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Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton

Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton

by Charley Patton
Perhaps the most sumptuous, nay incredible, box set package ever devised for a blues artist, this lavish production contains seven CDs that not only contain everything Patton recorded as a soloist, but a ton of peripheral tracks to which he contributed or was associated. Yes, this has all 54 known extant Patton performances (including four


Perhaps the most sumptuous, nay incredible, box set package ever devised for a blues artist, this lavish production contains seven CDs that not only contain everything Patton recorded as a soloist, but a ton of peripheral tracks to which he contributed or was associated. Yes, this has all 54 known extant Patton performances (including four unissued alternate takes), but that is, quite literally, not the half of it. There are also cuts recorded by other acts at Patton's sessions, including Walter Hawkins, Edith North Johnson, Henry Sims, Willie Brown, Son House, Louise Johnson, the gospel quartet the Delta Big Four, and Bertha Lee. Some of these he played on; some of them he might have played on; and some of them he didn't play on, though he knew (or might have known, anyway) the musicians. There are even a couple of test recordings of Paramount talent scout H.C. Speir reading headlines, which takes even this sort of fanaticism to the extreme, but why not the whole nine yards, right? Then there's an entire disc of tracks by other blues artists, spanning 1924 to 1957 (though mostly weighted toward the early years of that period), spotlighting songs that were related to Patton's repertoire, or inspired in some way by songs in his discography. That CD includes some pretty big names, like Ma Rainey, Furry Lewis, Tommy Johnson, Howlin' Wolf, Son House, Joe Williams, and even the Staple Singers, though room's also made for unknowns, including one "Blues" by Unidentified Convict. And then there's an entire disc of interviews about Patton with Howlin' Wolf, Rev. Booker Miller, H.C. Speir, and Pops Staples; the Rev. Booker Miller portion is more entertaining than most such spoken recordings, as he occasionally plays some guitar himself to illustrate points. Patton's own tracks are consistently inspired Delta blues, though the sound quality inevitably varies widely, sometimes coming through quite clearly, at other times fighting a wall of static. One's interest in the non-Patton selections, other than those on the solid CD of Patton-related tunes and Patton-inspired performers, might vary. Certainly the Son House 1930 recordings (including "Preachin' the Blues") are classic Delta blues songs in any setting, as are the far more obscure ones by Willie Brown. However, others, such as the ones by Edith North Johnson and the Delta Big Four, bear vaudevillian jazz and gospel influences that Delta blues fans might not take a shine to. The non-Patton tracks, too, sometimes suffer from unavoidably poor sound quality due to the extremely rough shape of the only surviving original copies. On top of all this, the packaging is extraordinary by any measure, and would take a lengthy review in itself to even cursorily summarize. Suffice it to say that if you're a serious Patton fan (and it's hard to imagine you'll get this if you're not), you're in for several hours of entertainment even when the CDs aren't in the stereo. The set is packaged like a vintage, full-sized photo album, in the manner "albums" of discs were assembled prior to the invention of the 33 1/3 RPM LP, with slots for each of the seven CDs. There are 128 pages of portfolio-sized liner notes, including essays on Patton and his records, transcriptions of all of the lyrics, stories behind most of the songs/tracks, a "thematic catalogue" of Patton's music, photos, reproductions of old advertisements for 78s, repros of the labels on the original 78s, even an interview with a noted bluesologist about collecting original releases from the artist. Thrown in is the complete 112-page book that John Fahey wrote about Patton in 1970 (an actual book, separate from the liner notes) as part of a series of monographs for Blues Paperbacks, and a reprint of the liner notes Bernard Klatzko wrote for the first Patton compilation, The Immortal Charlie Patton. Due to the expense and zealous completism of this release, most blues fans will be content to limit themselves to an intelligent single-CD compilation of Patton's work, such as Yazoo's Founder of the Delta Blues. If you have any serious hunger to go beyond that, though, and are wondering whether to splurge on this museum-quality piece -- do it. It truly is the last word, and one of the most impressively packaged box sets in all of popular music.

