Seducing My Assistant

Seducing My Assistant

4.1 27
by J. S. Cooper, Helen Cooper

Seducing My Assistant is the novella sequel to Falling For My Boss.

Elizabeth Jeffries met and fell for Scott Taylor while she was working as his assistant. Even though they had their ups and downs, they realized that they had something special between them that they wanted to pursue. When Scott Taylor finally realized he was in love Elizabeth, someone else


Seducing My Assistant is the novella sequel to Falling For My Boss.

Elizabeth Jeffries met and fell for Scott Taylor while she was working as his assistant. Even though they had their ups and downs, they realized that they had something special between them that they wanted to pursue. When Scott Taylor finally realized he was in love Elizabeth, someone else came along to claim her, bringing with him a surprise that would shock both of them. Now Scott has to fight for the woman he loves and try to convince her that he really is a good guy that is after her heart above everything else.

Seducing My Assistant is the novella sequel to Falling For My Boss.

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Seducing My Assistant 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous 15 days ago
This book needed more than 68 pages
Anonymous 16 days ago
Not worth 3.99 ! I will not buy another book from this author ! There is only 68 pages which includes 8 pages introducing next book.
pamlasnell69 7 days ago
This series just keeps getting better and better. Elizabeth and Scott are trying to make a go of their relationship and then Shane her ex comes back with a visitor than Elizabeth is not sure what to do with. Lots of twists and turns. Loved every minute of it as always. Can't wait for more. Love, love, love JS Cooper
Lauren180 7 days ago
Although this was a quick read that I enjoyed unfortunately I just didn't love it as much as the others. Elizabeth seemed a different woman and this frustrated me at times. I also felt that the ending was a little rushed. The price is also extremely high for such a short story. Don't get me wrong, it still makes a good addition to the overall series though. I can't wait to find out Henry and Lacey's story.
Stephanie De La Cruz 7 days ago
When I first read Falling For My Boss I fell in love with the book and characters. I was so excited to see that there was a second book coming out to continue their story. When Seducing My Assistant begins it picks up right where Falling For My Boss left off. I love where the story went with Eliza and Scott but as soon as things got interesting the book was over. I kind of felt let down because I had been waiting for a good year and a half for it to come out and thought it would be longer than it was. While I did love the story I felt towards the end it was rushed and came to an end quickly. I’m hoping that the answers to questions we still have will be answered in Falling for the Billionaire. Overall I did love their story but I don’t feel it was worth the 3.99 as it was only 68 pages.
emilyk52281 8 days ago
"Seducing My Assistant" (One Night Stand Series Book 3.5) by Helen Cooper and J. S. Cooper is a good read. I enjoyed Elizabeth 'Eliza' and Scott's story. This is a nice addition to the One Night Stand Series. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next in this series. Recommend to all fans of romance, and coming of age stories.
Lipps1 8 days ago
I love this series, J.S Cooper never disappoints. Just when things start to go well for Scott and Elizabeth the past comes and tries to ruin everything. This is a must read. I couldn't put it down once I started.
Rfreitag84 8 days ago
Loved this series!!!!! Elizabeth and Scott finally get their happily ever after even though Elizabeth's ugly past comes back to haunt her!!!!
Rfreitag84 8 days ago
Loved this series!!!!! Elizabeth and Scott finally get their happily ever after even though Elizabeth's ugly past comes back to haunt her!!!!
Aptil Crann 8 days ago
We get to dig right into the story from page 1, who couldn't love Scott!!! The story keeps turning keeps you wanting more! Snd we hear more about Lacey's story and makes you want the next book to come faster!!!!!!
celesteworld 8 days ago
This book is a must read after you finish Falling For My Boss! This continues the story of Scott and Elizabeth from Falling For My Boss. It is a novella, so you can get all your answers in one sitting. I really enoyed finding out what happens to their relationship. The story itself may be short, but it is very good. I am excited to find out what happens between Lacey and Henry in the next book Falling For The Billionaire!!! Enjoy!!!
LisaMiller 9 days ago
