by Conrad J. Storad, Paula Jansen

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Children's Literature - Judy Katsh
This book is rich in information about a topic much sought after by elementary school-aged report writers. It is graced with many full color photographs, clear page design, and an easy-to-use glossary and index. These strengths make it a perfect resource for readers ages 8 and up. And if those potential users can get past the "Early Bird Nature Book" label, the "Notes to Adults" and "Sharing a Book" sections; they will find a lot of fine information-even some that they'd be unlikely to find independently elsewhere!
School Library Journal
Gr 3-5-A simply written text briefly describes the arachnid's major physical characteristics, habitats, use of venom, hunting and feeding techniques, natural enemies, and the birth and care of young. Although clear, the writing has a condescending tone. For instance, after stating that the biggest species of scorpions are ``...8 inches long,'' Storad adds that ``That's about as long as a brand-new pencil.'' Their average weight is not given; the author only states that ``...they weigh almost as much as a hard-boiled egg.'' Very little is said about senses, and mating behavior is not mentioned. One or two full-color photographs appear on almost every page; most are of good quality, although a few are slightly out focus. Oddly enough, only three species are identified in the captions-the black emperor, bark, and giant Arizona hairy scorpions. One of the captions inanely states, ``After their babies are gone, mother scorpions continue doing scorpion things.'' Some of the photos appear to be mere padding. A two-page note to adults is included. Jan Mell's Scorpion (Crestwood, 1990), on a somewhat higher reading level, offers more detailed information. Laurence Pringle's Scorpion Man (Scribners, 1994) has more data on physical characteristics and behavior, particularly mating. Its photographs are also superior to Jansen's.-Karey Wehner, San Francisco Public Library

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Early Bird Nature Bks.
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