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Seduction Is Forever

Seduction Is Forever

4.7 9
by Jenna Petersen

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Daring, beautiful, and fiercely intelligent, Emily Redgrave has always seemed to me to be invincible. But after her recent encounter with a deadly assassin, I believe it is best for both Emily and this agency if her next assignment poses less risk of harm to her nimble body.

Her mission: She must do everything in her power to defend Grant Ashbury,


Daring, beautiful, and fiercely intelligent, Emily Redgrave has always seemed to me to be invincible. But after her recent encounter with a deadly assassin, I believe it is best for both Emily and this agency if her next assignment poses less risk of harm to her nimble body.

Her mission: She must do everything in her power to defend Grant Ashbury, the very powerful—and very handsome—Lord Westfield, against the nameless, faceless enemies who seek his utter destruction. Unbeknownst to Emily, Grant will be engaged in his own mission for the Crown—to protect her.

Potential difficulties: Destined to chase each other in circles around London, Emily and Grant will be easily frustrated . . . and easily distracted by every flicker of passion between them. Though it could put them in danger, a seduction will be nearly impossible to resist.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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Lady Spies Series , #3
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Seduction Is Forever

Chapter One

London 1814

The night air was cold and crisp, but Emily Redgrave hardly felt it as she pushed the door open and stepped silently onto the icy parapet. Tonight she didn't care about the chill of one of the worst winters on record. She was escaping her prison. Finally, months of planning, weeks of work, were about to come to fruition. In a few short moments, she would be free.

Her heart pounded as she adjusted the heavy cloak around her shoulders and insured that the dark hood covered her hair so the fair color wouldn't be obvious in the darkness. She hadn't had time to perform her usual preparations of costume and disguise. It was this moment or never if she wanted to get out.

Carefully, she pushed herself up onto the slick ledge. Balancing there, she glanced down at the garden far below. A long drop, so she hoped her makeshift rope, bound together from bed sheets she had been secreting away, would hold.

She squatted to secure one end of the rope to the stone slats on the terrace wall, then swung down off the ledge. She cupped her feet together around the knot where she'd tied the first and second sheet and let out a sigh of relief when she dangled safely.

Well, she hadn't come crashing to the ground yet. That was a positive sign. Now she just had to shimmy down fifteen feet or so and she would be on her way to blessed freedom.

Inch by inch, she scooted down the sheet, always keeping her hands or feet gripped around a knot in her homemade ladder. From time to time, she glanced down, her breath steaming up around her cheeks as the ground moved ever closer and closer.

A gust of wind stirred and the sheets swung. She clung to the soft fabric as she swayed, still far enough from the ground that a fall would hurt like a bugger if she landed improperly. She had only just recovered from injuries, the last thing she needed was more bed rest. She would surely go mad.

Finally, the biting wind died down and she continued her trek. When her boots hit the ground beneath her, it took all her willpower not to crow with triumph. One more daring escape concluded, her first in many months. She gathered her cloak closer and spun on her heel toward the garden gate and the busy street outside.

Only to find herself facing a man. Charles Isley lifted the lantern in his gloved hand and gave her a look that could not be misinterpreted, even in the dim light.

"Emily," he growled, dragging her name out in frustration.

She stomped her foot, despite how childish the reaction was. Shoving her hood away to reveal her face, she glared at him. "Good evening, Charlie."

"Come inside." He motioned to the French doors that led from the garden into the parlor. It was a command, not a request, and since he was her superior she had no choice but to follow that order.

She sighed as she entered the bright, warm room. She'd been so damn close. Charlie shut and latched the doors behind him as she flopped into the nearest wing-back chair and folded her arms in a final act of defiance.

"Emily, Emily . . ." he began with a shake of his head as he poured two tumblers of sherry. Handing her one, he took the chair across from hers and simply stared at her.

She pursed her lips as she tried to suppress the swell of emotion in her chest. Damn him. He could always make her feel so guilty when she broke protocol or became overzealous about a case. Now he was doing that in spades. She ground her teeth. She would not apologize.

"How did you know?" she asked instead, setting the untouched liquor aside.

Charlie didn't get a chance to answer before the door to the parlor opened. Emily looked up as her two best friends, Meredith Archer and Anastasia Tyler entered the room.

Meredith folded her arms and speared Emily with another glance meant to fill her with guilt. And damn if it didn't succeed.

"We told him," her friend admitted without a hint of remorse in her tone.

Emily gripped her hands into fists in her lap. Her nails bit into her palms. "And just how did you two figure out my plan, eh?"

Anastasia laughed as she and Meredith took positions on the nearest settee. "As if we would tell you!"

Meredith nodded. "Yes. The more details we provide, the more you'll use them to your advantage the next time you decide to sneak out of the house into the night."

Emily's eyes narrowed. This all seemed very rehearsed. Clearly, the three of them had known of her plans for escape for some time and had readied themselves for the showdown once she made her move. It was infuriating! Six months ago, she wouldn't have been caught by anyone.

Six months ago, everything was different.

She shook away those thoughts, along with the overwhelming swell of anxiety that accompanied them. They couldn't sense her fear or she would be worse off than she already was.

"Very well, let me see if I can deduce it. It was the bedsheets that gave me away, wasn't it?"

Ana laughed and Emily knew she'd struck onto her failure. For weeks, she had been playing a cat and mouse game with the maids. Clearly, someone had talked about the missing sheets and word had gotten back to her sister spies. Before Ana's recent marriage, she had lived with Emily for several years. No doubt the maids would report any strange behavior to her friend if asked.

