Scotland Highlands and Islands

Scotland Highlands and Islands

by Alan Murphy

Discover Europe’s last great wilderness with Footprint’s brand new edition to this gorgeous destination.  See more details below


Discover Europe’s last great wilderness with Footprint’s brand new edition to this gorgeous destination.

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“We are on a road trip around the outer Hebrides and various other parts of northern Scotland and it’s already been invaluable. If you’re hitting this part of the world, I would definitely recommend it”Louise Wright, England “This book is a definite must for any visitor, it is very readable, has great long and short visit itinerary recommendations, history and accommodation/restaurants for all budgets. I do recommend it and will be using it again to plan future trips to the Highlands”Nicki, Derbyshire, England “Essential reading. A very well organized and well-written publication”Mr P Sandbach, England “The descriptions are clear, succinct and to the point, with lots of useful additions covering related web-sites”P. Greenhalgh, Surrey, England

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Footprint Handbooks
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Footprint - Handbooks Series
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Fifth Edition
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4.60(w) x 7.10(h) x 1.10(d)

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There are many spectacular places in the Scottish Highlands, but few, if any, can compare to the truly awesome scenery of Glen Coe. No-one could fail to be moved by its haunting beauty, with imposing mountains, their tops often wreathed in clud, rising steeply on either side from the valley floor.

Meet the Author

When Alan Murphy upped sticks and left the fleshpots of Dundee to start his own seaweed-collecting business on a remote island croft, many saw it as a cry for kelp. But Alan not only survived several bleak Hebridean winters, he went on to found a sanctuary for wayward seal pups and devoted the next 10 years of his life to working with young stray marine mammals. Later, following a chance encounter with the editor of Footprint’s South American Handbook in a sleazy salsa bar in Soho, London, Alan turned his hand to travel writing, trading the rain swept peat moors of northern Scotland for the steamy jungles of South America to research and write Footprint guides to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. But the pull of his homeland was too strong and Alan eventually returned to Scotland to write new Footprint guides to Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland Highlands & Islands. Alan now resides in the bohemian Somerset market town of Frome with his wife and three children.

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