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Release Date:
Revenant Records


Disc 1

  1. Pony Blues
  2. A Spoonful Blues
  3. Down the Dirt Road Blues
  4. Prayer of Death, Pt. 1
  5. Prayer of Death, Pt. 2
  6. Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues
  7. Banty Rooster Blues
  8. Tom Rushen Blues
  9. It Won't Be Long
  10. Shake It and Break It (But Don't Let It Fall Mama)
  11. Pea Vine Blues
  12. Mississippi Boweavil Blues
  13. Lord, I'm Discouraged
  14. I'm Goin' Home
  15. Snatch It and Grab It
  16. A Rag Blues
  17. How Come Mama Blues
  18. Voice Throwin' Blues

Disc 2

  1. High Water Everywhere, Pt. 1
  2. High Water Everywhere, Pt. 2
  3. I Shall Not Be Moved
  4. Rattlesnake Blues
  5. Going to Move to Alabama
  6. Hammer Blues
  7. Joe Kirby
  8. Frankie and Albert
  9. Devil Sent the Rain Blues
  10. Magnolia Blues
  11. Runnin' Wild Blues
  12. Some Happy Day
  13. Mean Black Moan
  14. Green River Blues
  15. That's My Man
  16. Honey Dripper Blues No. 2
  17. Eight Hour Woman
  18. Nickel's Worth of Liver Blues No. 2

Disc 3

  1. Jim Lee, Pt. 1
  2. Jim Lee, Pt. 2
  3. Mean Black Cat Blues
  4. Jesus Is a Dying Bed Maker
  5. Elder Greene Blues
  6. When Your Way Gets Dark
  7. Some These Day's I'll Be Gone
  8. Heart Like Railroad Steel
  9. Circle Round the Moon
  10. You're Gonna Need Somebody When You Die
  11. Be True Be True Blues
  12. Farrell Blues
  13. Tell Me Man Blues
  14. Come Back Corrina

Disc 4

  1. Some Summer Day
  2. Bird Nest Bound
  3. Future Blues
  4. Mando Blues
  5. Walkin Blues
  6. My Black Mama, Pt. 1
  7. My Black Mama, Pt. 2
  8. Preachin' the Blues, Pt. 1
  9. Preachin' the Blues, Pt. 2
  10. Dry Spell Blues, Pt. 1
  11. Dry Spell Blues, Pt. 2
  12. All Night Long Blues
  13. On the Wall
  14. All Night Long Blues
  15. By the Moon and Stars
  16. Long Ways from Home

Disc 5

  1. Dry Well Blues
  2. Moon Going Down
  3. We All Gonna Face the Rising Sun
  4. Moaner Let's Go Down in the Valley
  5. Jesus Got His Arms Around Me
  6. God Won't Forsake His Own
  7. I'll Be Here
  8. Where Was Eve Sleeping?
  9. I Know My Time Ain't Long
  10. Watch and Pray
  11. Paramount Test 1 - 4/19/30 Headlines
  12. Paramount Test 2 - 4/12/30 Headlines
  13. High Sherrif Blues
  14. Stone Pony Blues
  15. Jersey Bull Blues
  16. Hang It on the Wall
  17. 34 Blues
  18. Love My Stuff
  19. Poor Me
  20. Revenue Man Blues
  21. Troubles 'Bout My Mother
  22. Oh Death
  23. Yellow Bee
  24. Mind Reader Blues

Disc 6

  1. Booze and Blues
  2. The Crowing Rooster
  3. I Will Turn Your Money Green
  4. Ham Hound Crave
  5. Bye Bye Blues
  6. Maggie Campbell Blues
  7. Big Road Blues
  8. Kansas City Blues
  9. Rowdy Blues
  10. Mississippi Bottom Blues
  11. Cold Woman Blues
  12. Sitting on Top of the World
  13. Just a Spoonful
  14. Banty Rooster
  15. My Grey Pony
  16. Dark Road Blues
  17. Blues
  18. Sic 'Em Dogs On
  19. Po' Boy
  20. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
  21. County Farm Blues
  22. Saddle My Pray
  23. Forty-Four
  24. Too Close

