Secrets, Volume 9: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance

Secrets, Volume 9: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance

by Kimberly Dean, Lisa Marie Rice, Lisa Marie Rice, Kathryn Anne Dubois

Listen to what reviewers have to say

"Spread the word, the Secrets anthologies are hotter than hot. ... Red Sage Publishing has another steamy winner." — Brenda Passow, LORE Reading Group

"Secrets 9 is for gals who love adventurous, erotic fantasies. ... It's sinfully delicious, highly arousing, and hotter than hot as the pages practically burn up as you


Listen to what reviewers have to say

"Spread the word, the Secrets anthologies are hotter than hot. ... Red Sage Publishing has another steamy winner." — Brenda Passow, LORE Reading Group

"Secrets 9 is for gals who love adventurous, erotic fantasies. ... It's sinfully delicious, highly arousing, and hotter than hot as the pages practically burn up as you turn them." — Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/Belles & Beaux of Romance

"Treat yourself to well-written fiction that's hot, hotter, and hottest!" — Virginia Henley, New York Times Best Selling Author

Wild For You by Kathryn Anne DuBois: When college intern, Georgie, gets lost and captured by a wildman of the Congo, she soon discovers this terrifying specimen of male virility has never seen a woman. The research possibilities are endless! Until he shows her he has research ideas of his own.

REVIEWS: "The Tarzan-fantasy comes to life on the page." — Brenda Passow, LORE Reading Group

"Start building your jungle tree house now gals, Tarzan is due to swoop in and carry you away on a to-die-for fantasy!" — Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/Belles & Beaux of Romance

"Tarzan meets his mate deep in the jungle and after an idyllic month together, she returns home. He follows her and is taken prisoner, and they are separated." — Donna Doyle Romance Reviews

Flights Of Fantasy by Bonnie Hamre: Chloe has taught others to see the realities of life but she's never shared the intimate world of her sensual yearnings. Given the chance, will she be woman enough to fulfill her most secret erotic fantasy? Join her as she ventures into her Flights ofFantasy...

REVIEWS: "A career woman has her secret fantasy fulfilled. Hotness factor = ten!" — Brenda Passow, LORE Reading Group

"Captain Yancy creates the ultimate fantasy for Chloe on his yacht Fantasy. It's scorching hot...I almost fainted dead away while reading, almost, but not quite since I was too riveted by the action, and my imagination was working overtime." — Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/Belles & Beaux of Romance

"Forced by her employer to take a week of vacation on the luxury ship Fantasy, a photojournalist demands the ship let her off once she sees two other passengers on board. They are her former lovers. Of course, she is forced to stay and the handsome owner explains that this cruise is meant to be only fun and relaxation for the small group of diverse personalities and no shop talk is allowed the entire trip. Three men then vie for her attention." — Donna Doyle Romance Reviews

Wanted by Kimberly Dean: FBI Special Agent Jeff Reno wants Danielle Carver. There's her body, brains—and that charge of treason on her head. Unable to clear her name, Dani goes on the run, but the sexy Fed is hot on her trail. What will he do once he catches her? And why is the idea so tempting?

REVIEWS: "An FBI agent is hot on the trail of a smart woman accused of selling top secret military computer codes. And hot is what he gets!" — Brenda Passow, LORE Reading Group

"When you're the most wanted woman by the FBI hunky Special Agent Jeff Reno is the man who knows all the right moves. Whoa baby, the man knows how to chase you down. Talk about an explosive situation..." — Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/Belles & Beaux of Romance

"She has been framed for something she didn't do and, for six months, stays one step ahead of the agent following her. When they do meet, it is explosive and he tries to help her prove her innocence." — Donna Doyle Romance Reviews

Secluded by Lisa Marie Rice: Nicholas Lee had to claw his way to the top. His wealth and power come with a price—his enemies will kill anyone he loves. When Isabelle Summerby steals his heart, Nicholas secludes her in his underground palace to live a lifetime of desire in only a few days.

REVIEWS: "A powerful man with enemies and a dark past will only allow himself two weeks with the woman of his dreams. Then they'll part forever." — Brenda Passow, LORE Reading Group

"If you feel like dying and going to heaven on an unsurpassed sensual orgasm then being sequestered with Nicholas Lee in his unique hideaway is the ultimate highway to heaven. Nicholas is a special hero that will blow you away!" — Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/Belles & Beaux of Romance

"A man who lives in isolation and with the strongest of security, blackmails a man to have his daughter for two weeks. His past is savory and there is a notorious gangster determined to kill him and all he holds dear. He tells her up front that they only have two weeks together and then will part, never to see one another again, for he doesn't want the gangster to know how special she is to him." — Donna Doyle Romance Reviews

Editorial Reviews

Brenda Passow

5+ stars

Kathryn Anne Dubois  -  WILD ABOUT YOU -
The Tarzan-fantasy comes to life on the page.

