Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, 1975-1991

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, 1975-1991

by Robert Reginald

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Science fiction constitutes one of the largest and most widely read genres in literature, and this reference provides bibliographical data on some 20,000 science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction books, as well as nonfiction monographs about the literature. A companion to Reginald's Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, 1700-1974 (Gale, 1979), the present volume is alphabetically arranged by approximately 10,000 author names. The entry for each individual work includes title, publisher, date and place published, number of pages, hardbound or paperback format, and type of book (novel, anthology, etc.). Where appropriate, entries also provide translation notes, series information, pseudonyms, and remarks on special features (such as celebrity introductions). Includes indexes of titles, series, awards, and "doubles" (for locating volumes containing two novels). Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
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Following the same format as Reginald's Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature: A Checklist, 1700-1974 (2v., Gale, 1979), this hefty supplement identifies almost 22,000 English-language works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror issued for the first time between 1975 and 1991. Nonfiction relating to these genres is also covered. In addition, the compiler includes titles that he omitted from his first bibliography and provides additional information for some of the original entries. Although the previous compilation included a biographical volume, that component has been dropped from the supplement The primary portion of this bibliography is arranged alphabetically by author and then by title. In addition to basic bibliographic information and pagination, each entry indicates whether the title was hardbound or paperback and categorizes the work by type (e.g., novel, story, anthology, nonfiction). Series, limited printings, and awards are also noted when appropriate. Cross-references are provided between variant forms of an author's name. While the author arrangement is certainly appropriate for fictional works, a subject approach would have been a much more useful way to treat the listings for nonfiction. The compiler's failure to provide subject access to bibliographic, biographical, critical, and other nonfiction works is a serious flaw and significantly detracts from the potential usefulness of the volume Entry numbering in this volume begins where the earlier volume left off. Entries that correct or add to information that appeared in the previous checklist retain their original numbering, and jointly authored works receive one number that is then repeated under the listing for each coauthor. Consequently, entry numbers cannot be used as a reliable means of locating entries, since the numbers are frequently not in sequence. Therefore, the title index provides references to authors rather than to item numbers A particularly useful feature of this work is an alphabetical guide to science fiction, fantasy, and horror series, with works within each series appearing in sequential order. Other supplementary sections list publishers' doubles and recipients of major science fiction, fantasy, and horror awards More monographs pertaining to fantastic literature were published within the 17-year period covered by this volume than during the entire 274 years represented in Reginald's original checklist. Keeping up with this flood of materials must be a Sisyphean task, but it is obviously a labor of love for Reginald, who estimates that he has identified at least 98 percent of the titles in the genres he is attempting to document A librarian at California State University at San Bernardino, Reginald has written or compiled numerous works relating to science fiction. One of his most recent contributions to the literature of this field, Reference Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror [RBB N 15 92], was published under his real name, Michael Burgess. In that guide, and without acknowledging his authorship, Burgess describes his bibliography covering the years 1700-1974 as "a necessary purchase for all academic and large public libraries and for any serious SF researcher." Although that conclusion is an overstatement, there is no doubt that this work and its companion volume form the most comprehensive bibliography of English-language fantastic literature available. Academic and public libraries in need of such thorough coverage of these genres will welcome this compilation, although some institutions may find the price prohibitive.

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