Secret Lives of Seashell Dwellers

Secret Lives of Seashell Dwellers

by Sara Swan Miller

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Children's Literature - Judy Crowder
Have you ever walked along the shore after a storm or during low tide and collected that perfect seashell, either rounded and curved or flat and ribbed? What were the ocean dwellers like that once inhabited these shells? This book, part of the "Secret Lives" series, shows young readers that the soft-bodied residents (mollusks) are every bit as remarkable as their portable "houses." The clear, easy-to-understand text features two of the seven or eight kinds of mollusks: gastropods and bivalves. Gastropods, the largest group, even have land-locked cousins, such as slugs and snails. All gastropods have tentacles, eyes and one big foot—all they need to move about rocks or sand searching for seaweed or algae to eat. Bivalves, on the other hand don't move much. Instead, bivalves stay put, filter feeding. Ever had bivalve chowder? Probably, since a commonly known bivalve is a clam. Along with lovely clear photo illustration, the author lists well-known mollusks, describes their reproductive and eating behavior, and tells how some shell-dwellers got their common names (for instance, a slipper shell really looks like a rounded, comfy bedroom slipper.). Along the way the book includes some remarkable facts: did you know that limpets have bad eyesight but great sense of smell? Or that, after a night of foraging, they return to the same place? To any beachcomber's delight, the final chapter, "More Beach Finds," details non-mollusk treasures such as sea stars, mermaid's purses (a shark egg case), and sand dollars. What a great find for anyone who has picked up a seashell and wondered just what critter lived inside. The book includes lists of words to know, books to read, video to see, Internet sites and an index. Reviewer: Judy Crowder

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Secret Lives Series
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8 - 11 Years

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