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The Secret Revealed: Exposing the Truth About the Law of Attraction

The Secret Revealed: Exposing the Truth About the Law of Attraction

by James L. Garlow, Rick Marschall

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Jim Garlow, the bestselling author of Cracking DaVinci's Code, along with Rick Marschall take on the New York Times bestseller The Secret to expose its distortion of truth from a biblical perspective.


Jim Garlow, the bestselling author of Cracking DaVinci's Code, along with Rick Marschall take on the New York Times bestseller The Secret to expose its distortion of truth from a biblical perspective.

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Garlow (Cracking Da Vinci's Code) and comic and cartoon historian Marschall try their hand at exposing the secrets of Rhonda Byrne's best-selling The Secret. At best, their book is a hastily written reply to an incredibly popular title; at worst, it's a really long sermon. The first half is devoted to name-calling, describing The Secretin turns as dangerous, cynical, absurd, selfish, childish, materialistic, and me-oriented, while the second half tries to convince the reader that the Bible is the only real path to happiness. Some of the authors' arguments are undoubtedly accurate, e.g., the quotes attributed to famous people in the book were not in any way related to the belief system it espouses, while others were never said at all. Where Garlow and Marschall lose steam is in their comparisons between the law of Attraction and Christianity. They argue that because both are faith-based belief systems, you can't subscribe to the law of attraction and be a Christian. Readers may not go for this heavy-handed, only-one-answer approach; certainly, few minds are going to be changed with regard to beliefs. Worth reading as a companion to The Secretto get another perspective. [See also the reviews of Jim Gerard's Who Moved My Secret?and Karen Kelly's The Secret of "The Secret,"p. 87.-Ed.]
—Jennifer Kuncken

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The Secret Revealed

Exposing the Truth About the Law of Attraction
By James L. Garlow Rick Marschall


Copyright © 2007 James L. Garlow and Rick Marschall
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-446-19796-0

Chapter One


Belief: Keep Your Mind Engaged

Stan Lee of Marvel Comics has a wonderful phrase he uses about the art and craft of writing superhero comics, and of being a fan of them. He says we have to "suspend disbelief." Actually, with many forms of fiction, the watchword is to "suspend belief"-it's those times we are asked to go a step further, mentally, emotionally, rationally. True to form, The Secret requires that we suspend disbelief. Its ideas are abstract, its evidence is vague, its promises are grand, and it arouses suspicion in the most casual reader's mind.

In its first months, The Secret's DVD and book versions sold millions of copies-of course, the word spread, even though its propositions sounded too good to be true. Once The Secret got out, many news programs, comedy shows, and pop commentators-the type of people in today's culture who normally fall over each other to endorse the latest feel-good or self-help fad-instead criticized or ridiculed the book. Yet it continued on its whirlwind course, with reports of bookstores unable to stockcopies, of additional DVDs in production, even of a high-ticket marketing scheme based on The Secret, and more. So it finds an audience of fans.

Up-front, we must acknowledge we are not among them. You might ask then, if we think The Secret's ideas far-fetched and implausible, why do we bother countering them? Why should we consider them worth discussing? More so, some fellow skeptics will protest that any effort to deal with this philosophy will backfire, giving further publicity for The Secret.

Our first answer to questions about whether The Secret is even worth answering is this: there are many claims by author Rhonda Byrne and her team, from unsupported varieties of dream therapy to "history" built on paranoid fantasies, and it's important for some of these matters that the record be set straight.


The Law of Attraction is a recently coined phrase, but its ideas are hardly new. Easily it can be seen in the Bible's account of the Garden, where the serpent issued the temptation "You will be like God" (Gen 3:5). That is the clear (and stated) thesis of The Secret. This book will review history's other philosophies, heresies, and doctrines similar to the Law of Attraction. Gnosticism is a belief that has persisted for centuries. We will review others in succeeding chapters, but here are comments on gnosticism.

Gnostics believed that God is good and the world is evil. Since God is good, He could not have created the world. There was an emphasis on knowledge (gnosis is Greek for "knowledge"). This knowledge, which led to salvation, was secret, reserved for the elite. "The Gnostic movement posed as the bearer of a secret tradition stemming from Christ, or from the apostles." J. Guitton, Great Heresies and Church Councils (New York: Harper & Row, 1965).

"Gnostics claimed to have a secret knowledge which was the key to salvation." David Christie-Murray, A History of Heresy (London and New York: Oxford University Press, 1976).

"The Gnostic position asserts that over and above the simple Gospel ... there is a secret, higher knowledge reserved for an elite." Harold O. J. Brown, Heresies: The Image of Christ in the Mirror of Heresy and Orthodoxy from the Apostles to the Present (New York: Doubleday & Company, 1984).

We might grant that if the threat amounted to no more than a group of people being invited to a presentation or seminar where they are offered this collection of "facts," it would perhaps amount to no more than an unfortunate waste of an evening. But in fact The Secret has become a craze that has swept the nation, affected peoples' behavior, and taken their money. Such a phenomenon demands further examination.

But second, we believe The Secret represents something unfortunate, even dangerous, in contemporary life. Because it is packaged in the language of happiness, wealth, and feeling good, it masquerades as a harmless prescription for ... well, everything unfortunate, even harmful, in contemporary life.

What's ironic is that there is a materialistic aspect to The Secret: a me-oriented, wealth-obsessed selfishness that flies in the face of most religions, philosophies, and value-systems through all history, all over the world.

