Scientific American Current Issues in Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics / Edition 1

Scientific American Current Issues in Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics / Edition 1

by Scientific American

ISBN-10: 0805305688

ISBN-13: 9780805305685

Pub. Date: 02/21/2006

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings

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Benjamin Cummings
Publication date:
Scientific American (Rosen) Ser.
Edition description:
New Edition
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7.90(w) x 10.50(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

New Movement in Parkinson’s

Recent genetic and cellular discoveries are among the advances pointing to improved treatments for this increasingly common disorder

New Bulls-Eyes for Drugs

A familiar class of cell-surface receptors turns out to offer an array of fresh targets than could yield new treatments for disorders ranging from HIV infection to obesity

Capturing a Killer Flu Virus

The deadliest flu strain in history has been resurrected. What can the 1918 virus reveal about why it killed millions and where more like it may be lurking?

Preparing for a Pandemic

One day a highly contagious and lethal strain of influenza will sweep across all humanity, claiming millions of lives. It may arrive in months or not for years–but the pandemic is inevitable. Are we ready?

Synthetic Life

Biologists are crafting libraries of interchangeable DNA parts and assembling them inside microbes to create programmable, living machines

Hitting the Genetic Off Switch

A host of start-ups is speeding development of a new class of drugs that block the action of RNA

The Alternative Genome

The old axiom “one gene, one protein” no longer holds true. The more complex an organism, the more likely it became that way by extracting multiple protein meanings from individual genes

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