Kimberly Dean  -  WANTED
An FBI agent is hot on the trail of a smart woman accused of selling top secret military computer codes.  And *hot* is what he gets!

Lisa Marie Rice  -  SEQUESTERED
A powerful man with enemies and a dark past will only allow himself two weeks with the woman of his dreams.  Then they'll part forever.

A career woman has her secret fantasy fulfilled. 
Hotness factor - ten!

Spread the word, the SECRETS anthologies are hotter than hot.  This book should come with a warning label, something along the lines of "CAUTION: Reading these stories will cause overheating and adventurous thoughts."  Red Sage Publishing has another steamy winner.  Intriguing plots, fleshed-out (pun!) characters, interesting settings *and* hot sex?  I can't wait for Volume 10!
LORE Reading Group

Jill Brager

Secrets Volume 9 delivers what all the preceding volumes have: hot sex and lots of passionate, wonderful stories. In 'Wild About You' by Dubois, a college student is in the jungle trying to earn enough credits to graduate when she is kidnapped by a modern-day Tarzan. The sex is wild and uninhibited, but she wants to go home.

In 'Wanted' by Dean, accused traitor Dani has been on the run from Special Agent Jeff Reno for six months. Reno manages to get his hands on her-literally and figuratively. But she slips his grasp, and it is weeks until he catches up with her again. Once their base urges are satisfied, Dani convinces Reno she is innocent. Can he clear her name and win her heart?

Rice's 'Sequestered' introduces Nicholas Lee, a dangerous man who gets what he wants. Now what he wants is Isabelle Summerby. Ultimately, Nicholas gets his way and he and Isabelle have two weeks together. The sex is fantastic, and they fall in love. But when his past catches up with him, Isabelle refuses to leave, even though it might mean her life.

In 'Flights of Fantasy' by Hamre, Chloe is forced into taking a cruise rather than finding a new job. The reason? Her college classmate Yancy (whom Chloe doesn't even remember) has set a very personal plan in motion. He's been in love with her for years and wants to make her his while they're both onboard. Will she return that love?

Managing Editor

 Even though I have purchased all of the SECRETS volumes, I've not gotten a
chance to read them so I was delighted when I was asked to read and review
SECRETS Volume 9.  I must say they are as intriguing as I've ever heard
about them and I will definitely be looking forward to reading more.

    Wild About You by Kathryn Anne Dubois is the first story and is a
delightful jungle kidnapping story. Georgie is 26 and still working on her
college degree. Her parents finally put their foot down and told her enough
is enough.  So she's on her last 12 hours and she'll be finished.  Then a
modern day Tarzan type savage kidnaps her. His ape family has all mated and
now it's his turn and he wants Georgie. Oh my!

    Kimberly Dean gives us the next story called Wanted. This is the
story of Danielle (Dani) Carver.  She's been framed for selling government
secrets to another country. Now Special Agent Jeff Reno is on her tail and
he's not about to quit tailing her any time soon. Still every night she
stops, she and he have long conversations via internet chat so who is
baiting who?

    Secluded by Lisa Marie Rice tells us the story of Nicholas Lee, a
one time bad guy who is trying hard to live right but his enemies have long
memories.  Still he's intrigued by Isabelle Summerby when he sees her on
television. He makes a deal with her father that he will forgive his debts
if he can have one week with Isabelle. Isabelle's father reluctantly
agrees.  Nicholas knows he cannot have a lifetime with Isabelle because
that would be putting her in grave danger. He will take what he can get and
deal with the consequences later.

    Bonnie Hamre's contribution to this collection is Flights of
Fantasy and is the more risqu� of the collection.  Still it is quite
the intriguing story. Chloe Atkinson is very close to burn out so her boss
sends her on a yacht trip. He tells her it's a command performance.  Chloe
is skeptical but in order to keep her job she goes along with the
situation.  She finds out that two of her former lovers are also aboard and
she decides she'll just leave but Mr. Yancey, the owner of the yacht tells
her it's too late for that because they are underway. He also tells her
that he knows her from college and has been intrigued by her since that
time. This scares but also intrigues Chloe so she decides to just play
along for the time being. What will finally happen?

    These stories played out fantasies as old as time and equally as
intriguing. Tell me who doesn't enjoy a good erotic fantasy once in a
while? I enjoyed each and every one of the stories in this book and eagerly
look forward to reading more stories in the SECRETS volumes!
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Georgie wasn't lost, technically speaking. At least not completely. According to her protractor or compass or whatever it was, she was three miles north and maybe a little west of their camp with just a few fifty foot cliffs, rapidly rushing creeks, and thundering waterfalls between her and civilization and ultimate safety. She gave a little snort.

