Secrets And Sacrifices

Secrets And Sacrifices

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by Diane Wylie

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Civil War Romance

Charlie is a crack sharpshooter for the Twenty-Fifth Virginia infantry. But Charlie has secrets.big secrets that could lead to heartbreak or even death. The slowly starving South, lack of medical supplies, and desperate runaway slaves motivate her and surgeon, Captain Daniel Reid, to take risks beyond their wildest imaginations.

How could they


Civil War Romance

Charlie is a crack sharpshooter for the Twenty-Fifth Virginia infantry. But Charlie has secrets.big secrets that could lead to heartbreak or even death. The slowly starving South, lack of medical supplies, and desperate runaway slaves motivate her and surgeon, Captain Daniel Reid, to take risks beyond their wildest imaginations.

How could they possibly know that their paths would cross during the worst time in their lives and where that path would lead?

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Secrets And Sacrifices 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
mamapapa1-_ More than 1 year ago
jillianmitchell0828 More than 1 year ago
Diane Wylie is a great writer, and this civil war novel did not disappoint! Charlotte is a woman who follows her husband into battle and then finds her world turned upside down. Diane Wylie has a way of writing the story as if you are there and feeling and reacting to the situations along with the characters. Not just a romance and not just a historic fiction. It is everything, a love story filled with conflict and adventure! What Charlotte will risk to live her life the best way she can is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a great read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Charlotte ¿Charlie¿ Garret is a woman torn, not only by the Civil War, which already tears North from South, but also by her husband¿s involvement. Determined to stand by his side, she does the unthinkable and joins the Confederate Army disguised as a young man. Simply being close to her husband, Joshua, even in the rough circumstances the soldiers engage in, gives her heart some peace. When her talents as a sharpshooter are honed, she earns herself a true place in the Twenty-Fifth Virginia infantry. Soon, despite having made friends amongst her fellow soldiers, Charlie finds herself more alone than she could possibly have imagined. When a new opportunity comes along to help those of the South in need, she finds a new purpose in her life, a true calling.------- Captain Daniel Reid is a dedicated surgeon for the Confederacy, while born and raised in the North. Firmly believing in his duty to save lives, the war nonetheless takes its toll. No matter how hard or long he toils, there will always be more soldiers that need help. When the worst possible thing happens for a man in his position, he will take on a desperate mission for the South that soldiers often do not return from. And when he meets little Charlie Garret, he discovers a secret that carries his spirit on through the tormenting next few years.------- Secrets and Sacrifices brings not only the horrors of the most infamous U.S. war to light in a passionate and moving way, it brings forth a basic human ideal as well¿that in time, we will survive and live to love again one day. Thanks to meeting one another amidst terrible strife, Charlie and Daniel give each other the hope that roots this ideal. Charlie is a woman that endures through action and compassion. Not one to sit idle, she takes on a dangerous mission not once, but twice throughout the war, bringing freedom to many. Daniel is the consummate soldier, dedicated to his beliefs and they serve him well as he takes it upon himself to gain much needed supplies for his men. Ultimately, Charlie and Daniel¿s goals are to reunite, and it¿s a rare, passionate love that they experience at intervals throughout the book. Author Wylie does a superb job of drawing on the emotions and engaging the reader through action and a well-drawn plot through history. Well done!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Some stories come across as contrived, especially ones that have women disguising themselves as a male soldier, sailor, and so on. Not so Secret and Sacrifices. Right from the beginning Diane Wylie¿s writing has you believing Charlie¿s (Charlotte) motivation for enlisting into the army as well as her ability to continue the charade by her physical build, intelligence, and also being assigned as a sharpshooter. Even after her husband¿s death, the motivation to remain in the army is clear.***I liked how Ms Wylie handled Charlie¿s discovery at being a woman. It¿s then we get to the romance between Charlotte and Daniel set amidst the war, and the gripping story that unfolds. The romance slowly deepens as we see Charlotte and Daniel struggle to do what is right. Charlotte follows her conscience about slavery and slaves. Daniel, as a surgeon, follows his conscience even as he puts himself in danger getting supplies for the neediest wounded.***The realities of war are not skipped over nor glorified in Secrets and Sacrifices, which I appreciated. The hunger, want and degradation of body and spirit is finely expressed, as well as the stupidity of both sides during that horrible war. Love, romance and honor aren¿t neglected either. I highly recommend Secrets and Sacrifices. Seek out her earlier novel, My Enemy, My Love, if you can.