Seals and Sea Lions

Seals and Sea Lions

by Bobbie Kalman, John Crossingham

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Children's Literature
Now young readers can read all about the world of seals and sea lions. Humankind has hunted them for their fur; our hearts are tugged when we see their huge, luminous eyes; and we have always admired their ability to live in some of the coldest spots on earth. What a lot there is to learn about these marine mammals. Well-written text explains that these creatures are pinnipeds. This order, in turn, is divided up into three groups: "earless" or "true" seals, "eared" seals, and walruses. Lovely, clear drawings help young readers to learn about different species of eared and earless seals. Photo illustrations accompany text that features habitats, anatomy, reproduction, hunting behavior, rookeries (nurseries), swimming and diving prowess, plus their amazingly sharp senses. Especially intriguing are the differences in earless and eared seals' flippers: eared seals are able to turn their back flippers, enabling them to "walk" on land, while earless seals cannot move their rear flippers and have to drag themselves on land by their front flippers. Beautifully illustrated pages explain these ocean mammals' place in the food web. Finally, two grim chapters tell about seal hunting plus how human pollution and over fishing have affected these amazing creatures. Part of "The Living Ocean" series, the book includes a glossary and an index. 2006, Crabtree Publishing Company, and Ages 9 to 12.
—Judy Crowder

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Living Ocean Series
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8 - 9 Years

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