Hardly either. No more did she want to return to that malaria infested scorching patch of dirt that the professor called a village than she wanted to be hiking circles in this steaming overgrowth of vegetation that sported banana leaves longer than her body. Course, she could use them for clothes should she be stranded into the next millennium.

She cursed the professor. If he hadn't tried to hunt her down she never would have slipped away. But she refused to haul another water jug up that steep hill just so the village women could cook gluey stew they'd all have to choke down. What else could she do but hide out?

And she doubled-cursed him for earlier insisting she wear this Salvation Army scrap of a sundress that the chief had presented to her with such pride—a threadbare cotton floral too short, even for her small frame, to keep her legs from getting scratched up as she hacked her way through brush and tangled vines. Its spaghetti straps bared her shoulders and much of her breasts to the unrelenting heat of the sun and overgrown jungle so that now she burned and itched all over her fair skin. She could only imagine the multitude of parasites that lived in the oozing bark and wet moss.

But she wasn't desperate. Not yet. She kicked aside a rotting log and watched a swarm of insects cloud the air.True desperation was twelve lousy credits away from graduating and parents who threatened to cut you off and take away your red metallic Miata until you do. This nightmare she could handle, if this little internship gained her the promised credits and freedom.

A college degree by her 21st birthday had meant access to her two million dollar trust find and independence from her fire-breathing parents. She was 26 now and still working on it. Her parents thought they'd lost patience? What about her? Imprisoned in academia during her prime was not exactly her dream either. She should have been honing her underdeveloped sailing skills and nurturing her love of nature—at least the nature that included a smooth Grenade on a hot sandy beach.

The darkness hovered lower, whether from the sun setting or from traveling deeper into the jungle, she couldn't be sure, but either way, it wasn't a good sign.

The hair on the back of her neck prickled. She glanced up at the canopy of trees above, aware that the tiny dots of light peeking through the ceiling of vegetation were growing dimmer. She wasn't frightened. Just concerned. She'd find a cave to sleep in, hopefully a nice studio whose lone tiger had taken off on a little jaunt.


Chloe Atkinson dropped her duffel bag on the dock and stared. She'd been wondering what to expect, but never in her wildest fantasies did she dream of a sea-going Taj Mahal. It was too late to catch it on film now, but maybe she'd have another chance to capture the sunset tones of russet, peach and rose washing over the sleek silhouette of the yacht anchored in Monterey Harbor.


She glanced behind her. A young man dressed neatly in dark pants, dark tie and a white shirt with nautical insignia on shoulder epaulets, looked expectantly at her. "Ms. Atkinson? Mr. Yancy is expecting you. You're the last guest to arrive."

Guest wouldn't exactly be the right word. Hostage? Blackmailee? What word would explain her being here or else, as her boss at the news service put it. "Chloe, you're falling apart at the seams. Your photos aren't worth a shit, your writing sucks."

"Sheesh," she'd protested. "Don't they teach you anything in those touchy feelie seminars you go to?"

"Touchy feelie is what you need. Go swim with the dolphins, commune with a seagull. Come back at the end of the week like your old self, or get a job somewhere else."

"You want me to interview this guy?"

"Nope. He doesn't do interviews."

"Then why me? Why ask a journalist if he's not going to talk to me?" Her boss had just shrugged.

"Ma'am?" the young man prompted.

"Yes," Chloe sighed. "Lead the way."

He helped her into a glossy launch, then stowed her camera cases and duffel bag aboard, treating her well-traveled luggage as though it were Vuitton's finest. She'd brought her cameras, her laptop and some books she hadn't gotten around to reading. She planned to hole up in her cabin, sleep, read, and shoot a few pictures. That should satisfy her boss and get him off her back.

Pleased with her plan, Chloe sank back against a banquette bench as the young man smoothly edged the launch away from the dock and headed across the bay. A few drops of salty spray flicked across her face. She looked behind her, watching the sailboats in the marina, Cannery Row, Fisherman's Wharf, and the green forested hills of the Monterey Peninsula recede, severing the connection to her everyday world.

The launch slowed as it approached the boat. Chloe swept her gaze from one end to the other, noting the three decks, shadowy now in the dusk, water frothing from an idling propeller, windows showing lots of light. The word Fantasy was written in fanciful lettering across the stern. For sure a rich man's plaything, but maybe it wouldn't be too much of a hardship. Excitement bubbled within her. "That's some boat!"

The young man grinned. "We call it a yacht."

"Oops. Yacht it is."

A few minutes later, after welcoming her aboard, a crewman led her across the main deck into an elegantly furnished salon, down a short, narrow hallway, and opened a door. "Your stateroom, ma'am."


The blue sedan was still there.

