Seed, Sprout, Fruit: An Apple Tree Life Cycle

Seed, Sprout, Fruit: An Apple Tree Life Cycle

by Shannon Knudsen, Simon Smith

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In graphic novel format, text and illustrations describe the life cycle of an apple tree.  See more details below


In graphic novel format, text and illustrations describe the life cycle of an apple tree.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Pat Trattles
Part of the "First Graphic" series from Capstone Press, this little volume explains the life cycle of the apple tree in a simple, straightforward style utilizing the graphic novel, or comic book format. Written for the early elementary age reader, this format makes the scientific explanation of the tree life cycle accessible to even the most reluctant reader. The story starts with a page of panels showing children enjoying apples and apple products such as applesauce, and apple pie. It then goes on to explain where the apple came from and how it grows. Readers will learn not only how the tree grows from a tiny seed into a mature fruit-bearing tree, but also how animals, including humans, deer, bugs, and bees have an impact on the apple tree. Back matter includes a glossary of scientific terms used in the text, a comprehensive index, and suggestions for further reading, both in print and online utilizing With a reading level of grade one to two and an interest level through grade three, this book fits well into the early elementary science curriculum and is sure to be a welcome addition to classroom and library shelves. Scientific terms such as chlorophyll and photosynthesis, however, may be too difficult for the youngest readers, and some teachers may find it necessary to use a guided reading technique with their students. Reviewer: Pat Trattles

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Capstone Press
Publication date:
First Graphics: Nature Cycles Series
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5.70(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.10(d)
GN490L (what's this?)
Age Range:
6 - 9 Years

Meet the Author

I've been working as a freelance illustrator for about 14 years now - before that I was a primary school teacher, and so you won't be surprised to hear that I've done a lot of work for educational publishers. He was born in Leicester in 1966, and has lived in various places since - Loughborough, Maidstone, Oxford and Thame. And he's currently resident in north Leeds with his wife Sue and their sons Eddie and Jonah.

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