Seduction's Shift (Shadow Shifters Series #2)
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Seduction's Shift (Shadow Shifters Series #2)

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by A. C. Arthur

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Seduction's Shift

A.C. Arthur

They hide their true nature from the world—part man and part animal—sworn to defend the human race against the untamed beasts among them…

She was his first love, his only love. But trying to rescue his beautiful Ary from captivity is one wild risk no man should take. Luckily, Nick


Seduction's Shift

A.C. Arthur

They hide their true nature from the world—part man and part animal—sworn to defend the human race against the untamed beasts among them…

She was his first love, his only love. But trying to rescue his beautiful Ary from captivity is one wild risk no man should take. Luckily, Nick Delgado is no ordinary man. His work in the urban jungle as a high-powered litigator has only fueled his ferocity, enflamed his passion—and sharpened his claws—to protect his mate.

Ary is a born healer who has devoted her life to the tribe—and her heart to Nick. But when the fierce and sadistic Sabar turns his jaguar eyes upon her, Ary becomes the unwilling pawn in a deadly game of shifting alliances. One man wants to use her talents to enslave humanity. The other wants to free her from their natural enemy. If Nick hopes to save Ary, he must unleash the beast within—and fight for the woman he loves…

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“Arthur is definitely claiming her place in the dark paranormal romance subgenre with this well-written, action-packed series.” —USA Today

“As Arthur continues to build The Shadow Shifters world, the characters introduced are multidimensional and magnetic.... This one is a hit!” —RT Book Reviews

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St. Martin's Press
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Shadow Shifters Series, #2
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First Edition
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4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

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Chapter 1
The Gungi rain forest

