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Secrets (Fingerprints Series #4)

Secrets (Fingerprints Series #4)

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by Melinda Metz

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Rae Voight has a problem. Thoughts are running through her mind that aren't hers. Is she going crazy? Or could something else-something even stranger—be going on? As Rae unravels the mystery of where these thoughts are coming from, she also unlocks terrifying secrets of her past, including the truth about her dead mother. But knowing the truth may not be a


Rae Voight has a problem. Thoughts are running through her mind that aren't hers. Is she going crazy? Or could something else-something even stranger—be going on? As Rae unravels the mystery of where these thoughts are coming from, she also unlocks terrifying secrets of her past, including the truth about her dead mother. But knowing the truth may not be a good thing for Rae. If she's not careful, it might get her killed.


When Anthony befriends Rae's former friends, Rae feels betrayed. Now it's just her and Yana, and whoever's out there watching, waiting for the chance...

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Children's Literature
Rae Voight has the ability to hear thoughts by touching people's fingerprints. Until she figured this out, she spent time in a mental hospital thinking she was going insane, and the return to suburban life hasn't been easy. Thankfully, Anthony Fascinelli is transferring to Sanderson Prep this year, one of the few friends who remained loyal to Rae through her troubles. The other friend, Yana, is helping Rae uncover the secret of Rae's dead mother's past. All this time, though, someone is watching Rae, someone just as interested in her mother as she is. Rae and Yana are kidnapped and taken to a Motel 6 near the end of the book, but the reader never finds out who her captor is or why she is being kept there. The disjointed plot moves slowly, and a reader unfamiliar with the series may have a hard time understanding why each character is significant, or not. The identity of Rae's stalker is never revealed, nor are the reasons she is still friends with Anthony, Yana, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Marcus Salkow. There is some suspense and mystery to the story, but the pacing of the story, as well as the assumption that the reader has been through the first three books in the series, detract from the excitement. One in the "Fingerprints 4" series. 2001, Avon Books/HarperCollins, $4.99. Ages 14 up. Reviewer: Carlie Kraft AGES: 14 15 16 17 18

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Chapter One

Rae Voight has finally discovered the truth about her mother. Every horrible detail. That knowledge is like a sweet taste in my mouth, a sweet taste dripping juice down my chin. If only I could kill her right now, right this second --

But someone else has been watching my Rae. And if I kill her now, the way I'm burning to do, I may never find out who it is. That could be dangerous -- dangerous for me. This person wants Rae dead. But Rae and I are connected, in one of the deepest ways possible. And if that connection has something to do with why this other person is after Rae, then I could be the next target.

I don't think they know the truth about me. But I need to learn everything about them to be sure I stay safe. Without Rae my chance to gather information is lost.

So she has to stay alive. For now. But I won't be able to hold out much longer.

"Excuse me," Yana Savari called to the girl arranging sleeveless cable-knit turtlenecks on a table. "Do you have these in a six?" She shook the pleather pants she was holding in the girl's direction.

"I'll check the back," the girl answered, and headed off at a pace slow enough to show that she was doing it because she wanted to, not because she had to.

Yana shook her head. "She clearly thinks her poop could be made into designer jewelry."

Rae laughed. Yana could always make her laugh. Even when Rae had been in the hospital and Yana was a volunteer there, Rae had always ended up laughing at least once every time they talked.

"I know you love ordering around the help, but I don't wear size six," Rae told Yana. "They have to be tight. That's the whole point,"Yana answered. She narrowed her blue eyes. "Don't be trying to weasel out of our deal. I get to make you try on whatever outfit I pick -- that includes size."

"When I agreed to this makeover game of yours, I didn't know that I'd be risking organ damage," Rae complained. She scanned the boutique, looking for the perfect outfit to put Yana in when it was Rae's turn to be makeover queen. It had to be something Yana'd hate. That meant cute and sweet and ultragirlie. Maybe one of those --

A girl passed in front of the rack of skirts Rae'd been eyeing, and Rae quickly turned around and headed as far away from the girl as she could, ending up in front of the discount rack tucked in the corner of the boutique.

Not someone I need to run into, Rae thought, thumbing through the shirts on sale. If she had to, she could make chitchat with Jackie Kane, but it wasn't something she wanted to do. Not something Jackie probably wanted to do, either. They'd hardly spoken to each other this semester, and Jackie'd only shown up at the hospital for one visit, one group visit. Yeah, it was better for both of them if Rae pretended that she hadn't seen Jackie. Who knew -- at this very moment Jackie could very well be pretending that she hadn't seen Rae.

"You're not actually trying to hide from me, are you?" Yana asked as she stepped up beside Rae.

"Well, you are pretty terrifying today. But no," Rae answered.

"Come on. I got the pants." Yana led the way to the dressing rooms and shoved Rae into the closest one with the clothes Yana'd picked out.

Rae unbuttoned her pale yellow silk shirt and slid it off, then pulled on the Boys Lie T-shirt Yana'd chosen for her. It hit her just above the belly button. Jackie wouldn't be caught dead in this, Rae thought. She went more for the classy-sexy, where it wasn't totally clear that you were going for sexy at all. At least it wasn't unless you shopped with Jackie and saw how totally calculating she was. She felt a little pang thinking about shopping with Jackie. It was like she was thinking about another girl -- a girl named Rae who looked like Rae but who was an alternate-universe Rae.

Yana's lots more fun, anyway, Rae thought. She stripped off her khakis and started working on the pleather pants. She had to lean against the dressing-room wall and stretch her legs out in front of her to get them zipped.

"Let's see you." Yana rapped on the flimsy rattan door of the dressing room.

"One sec," Rae called back. She straightened up, inspected herself in the mirror, and frowned. She pulled the Boys Lie T-shirt a little farther down to cover the top of her belly button because she didn't like the weird little dimply thing in the center, then stepped out of the dressing room.

"It's the antiyou. Exactly what I was going for," Yana said. She dragged Rae over to the long mirror at the end of the row of dressing rooms. "Yep. The complete opposite of your prep school khakis and little sweater sets. Or it would be if you hadn't left on the bra. That T-shirt should come with a label -- hand wash, cool iron, no bra." Yana reached over and fluffed Rae's curly reddish brown hair, studied her for a moment, and gave a satisfied nod.

"Just don't tell me to go pantyless," Rae answered. "I think you could do serious damage to yourself wearing pleather with no protection."

"Oh, yeah. That's your real problem with -- " Yana stopped abruptly. "You've got to see this," Yana whispered, leaning close to Rae. "The Barbie who just came out of the dressing room is walking away with about five hundred dollars of merch. That stuff she has on the hangers -- those are the clothes she wore in here."

Fingerprints #4: Secrets. Copyright © by Melinda Metz. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Melinda Metz is the author of over sixty books for teens and kids, including the YA series Roswell High (based on the TV show Roswell) and Echoes. Her middle grade mystery Wright and Wong: The Case of the Nana-Napper (co-authored by the fab Laura J. Burns) was a juvenile Edgar Award finalist. Melinda lives in Concord, North Carolina, with her dog, Scully, a pen-eater like the dog who came before her.

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