Scott and Ernest: The Fitzgerald/Hemingway Friendship

Scott and Ernest: The Fitzgerald/Hemingway Friendship

by Matthew J. Bruccoli

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“In this valuable book. . . neither one of the author’s subjects emerges triumphantly or unscathed. . . . Scott and Ernest is a judicious book. It is that, mainly because its author is perhaps the first student of the Fitzgerald/Hemingway friendship to write out of disin­terested loyalty to the truth about two liter­ary giants he continues to admire unabash­edly, no matter how the facts have fallen out.”

New Republic

“Bruccoli examines the friendship of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, which began with Fitzgerald’s recommenda­tion of Hemingway’s writing to Maxwell Perkins of Scribners [sic] and ended at Fitz­gerald’s death. Bruccoli ‘has drawn on the 28 letters that Scott wrote his friend. He para­phrases Ernest’s 26 surviving letters to Scott… Also included are jottings from Scott’s notebooks, his. . . chronology of their meet­ings from 1925–37, and comment by Perkins, Morley Callaghan, and others’.”—Choice

“Both men did of course dramatize them­selves endlessly. They loved, as Bruccoli re­minds us, ‘to act out their own mytholo­gies. One played the ruined genius, the other played the titan.’ Bruccoli sorts out the play-acting for us. . . . Both Scott and Ernest cared passionately for their profession. Be­cause they also cared about each other, each had a keen awareness of the other’s talents and shortcomings, praising the former and seeking to correct the latter. . . . It is this kind of technical comment rather than the ‘try­ing to walk over each other with cleats on’ (in Scott’s phrase) that makes Matthew Bruc­coli’s latest contribution so useful and so welcome to all who care about the writer’s craft.”—Christian Science Monitor

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Matthew J. Bruccoli is Jefferies Profes­sor of English at the University of South Carolina.

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