Scott Joplin: Piano Rags 2

Scott Joplin: Piano Rags 2

by Scott Joplin

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Naxos American


  1. The Ragtime Dance, stoptime two-step for piano
  2. A Breeze from Alabama, march & ragtime two-step for piano
  3. The Chrysanthemum, an Afro-American Intermezzo, for piano
  4. Peacherine Rag, for piano
  5. The Cascades, rag for piano
  6. Weeping Willow, ragtime two-step for piano
  7. Gladiolus Rag, for piano
  8. Eugenia, for piano
  9. The Great Crush Collision March, for piano
  10. Reflection Rag, syncopated musings for piano
  11. Magnetic Rag, for piano
  12. Swipesy, cake walk for piano (collaboration with Arthur Marshall)
  13. Scott Joplin's New Rag, for piano
  14. Rose Leaf Rag, for piano
  15. The Rose-bud March, for piano
  16. Stoptime Rag, for piano

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