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The Second Coming

The Second Coming

4.0 11
by David H. Burton

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Five hundred years have passed since the Earth shifted on its axis - a catastrophic event that wiped out civilization and released magic back to Earth. Now, a dark age shrouds our world once more.

Journey into a future rife with witches, conjurers, and mythical creatures that have returned from the nether realm. Follow three intertwined fates: Paine, a young


Five hundred years have passed since the Earth shifted on its axis - a catastrophic event that wiped out civilization and released magic back to Earth. Now, a dark age shrouds our world once more.

Journey into a future rife with witches, conjurers, and mythical creatures that have returned from the nether realm. Follow three intertwined fates: Paine, a young man hunted by Confederation soldiers who are on a crusade to wipe out magic; Brahm, the battle-hardened woman that slaughtered his mother, and in whose body the woman's soul now resides; and John, a friar once imprisoned for heresy, now assigned by a woman Pope to destroy the boy he unwillingly fathered. Take a voyage to the future as the legions of heaven and hell combine to bring the Words of the Prophecy to fruition.

A war of the gods is coming. And the ones we expect to deliver us from evil are not who they seem.


The Second Coming is the first book of the epic fantasy series, Words of the Prophecy.

Editorial Reviews

Margaret Weis
"Beautifully written, dark and eerie vision of an apocalyptic future."
- Margaret Weis, New York Times Bestselling Author
Cathy Clamp
"David H. Burton is a dark new talent in the genre. This one will make you leave the lights on for a week!"
- USA Today Bestseller, Cathy Clamp

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David H. Burton
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

Meet the Author

Author, adoptive father of 3 boys, manager of chaos, science and technology geek, and person of the queer persuasion.

