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by Sandi Phipps
Sandi Phipps

Unleash your creativity to make the most elegant scrapbook ever! Plus send dynamic greeting cards to surprise and delight the receiver.

Inside this book are the makings for a truly exquisite, exciting new dimension in captioning your photo albums, greeting cards, anytime you need a beautiful


Sandi Phipps

Unleash your creativity to make the most elegant scrapbook ever! Plus send dynamic greeting cards to surprise and delight the receiver.

Inside this book are the makings for a truly exquisite, exciting new dimension in captioning your photo albums, greeting cards, anytime you need a beautiful poem or sentiment.

World-renowned author, artist and designer, Sandi Phipps, created each original award winning sentiment. Written for her one of a kind cross-stitch designs and themed for your scrapbooking pleasure. Included are her poems archived in The Library of Congress.

You can now quickly caption your valued photos and turn them into extraordinary pages filled with your family’s best overnight. Enjoy the expertise of this incredible designer to create your own one of a kind memorable album, to be cherished always.

No need to use the same worn out quotes and poems done thousands of times. Combine your creative skills to design your own keepsakes with these special captions.

Included are some of her delightful cross-stitch pictures that make this book a beautiful treasure for someone you wish to give a loving gift to.

Need the most creative original greeting card? Look inside to find the perfect solution.
Themes: Daughter, Mother, Sister, Home, Friend, Teacher, Baby, Wedding, Anniversary and Family.

Sandi has shared some tips and special inside information you may use in designing or selling your own works of art.

Published in over 60 major magazines, Sold in over 40 of the top catalogs in the world. Products designed for and selling in many of our largest chain stores worldwide. Designed and printed over 250,000 color booklets and leaflets. “Calico Christmas Cross-Stitch” her hardcover book published by Sterling Publishing, was a Better Homes and Gardens Book Club Selection. See her Bio in the book for more.

She created and sold over two million products worldwide and is sharing some of her trade secrets with you.

Includes a few guidelines to help you along the way in your journey to the top. Publishing in a magazine. Selling to Catalogs. Doing Trade Shows, selling whatever it is that you have created and getting it accepted.

SCRAPBOOKING PERFECTION OVERNIGHT is the first in a series. This book presented millions of challenges in getting the concept into the complex formats required for eBook publishing. I hope that you will find things in it that you truly love.

Capture this most unique scrapbook adventure for your very own and gift one to each of your special someone’s. It is a gift no one will ever forget! It will give them many hours of enjoyment preserving their own special memories.

This book was created for you to enjoy!

Whatever you wish to use these delightful sentiments and cross stitch pictures for I sincerely hope that you will have fun in creating your special work of art.

In the hopes that your projects large and small will not only bring you pleasure, but many hours of time left over to enjoy creating something else!

Sandi Phipps

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Sandi Phipps
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Scrapbooking Perfection Oveenight , #1
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Meet the Author

Her loyal fans have purchased more than two million of her products.

"Scrapbooking Perfection Overnight" is her latest. A special eBook created from her award winning sentiments, and cross-stitch designs to make a truly unique Scrapbook or greeting card that is a brand new and exciting concept.

Sandi Phipps has been creating and manufacturing designs and products for over thirty years. She is known for multitudes of varied products in many types of market places. Her Counted Cross-Stitch designs are sold in retail outlets around the world. Kits, Leaflets, Chart Packs, Greeting Cards, Bookmarks, Pillows, Check Book Covers, and CD's are a few of her needlework items.

Award-winning poems, incorporated in her famous cross-stitch designs, are in poetry anthologies archived in The Library of Congress. She wrote the poems and designed the cross-stitch patterns to share with her needlework fans. Sandi has created many of the top-selling Cross-Stitch designs in the needlework industry.

Sandi's designs have been sold in The Stitchery, Herrschners, Counted Cross-Stitch from The Stitchery, Potpourri Collection, The Fox Collection, Craft Basket, Mary Maxim, Better Homes and Gardens, Best To You for Cook Ministries, Keepsake Quilting.

Sandi Phipps designs are featured on the Cover of Abbey Press, United Purchasing Exchange, The Amway Catalog, Current Inc., The Fox Collection and other catalogs.

Her products are sold in retail outlets around the world such as: Christian Book Stores, Hallmark, Hobby Lobby Stores, Jo Ann Stores, Borders Books, Current Inc., Pay Less Drug Stores, Builders Emporium, Treasure Island, plus thousands more.

Calico Christmas Cross-Stitch is her 128-page hardcover book published and sold worldwide by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. It was a Better Homes and Gardens Book Club selection.

Her designs have appeared in Family Circle, Woman's Day, Woman's World, Crafts, Crafts N' Things, Lady's Circle and over 60 other magazines. Many on the front covers.

She has designed and published over 250,000 color booklets and leaflets. Also over 20,000 Cross-stitch CD'S with her designs and patterns ready to print on customer's printer.

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SCRAPBOOKING PERFECTION OVERNIGHT 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was a complete waste of my money. I feel gravely mislead by the title. An in-depth description explaining my disappointment follows below. BUYER BEWARE! This book has no information about scrapbooking. Rather, it has several small color photos of cross stitch phrases & quotes. It does not include the patterns for these pictures. To get them, you must go to the author's web site. I presume it will be more useful than this "book". I hesitate to call it a book, because it contains a grand total of 41 Nook Tablet pages. And, the majority of the pages are not relevant to the average reader. For example, too many pages include: legal stuff, copyright info, dedications, acknowledgements, etc. Sadly, I have not yet found any elegant (or otherwise) scrapbook tips or ideas in this book. Many scrapbook and cross stitch patterns are available for free on the internet. In summation, the reader pays money for a pamphlet (not a book) with pretty pictures that advertises the author's website. THAT is what you get for your money. I will archive this book immediately, even though it occupies very little space on my Nook. Take care, and avoid my mistake in buying this book.