And instead of confronting Emily herself, as Ana would have done in the past, her friend had gone to Meredith and Charlie. To protect her.

Protection was the last thing Emily wanted. Or needed. She was smothered by their mothering and worrying. And their doubts only made her own fears that much louder in her head.

Seduction Is Forever. Copyright © by Jenna Petersen. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Two of Jenna Petersen's childhood dreams wereto be a ballerina and a baseball player. Those didn't work out,but she's pleased to be following another childhood dream,writing books for a living. And what better than romance,where dreams come true on every page? Jenna lives in centralIllinois with her high school sweetheart husband andtwo taskmaster cats. She loves to hear from readers.

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Seduction Is Forever 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1808, knowing they needed special agents in the war with Napoleon Charles Isley of the Home Office recruited and trained three special females (Meredith Sinclair, Anastasia Whittig and Emily Redgrave) to be undercover operatives. By 1814 Emily recovers from a severe wound she received on her last mission, but is anxious to go back into the field.----------------- Her superior Lady M gives her a phony mission to protect Lord Grant Ashbury from an unknown adversary he is given the fake assignment to protect Emily from an unknown adversary. The shrewd plan is simply to keep the pair out of danger by having them watch over one another. As they fall in love and learn the truth about their respective projects, they also learn of a diabolical plot to kill the Regent.--------------- The third Charlie's Angels Regency romantic suspense is a wonderful action-packed thriller that starts off amusingly with the premise that both lead characters are assigned to protect one other. However, their initial project turns into a SEDUCTION IS FOREVER loving relationship as well as a race to save the Regent. Sub-genre fans will appreciate the trilogy as, like its predecessors (see FROM LONDON WITH LOVE and DESIRE NEVER DIES), the final tale of ¿Charlie¿s Angels in Regency England¿ is a charming lighthearted romp.--------------- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
As in the other two ¿Lady Spies¿ series, Jenna Petersen has created another Regency of sensuality and suspense leaving readers glued to the pages so as not to miss a moment of a well-written story with unforgettable characters. The whole storyline of Lady Spies during this interesting period in history is dramatically different, but then adding aristocratic widows with unique personalities and inner struggles of their own to overcome creates one of the most superb historical romance suspense trilogies of all time. We left the last book with the heroine of this story, Emily Redgrave, shot and recuperating after being betrayed by a double agent. The recovered Emily is given a new assignment to protect the handsome Lord Westfield, Grant Ashbury, when really, unbeknownst to them, they have both been told to protect each other. The Foreign Office is wondering if two of their best agents still have what it takes. Is Emily traumatized by her shooting and is Grant really over his feelings of helplessness and hopelessness he experienced after a woman he knew got caught in the crossfire of a previous assignment? As Emily and Grant are thrown together to prove they still have the capabilities to continue as agents, their passion and desire for each other develops and grows, strengthening them along with their struggling doubts and discovery that both their skills are being watched and evaluated. Can they prove themselves as the excellent spies they are, while at the same time prove that their growing love can conquer all, making them stronger and even better agents, as Charlie, Lady M and Emily and Grant¿s friends and colleagues struggle with their doubts? The best is saved for last in ¿Seduction is Forever¿ and many of the questions left unanswered in the previous stories are revealed, i.e., who actually is the infamous Lady M? It is also enjoyable to revisit the lives of the other two previous widows Charlie¿s other two Regency angels, Meredith and Anastasia. There are so many surprises, sensuality, mystery and fun in this third book. It is disappointing that the trilogy has come to an end or has it? Each book is strong enough to stand alone without reading the others first but it certainly is a joy to read and re-read the series in order! Jenna Petersen¿s talent is masterful in this series, as well as her other books, and fans look forward to each one, patiently awaiting release dates. ¿¿And for a further treat! Don¿t miss Jenna¿s erotic romances written under the pseudonym of Jess Michaels!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Seduction Is Forever is the third and final installment in Jenna Petersen¿s thrilling Lady Spies trilogy. It is the story of Emily Redgrave, Lady Allington, and Grant Ashbury, the Earl of Westfield. --- If you remember in the previous book, Desire Never Dies, Emily was shot in the line of duty thus throwing Ana into the field. This story opens over six months later, after Emily has had time to recover from her injuries¿.except that her friends and Lady M don¿t think she¿s quite ready yet for a case. However, she is desperate to get back in the field. To placate her, Charlie and Lady M giver her a ¿fake¿ case, though she has no idea it is ¿fake¿. She is to guard the handsome and virile, but reckless Grant Ashbury. Emily hesitates because she doesn¿t want to play nursemaid to a spoiled rake, but accepts it as she is unlikely to be given another case at the present time. --- Unbeknownst to her, Grant, who is ¿on the edge¿ after someone very close to him was killed, is assigned a case to watch over and protect Emily. He scoffs at the idea, but accepts as he believes it is just a stepping stone to a bigger case. While ¿protecting¿ each other, Emily and Grant stumble on to a real case and decide to work it together, but agree to keep it a secret in an attempt to prove themselves worthy to their fellow spies. --- Like the other books in the series, this book involves a mystery. However, I feel that this book is slightly more character driven than the other books. We learn of Emily¿s and Grant¿s tragic pasts and watch their romance blossom as they heal each other. This book is passionate and sexy and the tension is thick. --- I was so glad to see Meredith, Tristan, Ana and Lucas again. It was like visiting old friends. Plus, we finally find out who the mysterious Lady M is! --- Seduction Is Forever is a fantastic ending to this wonderful trilogy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book and totally love the lady spies theme. Awesome writing!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago