Second Grand Concert Of Scots Piping

Second Grand Concert Of Scots Piping


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  1. La Quenoville/Caledonian Society of London/Blonde Haired Maid/Cathy's ... @@St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band Quartet
  2. Lieutenant Colonel George Latham's Fancy/New Crossroads/Old ... @@St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band Quartet
  3. Banks of the Lee/Little Bag/Hills of Kesh/Boys of Malin/Lord Ramsey's @@St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band Quartet
  4. Anna Kloareg/Al Letanant Schmidt O Kimiad AR 5ved Kompagnunez/Donatien  - Patrick Molard
  5. Al Lez-Vamm/Gwerz Mari-Louiz/Gavotenn AR Menez/Ton Cranhuel  - Patrick Molard
  6. Kas A-Barh/Lairde  - Patrick Molard
  7. Devil in the Kitchen/Calum Crubach/Black Snuff Mill/Sleepy ...  - John Maclean
  8. Roddy MacDonald's Fancy/Caberfeidh/Hamish & The Stone/Ed Neigh's ...  - John Maclean
  9. Kennedy Street March/Miller O' Drone/Lady Carmichael/Unknown/Night ...  - John Maclean
  10. Snuff Wife/Martha's Vineyard/Maid on the Green/Donnie MacGregor @@Malcolm Robertson
  11. Nelly Mahony's/Pete Bradley's/Jim Keefe's @@Malcolm Robertson
  12. Sweeney's Polka/Mike Ward's Polka/Glen Polka @@Malcolm Robertson
  13. Mediana a Pipia @@Orlando Mascia
  14. Fiorassiu @@Franco Melis
  15. Fiuda @@Orlando Mascia

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gordon Mooney   Border Pipes
Gordon Duncan   Bagpipes
Iain MacInnes   Small Pipes
Patric Molard   Biniou,Small Pipes
Terry Tulley   Bagpipes,Pipe
Martyn Bennett   Small Pipes
Angus MacColl   Bagpipes
Patrick Molard   Track Performer
Allan MacDonald   Bagpipes
John Maclean   Bagpipes,Track Performer

Technical Credits

John Kay   Illustrations
Gordon Mooney   Contributor
Gordon Duncan   Contributor
Hamish Moore   Producer
Peter Haigh   Engineer
Don MacLeod   Arranger
Terry Tulley   Arranger
Angus MacColl   Contributor
Nik Kinloch   Engineer
Allan MacDonald   Contributor
Alec Currie   Arranger
John Maclean   Arranger

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