Rage was like a nightcap to Sabar, violence the prelude to a blissful dream. This feeling he was now experiencing, this loss of control and defeat, was unfamiliar and not at all pleasing. His dick hurt it was so hard. His incisors elongated painfully, pricking into his lip and drawing blood. To say he was angry was a bold understatement.
The East Coast Faction Leader was still alive, and so was his bitch of a mate. They’d both escaped the fate he’d planned for them. As for Rome Reynolds, he still wanted the shifter dead—and his mate … well, since she’d chosen so unwisely she might as well die, too. Sabar wanted all those fake leaders dead so the shifters would have no choice but to look to him for guidance—stupid animals that they were.
And dammit, it was hot like an inferno in this place. The air was thick and stifling, the sounds of nightlife in the Gungi rain forest raking against every one of his human nerves. Sabar wanted to be out of this godforsaken place as soon as he possibly could. He wanted to get back to his business in the States. But there was business here in the forest, too. Old business that he’d never forgotten.
He was a busy shifter with plans the shadows would never imagine he could dream. He was resourceful and tenacious, determined to have what he most desired, by any means necessary. That’s what tonight was about, showing the shadows who was in control. Always the most powerful, controlling everything no matter where it was.
Stepping into the small hut with its trampled-mud floors and damp stale aroma, he looked every bit the ruler he claimed to be. On his feet were shit-kicking steel-toed boots. Black jeans clad his muscled legs, while a black T-shirt covered his tattooed chest and Ray-Bans cloaked his eyes. His hair, which grew faster than the average human’s, was now thick tresses, pulled back by a black band. He came to a stop and looked directly to the corner where she was tied and gagged.
His mouth watered, heart rate picking up instantly at the sight of her. She was not only powerful but damn pretty as well. She wore the thin suede dress that was the usual attire for female shadows living in the forest. Her sun-kissed skin glowed in the firelit corner of the hut. On her feet were leather boots, rising just past her ankles. These weren’t a normal fashion must-have for female shifters, but this wasn’t just any female shifter. Long strands of dark hair hung past her shoulders. Her ankles and wrists were bound, a gag stuffed into her mouth. Whether she heard or scented his approach, Sabar didn’t know, but she turned, looking up at him with glittering amber-colored eyes.
The outrage rolling off her in thick rivulets poured into Sabar, rubbing against his already dark nature, coaxing his insides into a state of perpetual arousal.
“Beautiful curandero,” he said in a voice thick with lust, his dick aching with the same. “You are finally mine.”
She made an attempt to get up, to charge at him, he supposed, but her bindings held her in the corner. His blood pumped quickly at the display of violence in her, the strength he scented pulsing through her veins. She was a strong one, this designated curandero as the tribes referred to her, a healer to their kind. Wise for her young age and courageous in her endeavors. He wanted her, to touch, to taste, to feast upon, and to show the shifters his ultimate power over them.
Not that she was his mate. No, those thoughts had died the night Roman came in and took Kalina away from him. He’d decided that Kalina would be his mate. Unlike the shadows, who believed the Ètica preordained who their mate would be, Sabar made his own decisions. He’d watched Kalina fight his men and choose the shadow over him. She had defiled herself by sleeping with another, by committing herself to the shadow and his kind. For that, the bitch would die with the rest of them. Sabar refused to think any other way about the situation.
But this one, this spirited little shifter, could be his, too. She could join the other playthings he’d acquired to do his bidding, to quench his every desire. Oh, yes, he thought, feeling the length of his arousal pressing painfully against his jeans, she could provide so much pleasure as well as the medicinal knowledge he required.
“Aren’t you a tempting little morsel,” he said, bending down so he could get a closer look at her. “And powerful, I hear.”
Reaching out a hand, he pushed back thick patches of matted dark hair. She didn’t move a muscle, and he smelled not fear but rage emanating from her delectable body. Her cheek was bruised and swollen, her legs pulled up close to her chest with her arms wrapped around them. Her body trembled with anger and the need to lash out at him or anyone who came near. When her eyes glared at him, sending a rush of heat through his body, Sabar wanted nothing at that moment but to hear her voice, so he pulled out the ugly rag that had been stuffed into her mouth.
“Say something!” he yelled.
But there was silence. She didn’t speak, only licked her dry lips and kept glaring at him.
“We can do this the hard way or the easy way. I’m not one for giving a lot of choices, so you’d better take advantage while you can.”
“Go to hell,” she said in a raspy tone and squared her shoulders.
So she had spunk. Well, he liked when they fought him. It made the taking much more exhilarating.
“Stand her up,” he said to the two shifters standing guard at the door. They were rogue jaguars with heavy builds who spoke few, if any, words but took orders like they’d sworn allegiance to only him. Just the kind of shifters Sabar liked to employ.
They came to the female, lifting her without any kindness until she stood, her back against the wall. She let her head fall forward so that her long hair draped her face. Sabar stepped closer, grasped her chin roughly, and pushed her head back. Eyes a strange reddish brown combination stared back at him hauntingly. Pert lips were drawn into a tight line. Her hair gave her a wild untamed look, but he knew that was a lie. She was tame, and she was one of the most intelligent shifters in this forest. That’s why he wanted her. She would serve his purpose well.
“Clean her up and get her ready to travel,” he said, still staring into her hypnotic eyes.
His gaze was still held by hers when those pert lips moved and she spat in his face. A muscle ticked in his jaw, and for a few seconds he saw nothing but rage. With the back of his hand, he wiped the moisture from his cheek. Then he stepped closer to her, taking her bound hands and moving them to the hard bulge of his arousal. She balled up her fists to resist but he uncurled her fingers, pushing them until they almost broke and she gasped in pain. Sabar rubbed her opened hands over his length, loving the warmth spreading through him at her touch.
“You’ll learn quickly to be nicer to me.” Leaning forward, he licked the cheek that wasn’t bruised and moved back to whisper into her ear. “That’s the only way you’ll stay alive. I’ve slit throats of shifters and drunk their blood for breakfast. Don’t think I won’t do the same with you.”
She tried to pull her hands away, but Sabar simply laughed. Taking a step back, he pushed her until her back slammed against the wall. He didn’t want her like this, all dirty and acting like a mute. When he fucked her, which he decided he would definitely do once she was cleaned up, he wanted her completely coherent and participating—whether by force or by choice, he didn’t actually care.
“Nobody touches her again. I don’t want any more marks on her,” he ordered, then turned away. “And get her out of this filthy-ass place. Then burn it to the ground. It stinks like rotten shadows in here.”
The shifters nodded, one reaching for her while the other moved alongside Sabar. “I want to be out of here in a couple of days. Get her to the lab, now!”
“Yes sir.” The other shifter nodded.
Sabar stepped out into the night air, inhaling deeply. He’d been born here, in the Gungi rain forest, and here the lowly shifter that had been abused and disregarded had died. He hated everything about this place now, from the thick cover of trees just a few feet away to the range of different animal sounds that tickled his ears. He didn’t like the smell, the rain, the forest, the animals and evidence of their living off the land. He hated it all and wanted to get back to the civility of the States as soon as he possibly could. He had what he’d come here for—the curandero whose talent for mixing medicines would help grow his drug empire to proportions that would make him the richest shifter in all the world.