This picks up right where Falling For My Boss left off. Scott and Elizabeth are just beginning when all of a sudden, someone from Elizabeth's past shows up, now things become complicated. We are also introduced to Elizabeth's best friend Lacey, who may find her love interest Henry James, Andrew's brother. J.S. Cooper never disappoints us, she always delivers the best stories. I really enjoyed Seeing My Assistant, can't wait for the next story.
KristinaHammock 11 days ago
Seducing My Assistant is the sequel to the novella Falling for My Boss. You really need to read it first. Lots of secrets and surprises in this book. This was a fun & quick read with a happily ever after between Eliza and Scott. You also get a look at what is coming up between Henry and Lacey in J.S. Cooper's next book, Falling for the Billionaire. I highly recommend this book. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
Mamasitta 13 days ago
Seducing my Assistant-BY J. S. Cooper Wow, you can’t even call this a book. So much was left hanging and a 68 page book for $3.99? I feel like I was robbed. And If I don’t particularly like a book I never really give it a bad rating or I don’t bother rating it at all. But I feel so cheated. I enjoyed the first book in this series but NOT THIS ONE. I am so disappointed in you J.S. Cooper. Shame on you.
Anonymous 14 days ago
Chingyi 15 days ago
OMG! What an amazing story! I just love, love, love J.S. Cooper's works. This one is just another one of awesome story again. Who could resist the charm of sweetheart -- Scott Taylor . I want one of that!! The story line is in a fast pace and not a dull moment in the entire book, and it kept you wanted to continue turning the page till the end of the it. Now that I know and love how it end, but I can't wait for the next book to come out and find out the friendship problem between Eliza and her best friend. Well Done!! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Babsygirl 17 days ago
J.S. Cooper gives us a great novella sequel to Falling For My Boss. This novella answers all your questions from the end of Falling For My Boss about Eliza and Scott. I wont reveal any spoilers, but there are surprises. Also you get a look into what may be coming up with Henry and Lacey in Falling For The Billionaire. This was an exciting and fast read, with an HEA. As with all J.S. Cooper books, there are directions the story goes that I never would have thought of. So if you have read Falling For My Boss, take an evening and dive right into Seducing My Assistant, you'll have a great read.
Anonymous 17 days ago
It took over to get this 68 page book !!!
cheveychick09 17 days ago
I instantly felt a connection to Eliza, we are a lot alike. She had people tell us we are worthless and unimportant. But she overcame that and was able to let someone in. She had a hard tried trusting people but who could blame her after what she went through. Can she trust the man who says he loves her, when every other man she has loved left her? She followed he heart and that's all that matters.
AREEDAR 17 days ago
Scott Taylor finally has Elizabeth Jeffries back and in walks in her ex Shane. Why is Shane back now? Eliza needs to know what brought him back now and he bring her father with him? It’s all too much for Eliza to handle and to add to that Scott’s wants her back. Eliza needs to learn to believe in herself and Scott is just the man for the job. He loves Eliza and just needs to prove it to her. I love reading how Eliza slow figured this out. Sadly the truth of what she did to her Best Friday Lacey came out and that is another problem she needs to solve. Hopefully in the next book Eliza and Lacey can get through this.
Anonymous 17 days ago
This is the sequal to Falling For My Boss. To fully understand what is going on I recommend reading it first. The story picks up right were Falling For My Boss ended. Elizabeth's past collides with her present right in the middle of a rather steamy moment with Scott. I think JS Cooper is a phenomenal author with tremendous skill and this story is no exception. I was asked to provide an honest review in exchange for an ARC. So here it goes... I loved Falling For My Boss, but I lost so much respect for Elizabeth in Seducing My Assistant. I understand being in emotional turmoil, but Elizabeth was like someone with split personalities in the ending to Scott and Her's story. To go to bed with someone one second and then say you dont know if you can forgive them (events from Falling For My Boss) in the next is leading someone on. It was hard to keep up with her. I loved Scott and how he continued to lay himself out for her though. Brave man. I do look forward to the last story in the One Night Stand series when we get Lacy and Henry's story.