Danielle glanced nervously at the lights in her rearview mirror. It was two car lengths back, seemingly inconspicuous, but still...

"Damn it, Reno," she whispered. Her hunger disappeared, and she stuffed her Twix bar into its wrapper. Without looking, she tossed the chocolate bar onto the passenger seat.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to settle her nerves. If he wanted to get caught up in a high-speed chase, she'd be happy to oblige him. Of course, the rattletrap she was driving couldn't do more than sixty. No doubt, he had a high-powered engine concealed under the modest exterior of that car. Still, she wouldn't give up easily. He should know that by now.

Her gaze flicked again towards the mirror. The car had moved over one lane.

"Clever," she muttered. "You're trying to confuse me, make me doubt myself. Well, it's not working, Bub."

She knew that most of the world would consider her paranoid, but it wasn't paranoia if somebody really was chasing you. Over the past months, she'd learned to trust her instincts. And right now, they were screaming that it was no coincidence that the blue sedan had kept pace with her for the past ten miles.

"You're smart, Reno. I'll give you that."

He'd kept her on her toes for months now. He was always out there, somewhere, watching in the shadows, waiting to make his move.

The blue car suddenly signaled and took the off-ramp. Danielle was so surprised, she blinked twice to make sure she wasn't seeing things. Finally, she gave a sigh of relief.

"You are paranoid, you twit." Shaking her head, she reached for her candy bar. She bit off a piece of chocolate and tried to slow her racing heart. "You're paranoid, and you're tired."

She eased up on the accelerator and glanced down at the dash.

"Oh, good heavens. Some high-speed chase that would have been." She was nearly out of gas. With luck, she might have barely enough fumes to get to the next town.

"Dani, Dani, Dani. You know better than that. Always keep your tank full of gas. Always." Tiredly, she rubbed a hand across her forehead. A stupid mistake like that could cost her everything.

Shaking her head, she began to watch the passing highway signs. It was getting late, and it was time to find someplace to hole up for the night. Suddenly overwhelmed by exhaustion, she leaned her head back against the headrest.

"Well, you've made it through another day on the FBI Most Wanted list without getting caught," she congratulated herself.

A grim smile pulled at her lips. So far, she'd managed to elude Special Agent Jeff Reno. For half a year, he'd been on her trail and, for half a year, she'd been able to slip out of his reach just when he thought he had her.

That had to piss him off to no end.

"Serves him right," she said.


"I want your daughter."

Nicholas Lee kept his voice low but the man sitting across from him heard and turned pale.

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Four heartbeats later, a blinding bolt of lightning lit the darkened study with a violent phosphorescent glare. Richard Summerby IV started. "I—I beg your pardon?" he stammered.

Ah, Nicholas thought. The perfect manners of the upper crust. Good thing he himself didn't have any manners at all.

Summerby had the pale refined looks only generations of wealth and privilege could bestow, and the dissipated features of the soft and the weak. For all that he'd been born rich, he'd managed to whore and gamble it all away. He was a whisper from total ruin and Nicholas would have been happy to push him over the edge if it weren't for the fact that Summerby had something he wanted very, very badly.

Nicholas studied the storm raging outside the big beveled window panes then brought his gaze back to Summerby. He smiled and the man paled further. Good. Nicholas needed for him to be afraid.

"I said I want your daughter," Nicholas repeated, his voice hard. "For a few weeks. And you will make sure I get her."

"This is—this is crazy." Summerby gave a half laugh. It strangled when Nicholas remained silent. "You can't have my daughter. Why, you're nothing more than a—a gangster."

"No, I'm not." Nicholas lifted his eyebrows. "Not any more, anyway."

He let his eyes roam thoughtfully around Summerby's elegant study. Original Chubb watercolors, Georgian furniture, an Aubusson carpet. And the paler spots on the dirty off-white walls where paintings had been taken down and sold, the Chippendale desk which needed restoring, the empty shelves where first editions had been auctioned off. The house itself would be the next to go. "Though I do keep my hand in For example, I just bought Morris Caneman's business."

Nicholas smiled as Summerby jerked in shock and made a choking sound in his throat. Now the man was beginning to understand just what kind of trouble he was in. "Caneman's creditors are mine now, Summerby. You owe Caneman three million dollars you don't have. Owing Caneman three million dollars is bad. Owing me three million dollars is much, much worse."

Summerby had broken out in a sweat. Lightning flashed again, followed a second later by a clap of thunder so loud its echo boomed in the room. Outside the study windows, the branches of the massive oak on the front lawn dipped and swayed, whipped into a frenzy by the rising wind.

"I'll be very clear." Nicholas speared Summerby with his gaze. "I might be persuaded to forgive the debt and save you from ruin. You might even get to keep the house. I understand it's been in your family for four generations. But you have to do something for me."

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