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Seaside Harmony

Seaside Harmony

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by Evangeline Kelley

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Publishers Weekly
Ending years of separation, sisters Caroline, Gracie, and Sam reunite in Nantucket after their mother’s death. The seaside village was a summer haunt when the women were young. Their mother held a particular fondness for the Misty Harbor Inn, so it is with great disappointment that they find the historic house dilapidated and its once-beautiful gardens overgrown. Caroline, the adventurous sister, quickly hatches a plan to purchase the inn, which is for sale, and restore it to the bed-and-breakfast splendor their mother always envisioned. Sam, the business savvy one, is more easily persuaded to join in the endeavor than Gracie. She—the middle child, who is the most prudent and also a grieving widow—worries that an investment in the inn will prevent her from helping her children and grandchildren. Rife with intrigue and intimations of more action to come, the plot moves slowly but evenly through the sisters’ changing relationships with each other and their blossoming friendships in the Nantucket community, creating a heartwarming tale of faith and love. Evangeline Kelley serves as the pen name for the writing team of Christian inspirational authors Patti Berg, Pam Andrews, Barbara Hanson, and Camy Tang, in their first collaboration and kickoff for the Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn series. (Apr.)
Library Journal
While vacationing on Nantucket with her sisters Gracie and Sam, Caroline talks them into purchasing the now-dilapidated Misty Harbor Inn, a place their recently deceased mother had loved. As they fix up the inn, the sisters discover old postcards that draw them into the mystery of Hannah Montague, the original owner, who disappeared in 1880. The experience of reopening the inn and learning more about Hannah bonds the sisters in ways they never anticipated. VERDICT Kelley is the pen name for inspirational authors Patti Berg, Pam Andrews, Barbara Hanson, and Camy Tang. Their first collaboration, a character-driven series launch, should appeal to readers of Melody Carlson.

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