You can find David on the web at davidhburton.com

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Second Coming 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
MysticKim More than 1 year ago
This book was a tough read but well worth the effort! I often found myself going back to re-read just to be sure I understood what was happening. I was entranced by the story, always trying to figure out what would come next, just to be shocked when it was not what I expected. Anyone who is a true sci-fi fantasy fan should read this book! I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series, I can only begin to imagine where David is going to take us!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book very intetesting story
gjenkc More than 1 year ago
I accidently stumbled across the writings of David H. Burton, and I have to tell you it was like finding a rare treasure in the midst of a whole lot of junk. His writing can be summed up with one word, Brilliant! I would not hesitant to compare his works, or for that matter, put his work up against the best sellers out there today. The Second Coming is set in a post apocalyptic world of darkness, lost morality, magic, and the unknown. The characters are abundant, but written well enough that the reader will not have a problem conjuring up an image of them, come to understand their individual plights, and as the story unfolds, to connect with them. I even found myself sympathizing with the "bad guy" character types that I normally would not care for. It is deep and it is dark, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Burton did an excellent job incorporating religious prophecies/beliefs along with human behaviors one would expect to see in a post apocalyptic world. This is a MUST read, for anyone who longs for their intellect to be stimulated and their imagination to be stretched to the limit. Definitely a book you will want to add to your collection and will find yourself reading more than once!! Amazing book, and an amazing author!!
Kiki_Howell More than 1 year ago
The language of David H. Burton in this story was at times poetic, and at time prophetic. The words, always descriptive would one minute make me feel like I was there, a part of the action, and then the next drive home an image so bluntly that I would be shocked out of my flight into fantasy. It was an amazing ride. The characters were deep, all rich with back stories, driven by differing motives, while omitting just enough to keep me on edge constantly wanting to know more about them. My only even semi-criticism, and maybe just my own failing rather, was with the vast multitude of characters. There were so many names, and often secondary names given to the same characters. Add to that the connections between the characters which kept developing, plus all of the names of the creatures, and they were at times hard for me to follow. Again, I say me, maybe another reader would have no problem with this at all. It did not distract me though from the enjoyment of reading Second Coming. It is just no easy read, and I would guess no easy write. As an author, I am in awe of Burton's craft, his abilities to create such a tale. I would love to know if he had all of the twists and turns plotted out before writing it, or if a story such as this one just came from him imagination as he wrote. The paranormal elements were again a combination of old and original, and the magic was dead on and amazing even to one who has read novels in the genre. But always, it remained gritty, dark, edgy and yet I found myself praying for things to work out in certain characters no matter what they did or how they transgressed! The world building in Second Coming was amazingly original and absolutely believable for an apocalyptic world. The setting was a new world over renamed places I know of in my own world. The mentions of old ways tie it all together with the new, creating a viable existence. The writing conventions were well thought out, well written and always made the setting easily seen in the mind's eye. To say the plot was layered would be a grave understatement. Talk about a mix. Burton intermixed flawlessly myth, the Bible, and his new take on them both allowing for more than one hero and villain, and therefore a multitude of conflicts and possible resolutions. Only once the layers started to really overlap, I found myself wishing, hoping, guessing... As a paranormal writer, I can only imagine that this extent of world-building can only come from a great amount of research, of thought and of planning. It leaves definitely leaves you thinking... If my review seems vague, I am sorry. But, with this book, I dare say too much lest I spoil any of it.
ScottNicholson More than 1 year ago
The Second Coming marks a mature, well-crafted debut that blends a number of genre elements--magic realism, religion, dark fantasy, dystopia, and horror--into a satisfying stew. It even has elements of romance, with a lush setting that is effortlessly revealed--no clunky cutaways to describe every piece of architecture or history. Instead, Burton's world is fully imagined, allowing the intriguing characters--especially Paine and Lya--to move about and pursue their quests--with a little mayhem, betrayal, and action liberally sprinkled in. I'm ready for a sequel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read a fair amount of fantasy, adventure & horror over the years - enough that I don't often find something really new that I like. I did this time - it was both unique & thrilling. An excellent dark fantasy or horror fantasy that sets the background in a post apocalyptic world based on our current one & the Christian myth, adds in some others, & stirs the mix into an intriguing mystery-adventure. It is not for the faint-hearted. All of the characters are flawed, most badly enough that they're not all that likable, but the reasons for this are revealed - slowly. Against my will, in many cases, I was drawn into sympathetic agreement with their plight & their actions. Revelations were logical, redemption plausible & plights were chilling. The action was well described & the scenery was awesome. Wow! What a trip! Usually, if I don't like or can't identify with one of the main characters, I put a book down. I couldn't this time. The writing was too good & the plot too intriguing. I was very surprised that a self-published novel (it is, isn't it?) read as if it were professionally edited. One of my biggest turn-offs is poor punctuation, logic flaws, rambling text & 'favorite lines'. (Pieces of text that don't quite fit, but are kept by the writer because they like them.) All of these are typical of self-published novels. I didn't find any here. The writing was tight - sometimes requiring close reading or I would miss an important point - Perfect! That's the way it should be, but often isn't, even in commercial publications.
Shrew More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book! I love books with witches, vampires, demons, ghosts, supernatural, occult, the boogie man ... you get the idea. I found this book to be a meaty read, meaning it has a lot of good stuff in it, a lot going on to to keep your mind busy, and an unpredictable ending. Although the boogie man wasn't actually mentioned, I'm sure he was lurking around somewhere. It's too bad that B&N didn't include a description for this book, so I'll share it with you here. I am not affiliated with this book or the author, I just really enjoyed this book, and I think you will too, as long as this is the type of book you would enjoy, which is why a description is so important. This description was not written by me. This is the description that goes with the book; I copied it from the author's site: >>Five hundred years have passed since the Earth shifted on its axis - a catastrophic event that wiped out civilization and released the powers of the dead back to Earth. With technology long abandoned, a dark age has shrouded our world once more. Travel to a future of blood sacrifice, demons, witchcraft, and an immoral God that has returned to reclaim his former dominion. "Beautifully written, dark and eerie vision of an apocalyptic future." - New York Times Bestselling Author, Margaret Weis. "David H. Burton is a dark new talent in the genre. This one will make you leave the lights on for a week!" - USA Today Bestseller, Cathy Clamp.<<
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was very good but there was a lot of characters and the plot was rather complex. Have to read carefully.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JonMoss More than 1 year ago
Let me preface this review by saying that I rarely (and I mean very rarely) ever read the horror genre. I went through a phase, during my early teen years, where that's all I read. But I decided, quickly, that I preferred reading stories of more depth and complexity, stories that didn't patronize me, the reader, or insult my intelligence. Hence, I moved on to epic fantasy and other fantasy sub-genres and never looked back. So I had many misgivings when this novel by David Burton won the poll for Book of the Month for June/July 2010 for the GoodReads Fantasy Book Club. I survived reading The Second Coming with many winces at the cliches, the need for a good copy editor and the hope that the adage 'Show, don't tell' might have triumphed. The irrelevant sexual content and innuendo, so pervasive in this genre, distracted more than enticed. I never once felt the shock of horror or the thrill of suspense. Most of the time, when I wasn't nodding off, I just wanted to reach the end, or at least for the words to stop so I could move on to something more challenging and fulfilling. For the rest of my review, please visit GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/98746717