Science Tools: Using Machines and Instruments

Science Tools: Using Machines and Instruments

by Chris Eboch, Jon Davis

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Children's Literature - Amy S. Hansen
How can you see something tiny? Hear something faint? Take a picture through an opaque body? These topics are explored in this title, a part of the "Amazing Science" series. Young readers may not know about microscopes, hearing aides, or an x-ray machine. Unfortunately, the machines are given to us as black boxes with little or no explanation about how they do their magic. Without that explanation, the book is a bit dull, even though it is clearly written. On the plus side, the "Fun Fact" sidebars offer interesting tidbits about real science being performed with these machines. The illustrations are adequate but not eye catching. Finally, one more quibble: Eboch writes that scientists make tools that work better than our senses can. In fact, scientists and engineers developed many of the tools. This is perhaps a distinction that is not necessary for the K-2 readers who will pick up this book, but it would be nice to mention both specialties. Back matter includes an index and a glossary. For more information , young readers are invited to search where the publisher has vetted the links.

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Capstone Press
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Amazing Science Series
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10.20(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.30(d)
IG560L (what's this?)
Age Range:
5 - 10 Years

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