Even the more contemporary schools of thought tending toward materialism pay at least minimal lip service to charity and service. Yet The Secret actually ridicules the concept of sacrifice. Even if The Secret's popularity is due to the fact that such ideas strike a chord in present-day America, we consider that alone a reason to raise an alarm, and not passively accept some sort of planetary convergence of new morals.

Our third reason for "answering" The Secret is no less important: hurting people are seeking answers from Rhonda Byrne to life's toughest questions.

Many readers of our book are already familiar with The Secret. Some will merely know of the controversy Rhonda Byrne's book has stirred; some have a curiosity engendered by a magazine cover or a Nightline report on television; some might have even reacted to a word-of-mouth recommendation of our book. Maybe some have bought the book itself, maybe the video, maybe some attended seminars or bought into The Secret's new multilevel marketing scheme. Others have been persuaded by its presentation; indeed many are enthusiastic recruits. To a large extent, we address these readers.

We firmly believe others will benefit from the reading of our book: in fact, we have designed The Secret Revealed to inform anyone, even those (if there are any such left in the world) who have not heard of The Secret.

But it's especially to those who have reached out for the answers The Secret offers-it's with these audiences we need to identify. And we do empathize. There are billions of people in the world, all different in countless ways, yet among the few common characteristics of everyone on earth are the need to be loved, a desire for security, and a feeling of self-worth. We see that. We all share these fundamental human characteristics. It is clear why The Secret can appeal to people on its surface.

But the desire for security shouldn't have to lead to a value system that excludes caring. A feeling of self-worth should not morph into an ethic of selfishness. Did The Secret intrigue you because of what it promised? That's not to say your needs are inappropriate, but we will unpack together some more lucid ways to confront whatever hurts or fears, confusion or desires you might have.


Have you ever wondered why:

teachers in your local government-run public school cannot speak of God or Jesus, our Lord, and Savior, and even having a Bible on school grounds could be cause for disciplinary action, but the same prohibition on "religion" does not exist for Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism?

children study the spirituality of the Native American Indians; their spiritual wheels and animal spirits, shamans, dream catchers, and the like, are [acceptable] topics and art projects for the classroom, but speaking of God or coloring a picture of Christ is taboo?

children cannot wear clothing proclaiming their belief in God to school, but clothing depicting Satan, the peace symbol, or the yin/yang symbol do not receive the same censorship?

children cannot pray to God in the classroom, but they can go on guided fantasies and guided visualizations to meet spirit guides (demons) in the classroom?

Do you get the impression the only discrimination going on, in the realm of religion in the government-run public schools, is against Christianity? If you do, you are absolutely correct. Why is that? Very simple: "systems theory"-that which provides the foundation upon which the transformation of America from a constitutional republic to a participatory democracy is built-cannot tolerate the individual; and true Christianity teaches we are all individuals. Enter the New Age movement, one of the precepts of which is that we are one with one another, one with God, in communion with God 24/7: "as above, so below." (Lynn Stuter's commentary on the Law of Attraction's infection of America's classrooms is from: http://www.newswithviews.com/Stuter/stuter96.htm.)

Along the way we will also expose some of the more outlandish arguments we have seen in The Secret. We will hear real wisdom from genuine sages from throughout history. We will offer the authentic, not the theoretical.

Up-front, we'll tell you: we hold no secrets, we allege no secrets, we reveal no secrets. But we will tell you the truth, and we will speak of the great Mystery. If you've read The Secret or seen its DVD, you know it walks a tightrope of apparent inconsistencies. We're asked to believe that mighty men possessed the Secret and kept it secret for millennia, yet today here it is for all to see. It was guarded, yet at the same time it was published in a number of books a century ago. The Christian church even is supposed to have hidden the Secret, but likewise the church passed it along.

Prominent people are likewise supposed to have held the Secret. Beethoven, although we are not told what he did with it, evidently failed to realize he should have been able to wish away his cruel deafness in the manner outlined in the Secret. Andrew Carnegie blessed mankind with millions of dollars given in charity and was a great benefactor of peace to societies and the arts. Yet we are to believe it simply didn't occur to him to share the Secret with any of his fellow souls.

We will invent no nonsense nor pass along fabricated history. Real history is more interesting. To those who might say, "Look where history has got us," we reply with George Santayana that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We will share some ancient truths, not secrets, and try to present them in a new way, just as every generation has had to discover them anew.

We harbor no secrets ... promise.

But we do know of mysteries, beautiful mysteries. Mysteries that flood our souls. Mysteries we will visit by the end of this book, that are more fulfilling to behold than the Secret. We will even point you to all the claims of The Secret's road map for life. Like certain life forms, we believe the claims cannot stand the exposure of the light. In short, we have a better way to show you.


Excerpted from The Secret Revealed by James L. Garlow Rick Marschall Copyright © 2007 by James L. Garlow and Rick Marschall . Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Jim Garlow is the author of the bestselling "Cracking Da Vinci's Code." He has authored ten books total. Jim pastors Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego and hosts the daily radio program, The Garlow Perspective, heard on more than 425 radio stations daily.

Rick Marschall is described by Bostonia Magazine as "America's foremost authority on pop culture." Rick is certainly the top comic and cartoon historian in the world today. He was the editor for several comic syndicates as well as Marvel and Disney comics. He has authored 59 books on cultural topics, including the history of comics, television and country music. Rick was director of product development for Youth Specialties before resuming his writing and editing career. Rick and his wife are in the process of moving back to New York City where he grew up.

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