The Scopes Monkey Trial

The Scopes Monkey Trial

by Anne Janette Johnson

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This seventh volume bears all the features and benefits of the earlier volumes in the "Defining Moments" series, which highlights in an accessible format U.S. historical events of the 20th century that have captured the nation's attention and sparked heated debate. Each volume is organized into three main sections that together provide a balanced account of the titular event, biographies of its key participants, and a collection of pertinent primary-source material. Each also includes a glossary of relevant people, places, and terms; a chronology of significant events; a bibliography of the sources consulted; and suggested resources for further investigation. This volume presents an overview of how a growing division between science and Christian religious figures over the origins of humankind, combined with the needs of a variety of players-among them, the American Civil Liberties Union, religious leaders of the mid-1920s, a young teacher with strong convictions, and a town in need of an economic boost-erupted in The State of Tennesseev. John Thomas Scopes, popularly known as the Scopes Monkey trial. Among those profiled here are attorneys Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, naturalist Charles Darwin, and defendant John T. Scopes. The chronology extends from Darwin's work in the 19th century through the debate over intelligent design that continues today.
—Sarah Sutton

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Defining Moments Series
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