Copyright © 2012 by A.C. Arthur

Meet the Author

A.C. Arthur was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where she currently lives with her husband and three children. An active imagination and a love for reading encouraged her to begin writing in high school and she hasn't stopped since. Her debut novel Object of His Desire was written when a picture of an Italian villa sparked the idea of an African-American/Italian hero. Determined to bring a new edge to romance, she continues to develop intriguing plots, sensual love scenes, racy characters, and fresh dialogue—thus keeping the readers on their toes!

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Seduction's Shift 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Seduction’s Shift is book two in The Shadow Shifters series by A.C. Arthur. Each book in this series is about a different couple but also caries a main theme throughout so it would be better to read the books in order. This book centers on one of Rome’s second in command, Dominick (Nick) Delgado and Ary, a healer that grew up in a remote village in the Brazilian rain forest. Nick and Ary had been watching each other, flirting, both still teenagers. Ary was already training to be a healer, her future forever tied to the village. When the relationship between Nick and Ary crossed a line, the parents of both thought it best if Nick went away. And he did. But neither ever forgot the other. You see, both are jaguar shifters, a member of the Shadow Shifters. In their village it is believed that there is one fated mate intended for each of them. Both Nick and Ary knew that is what they were. But that didn’t stop Nick from doing what he was told was best, leaving. Now it is sixteen years later. Ary has been kidnapped. Nick and his leader, Rome and several others have flown out from where they live in the states to help to rescue Ary. Their reunion is not the romantic reunion one might imagine. Ary is furious. Nick left her, never to be heard from again, sixteen long years ago. When it becomes evident that those that Ary should have been able to trust to protect her were the ones that put her in danger all along, Nick takes Ary back to his home in Washington, D.C. But, the dangerous man responsible for her abduction, Saber Tavares, is also back in the states. “He’d simply walked away and never looked back. Through some great divine intervention he’d been granted a second chance, and he didn’t want to mess it up.” Saber is an evil power hungry rogue shifter. He wants to control both the shifter world and the human world. He will do whatever it takes to accomplish both, killing what or who ever gets in his way. He needed Ary to help him with a synthetic drug he is trying to create. Now that he has lost her, he’s just mad, and he will get his revenge. I really loved this one. Nick and Ary steamed up the pages. Shifters have a very amorous nature. Ary spent her life under the strict thumb of her father, dictating her life. Nick is kind of an angry, over bearing man. He wants to protect Ary but she is fighting against him every step of the way. She just got out from under her father’s thumb, now Nick wants to rule her life? Nick can’t get her to seem to understand how much danger she is in but Ary just wants freedom. As much as I loved these two and understood where Ary was coming from, her continued persistence in fighting Nick’s attempts to keep her safe did get on my nerves a little bit. But as the book progresses, you can see her adjusting to her new life and to Nick. And at the same time, see Nick easing up and trying harder to understand Ary’s needs. There is plenty of intense action in this one as well as Saber tries time and time again to take down Rome, Nick, and their mates. In this book we also see the birth of Havenway, the new compound which will house the shifters. I can’t wait for the next book, Passion’s Prey, as we will get to know Rome’s other second in command, Xavier, and Nick’s sister, Caprise, who has obviously been keeping secrets. The fight to stop the evil Saber will continue. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
loverofromance More than 1 year ago
Plot and Story Line  Seductions Shift is a story that I wouldn’t recommend as a stand alone. From what I can tell, this series is connected, and even though you could read it out of order, you might get a bit lost especially at the beginning if you haven’t read the first book. At the end of the first book, Ary gets kidnapped. The beginning of Seduction’s Shift is the rescue and trying to destroy Saber. Saber is one sick creature, oh man, did I want him to die in this one. I mean he has a temper, he was taken as a boy by a man more evil than him, and corrupted, and now there is nothing redeemable about it any longer. We see two sides of the plot in this story. It is written in third person (Thank goodness), but we also have a few times where it switches to Saber and his “plans”. The focus of the story is Nick and Ary reconnecting and trying to work out mistrust and past hurts and betrayals, and all the while trying to bring Saber down. There is a bit of a powerful mystery aspect in play here, and we have some truths revealed, and a hint of the next couple in the next book. Oh I can just see a explosion of tempers going to explode soon. What I want to focus on