Disc 7

  1. The Howlin' Wolf
  2. Booker Miller
  3. Booker Miller
  4. Booker Miller
  5. Booker Miller
  6. Booker Miller
  7. Booker Miller
  8. Booker Miller
  9. Booker Miller
  10. Booker Miller
  11. Booker Miller
  12. Booker Miller
  13. Booker Miller
  14. Booker Miller
  15. Booker Miller
  16. Booker Miller
  17. HC Speir
  18. HC Speir
  19. HC Speir
  20. HC Speir
  21. HC Speir
  22. HC Speir
  23. HC Speir
  24. HC Speir
  25. HC Speir
  26. Roebuck "Pops" Staples

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Charley Patton   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Willie Dixon   Bass
Tommy Johnson   Track Performer
Furry Lewis   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Mississippi Sheiks   Track Performer
Hubert Sumlin   Guitar
Bukka White   Track Performer
Big Joe Williams   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Don Redman   Clarinet
Jody Williams   Guitar
Walter Vinson   Guitar,Vocals
Roebuck "Pops" Staples   Guitar,Vocals
Ma Rainey   Track Performer
Kid Bailey   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Brown   Track Performer
Howlin' Wolf   Guitar,Vocals
Lonnie Chatmon   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie Dixon   Banjo
Fletcher Henderson   Piano
William Harris   Guitar,Vocals
Son House   Vocals,Slide Guitar
William Johnson   Piano
Charley Jordan   Guitar,Vocals
Earl Phillips   Drums
Henry "Son" Sims   Fiddle,Vocals
Otis Spann   Piano
Mavis Staples   Vocals
Willie Steel   Drums
Pete Welding   Track Performer
Willie Johnson   Guitar
Pervis Staples   Background Vocals
Charlie Green   Trombone
Richard "Hacksaw" Harney   Guitar
Edith North Johnson   Piano,Vocals
Reverend Rubin Lacy   Guitar,Vocals
Cleotha Staples   Background Vocals
Booker T. Washington White   Vocals,Slide Guitar
Walter Rhodes   Accordion,Vocals
Louise Johnson   Piano,Vocals
Blind Joe Reynolds   Guitar,Vocals
Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins   Track Performer
Bertha Lee   Vocals
Blind Pete   Track Performer
Delta Big Four   Track Performer
Bertha Lou   Track Performer
George Ryan   Track Performer
H.C. Speir   Track Performer
Gayle Dean Wardlow   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Big Bill Broonzy   Composer
Mississippi John Hurt   Composer
Tommy Johnson   Composer
Furry Lewis   Composer
Charley Patton   Composer
Bukka White   Composer
Big Joe Williams   Composer
Bernice Johnson Reagon   Composer
Walter Vinson   Composer
Alan Lomax   Engineer
John Fahey   Book
Kid Bailey   Composer
Willie Brown   Composer
Lonnie Chatmon   Composer
Son House   Composer
Huddie Ledbetter   Engineer
John A. Lomax   Engineer
Johnny Parth   Composer
Henry "Son" Sims   Composer
Richard K. Spottswood   Liner Notes
Chris Strachwitz   Interviewer
Georgia White   Composer
David Evans   Liner Notes
Reverend Rubin Lacy   Composer
Scott Colburn   Audio Production
Louise Johnson   Composer
Jeff Hunt   Contributor
Unidentified Prisoner   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Potsy Duncan   Illustrations,Digital Manipulation
Ruby T. Lomax   Engineer
Susan Archie   Art Direction
John W. II Work   Engineer
H. E. Barnett   Composer
Copyright Controlled   Composer
Chester Burnett   Composer
J. Graydon Hall   Composer

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