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What an amazing book: amazing story, amazing characters, amazing research. ¿Charlie¿ disguised herself as a boy so that she could go to war with her husband Joshua. She doesn¿t just follow him, but because of her skill with a rifle she becomes a sniper, a job she did even though she dreaded killing another living being. She loves her husband dearly and passionately, and her grief when he¿s killed in battle is overwhelming. In her guise as a boy, she is spotted by the regimental surgeon, Daniel. He discovers that she¿s a woman later when he rescues her from rape. Their attraction to each other is not a simple matter. Charlie is still grief stricken by her husband¿s death, and Daniel knows and respects that. Everything that brings them together in the context of the Civil War makes them closer emotionally and physically. Ms. Wylie¿s descriptions of every aspect of war are beautifully written, horrifyingly chilling, and heart wrenching. Charlie¿s grief is so poignantly real that you can¿t help but cry with her. Battle scenes are, to this reader, unbelievably terrifying. Ms. Wylie tells of the fear and the courage of the soldier and the agony of the uncertainty of your next meal, the next time you¿ll be able to sleep, or whether you¿ll be alive in the next minute to do either. Daniel¿s exhaustion from hours and days straight of operating on the wounded is exhausting in itself to read. Her research into medical procedures of this time in history, the geography and tactics of the battlefields, into the clothing of the period, are all spot on. Ms. Wylie knows her subject well. Daniel and Charlie¿s awareness of each other and their feelings grow very naturally out of their experiences together. They live for a bit of sweetness and light amongst the horror surrounding them. The tale takes them both ¿ together and separately ¿ through adventures showing their courage and commitment to their own soldiers, as well as the whole of humanity. They never give up and are rewarded with the gift of their love. Charlie never forgets her first love Josh, but discovers another one in Daniel. Secrets and Sacrifices delivers a brilliant battlefield epic and a wonderful human love story at the same time, both equal in their power and emotion. If you like to lose yourself in your reading, like I do, this is the book for that.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Newlywed Charlotte (Charlie) Garrett cuts her hair, binds her breasts, and follows her husband Josh into the Confederate Army, but becoming a sharp shooter can't protect her or Josh from the horrors of war. Captain Daniel Reid, handsome surgeon for Virginia's Twenty-Fifth Infantry, struggles to keep his mind from becoming one more casualty in the brutal conflict. As the war grinds on and the deprivations increase, will Charlie and Daniel find the courage to overcome their grief, join forces, and do more than just survive? Diane M. Wylie writes a well-researched story intimately portraying love, loss, and redemption in one of our nation's darkest hours.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just married, Charlotte Garrett had everything to live for until the War Between the States ripped her husband Josh away from her. Not content to stay at home and worry if Josh is alive or dead, she assumes the guise of 'Charlie' and becomes a sharpshooter. But she soon learns she is not the only one wearing a false mask. Captain Daniel Reid is slowly being ground down by the horrors of war. His mind in the balance, the doctor doesn't know how he will continue onward. He feels compassion for 'Charlie', but he, too, is keeping secrets. In Secrets and Sacrifices Diane M. Wylie brings forth a grim portrayal of the effect of war, how it changes everything and there is no going back, how people adapt and survive. In today's market where there is a dearth of books in the period this is a refreshing story of the horrors of the war and the will to endure. I look forward for more books from this talented writer.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Charlotte `Charlie¿ Garrett, the heroine, is a gutsy, dare-taking, and determined woman who puts others welfare before her own. She dangerously fights side by side with the soldiers, never once complaining. Her dedication and loyalty to the men she loves motivates her beyond what most women of the period could tolerate. She discovers how difficult and unfair life can be, but it can also unexpectedly give her a second chance, especially with love in the arms of one Captain Daniel Reid. Diane has a way of instantly connecting the reader to her characters. Her Civil War historical romances are filled with adventure, hardship, and love. She has a magical way of entwining her main characters with the secondary ones, to create a fascinating plot. Diane breathes life into her unforgettable characters and weaves the stories in a refreshing way that totally grabs and sucks you into the worlds she creates. I always feel as if I¿m watching a movie while reading Diane¿s books. Her love scenes are tender and spicy, filled with deep emotions, while her descriptive writing style hurls the reader right into the action of the Civil War. Review written by: Deborah Hymon, moderator of Historical Passions. Posted by the author: Diane Wylie.