Science Sleuths: Solving Mysteries Using Scientific Investigations

Science Sleuths: Solving Mysteries Using Scientific Investigations

by Howard Schindler, Dennis J. Mucenski

Excite and engage students with fun and challenging science mysteries!See more details below


Excite and engage students with fun and challenging science mysteries!

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Marilyn Brien
Forensics is a popular topic for students and adults. This professional resource uses this field to develop skills in scientific inquiry. The book features three activities in which students, working in groups or individually, analyze the evidence presented to them to solve a case. The activities are keyed to national standards for scientific inquiry. The tasks for 3-4 days of activities, culminating in a final essay, assist the teacher in planning the solution. A rubric for assessing all three of the activities rates the final essay in terms of completeness, accuracy, appearance, and group cooperation. The topic is similar to the recently reviewed Science Fair Winners: Crime Scene Science (National Geographic, 2009/VOYA April 2010), but the participation by students is very different. Rather than hands-on laboratory activities, this book focuses on analysis of evidence that has already been completed. Emphasizing laboratory procedures, each scenario in this resource is analyzed with much greater depth and scope than the other resource. "The Great Art Heist" involves interviews and cameras, as well as fiber, DNA, and fingerprint evidence. "Dead and Breakfast" involves wire taps, toxicology, and chemical analysis, as well as interviews. Along with interviews, "Fatal Error" involves computer analysis, chemical analysis and tapes. Analysis of motive and opportunity, and reconstruction of the crime are all significant components of each of these solutions. This is a most valuable resource for the science teacher of grades 6-9. Reviewer: Marilyn Brien

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