is the love story. They definitely have no problems in the “sexual activities” in their relationship….it is fiery HOT!! But we also see a centered focus on them rebuilding their relationship, learning to love and trust again. I loved the tension that builds between them and the interactions…especially in the beginning, is quite hilarious, because really…they need lessons in communicating effectively. But they eventually learn…just takes quite a bit of time to accomplish. But what fun I had with this pair. The Cover  I really like this cover, with the red and gold colors, the imprint of a leopard, and the back of one sexy hunky male….I could keep him hehe. Overall View  Seduction’s Shift is a blazing hot paranormal romance, that sizzles and burns, it is a tale of reconnecting, a dangerous enemy to defeat, and a passion that builds the bridges to love….A SEXY SHIFTER ROMANCE!! My Rating
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Send me a hot sexy shifter!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good Read!! I'm looking forward to #3
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Posted on Romancing the Books blog / Reviewed by Molly / Review Copy Provided by the Publisher / Woohoo! I was so excited to get this book and read it. I loved A.C. Arthur’s first book in this series, TEMPTATION RISING, and I couldn’t wait to jump into this one! Once again, Ms. Arthur has truly proven amazing in her paranormal romance skills. She blends the perfect amount of romance with a suspenseful plot line, the hot shifting jaguars, and the women who love them. Sabar Tavres is a fabulously created character! A true villian in all sense of the word, and really adds the suspenseful elements to the story. Kidnapping is his game and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. The intensity of his character really pulled me into the heart of the story. Though I didn’t like this villainous ways, I loved his character in the story for he really needed to be portrayed that way he was to make the story round out. Aryiola “Ary” Seriono is a healer and a wonderfully created one at that! I felt her emotions and her struggles as if they were my own. The heart pounding intensity was added when she worked against Sabar to gain her freedom. Following her story and becoming her for a time, was an awesome experience! She’s an independent woman and one that will steal your heart quickly! Dominick ‘Nick’ Delgado is powerful man. He’s a jaguar shifter, and Roman Reynolds’ business partner. And he’s longed for one woman, his mate, for years. When his mate’s life is compromised, following him on his mission of saving her was full of twists, turns, ups and downs of a paranormal roller coaster ride! SEDUCTION’S SHIFT is a wonderful installment to this amazing series! I love it! We get glimpses of Roman and Kalina (yay! Totally loved them in book 1!), and we get another intense plot line. This joy ride is one that you don’t want to miss. It’s intense, sexy and oh-so-sizzling! Each page turn brought something new, and by the end, I was not looking forward to saying goodbye. I wanted it to go on and on. I am looking forward the third installment, PASSION’S PREY, Xavier’s story. Well done, once again, Ms. Arthur!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a avid reader of paranormal romance, having AA heroes and heroines is the answer to my "reading jones"! And the second installment did not disappoint. I am A.C. Arthur's next biggest fan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A definte must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
great new series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great addition to the series. The herione is tough and not afraid to show it. Loved it and would recommend to all those who are fans of paranormal stories. Excellent!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Went to BN last night & the rep told me there was an issue with the publisher. I unarchived it today and the text is there. So far it is a good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Same thing here. I ordered it, but nothing. Have not called customer service yet; but I will today. 7.99 is nothing to play with. I could buy me a daily double meal at Mcdonalds and still have a little change left over!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I preordered book a month ago. I received an email stating I was being charged for the book today. I tried to open book to read it but there is nothing there. What a disappointment!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I waited months for the book to come out and when I buy it on my nook there's nothing there. I was on the phone with costumer services and they told that I would have to wait 5 to 10 days before they would fix the problem.... just give me a refund and I would go buy the paper version.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just like the previous post said: there's nothing there! There's no book. I was really looking forward to the second book, especially since I paid for it several months ago.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
And customer service was no help at all. I can read it online, I can read it on my phone, but I even deleted the stupid book and paid for it AGAIN, and I still can't read it on my Nook. Lovely.