sexylm 17 days ago
Wow I just finish reading this book and like always I love it. But what can I say I love every book that I get to read from J.S. Cooper love how she write. I am going to keep this short and sweet since I don't want to give anything away and it was a short story. The story begging with Scott and Elizabeth making out, while Scott is trying to get her to forgive him but when she's about to give him an answer someone bangs on her door, that's when he hear the male voice of Elizabeth ex who show up after years of not seen him, but his not alone he brought someone else with him. That's when their world turn up side down again and secrets will come out unto the light will they get their happy ending. I have to say that I love how Scott and Elizabeth are with each other, even thought Elizabeth got me mad at some points cause of the way she treat it him, but Scott always stood by her side and show her that he will not leave her. I really love and enjoy reading this book Author J.S. Cooper THANK YOU once again for letting me review another of your awesome books and introducing me more Amazing characters love it
Shadowplay4u 17 days ago
Seducing My Assistant is a heartbreakingly exquisite sequel that will make you fall in love all over again with Scott and Elizabeth. You will remember why you loved these flawed yet precious characters as they bare their souls and learn how to navigate the treacherous waters of love and lies. They will discover exactly what they want while trying to figure out how to reach out and grab hold of their deepest desire while never letting go. While we pierced the veil of Scott’s heart in Falling for My Boss, this time around we learn more about the elusively beautiful Elizabeth. While she has a beautiful heart and is a wonderful person, her past is not something she wants to share with anyone let alone the man she is desperately falling for. However, when her world begins to implode on itself, she knows she can’t hide her secrets any longer. She has to trust Scott with more than just his skillful touch and heart-melting allure. Can she risk her heart one last time, or will she run from the crippling fear that threatens to pull her under one last time? I couldn’t love Scott anymore in this story. He is ready to lay everything on the line for Elizabeth to prove that she means the world to him. He won’t stop until she has no doubts about what is happening between them, and he will fight anyone and anything that gets in his way. What he can’t fight against is Elizabeth herself. Elizabeth is watching as her past comes roaring back into her life. She feels helpless as the horrors of her past overwhelm and overtake her at every corner. She must find the courage and the strength to deal with in a healthy and meaningful way. She needs to figure out who can lean on before she finds herself falling into a dark world where she can get escape from. I loved how J. S. Cooper dealt with such a hard past with sensitivity and respect and love. Her beautiful writing whisked me back into a world where I have been dying to revisit. She allowed me to appreciate her incredible characters that much more this time around, and I am on pins and needles to find out what happens next in this amazing series!
Stacyotr 17 days ago
Seducing My Assistant is book 3.5 in the One Night Stand Series by JS Cooper. This novella starts off right where things ended in Falling For My Boss. You must read Falling For My Boss first to understand the dynamics in this book. Scott and Elizabeth have finally come together and then her past collides with her present and with it comes secrets and shame she so desperately wants to forget. JS Cooper keeps you guessing just what secret Elizabeth is hiding. Elizabeth questions everything and doesn't know if she can trust again. My heart breaks for her and Scott. His feelings for her are strong. I loved his point of view and knowing how he truly feels. You've got to read this book and find out if Elizabeth secrets are revealed and if she is able to forgive herself and find love. I loved this book and I am looking forward to the next book in the series, Falling For the Billionaire, which is Elizabeth's best friend Lacey and Henry's story.
Krissy9055 17 days ago
I absolutely love J.S. Cooper, her books are amazing! Elizabeth and Scott's story was great, it starts off in Falling for my Boss and picks up where that left off in Seducing My Assistant. This book kept me guessing as to what Elizabeth's secret was. I never would have guessed what it ended up being! Their love story is a great one!