes in ski jumping and nordic combined P. Böet;sl A. Schwirtz F. Rott J. Gro&bss;gebauer 183

Accuracy of the new dynamometric measuring system at the Schattenbergschanze in Oberstdorf, Germany P. Böet;sl A. Schwirtz G. Hartung A. Huber 191

On the role of the location of centre of mass in ski jumping G. Ettema S. Br&aa;ten 197

Comparison of ski jump execution among the best jumpers M. Janura Z. Svoboda M. Elfmark R. Uhlar 205

Behaviour of acceleration at the transition area in ski jumping T. Sasaki K. Tsunoda H. Hoshino Y. Minouchi S. Miyake M. Ono 215

Current and future aspects of ski-jumping biomechanics H. Schwameder 225

Ski jump flight as an optimization task R. Uhlar M. Janura 237

Part 4 Biathlon

Haematological changes under the effects of training at aerobic treshold level, moderate altitude and cold conditions in high level biathlon and orienteering athletes P. Bonov D. Dasheva V. Garkov G. Palakarski T. Pedev T. Temelkova-Kurktschieva D. Kurktschiev 249

Performance determining factors in biathlon shooting G. Sattlecker E. Müet;ller S. Lindinger 257

Part 5 Technology and Sking

Improved ski designs by means of mechanical simulation J. Hebel K. Schmidt P. Zerres W. Becker 269

Mobile acceleration and force measurements in sports applications P. Korhonen P. Saavalainen V. Sutinen K. Kansala 276

The contamination, wettability and gliding ability of ski running surfaces L. Kuzmin M. Tinnsten 286

The use of accelerometes in the measurement of ski-jumping take-off velocity P. Mikkonen P. V. Komi V. Linnamo 293

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