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Seeds Of Luck

Seeds Of Luck

by Isaac E. Nwokogba
Harness the power of the natural forces within you to achieve your goals. Seeds of Luck: The ABCs of Creating Your Heart's Desires tells you how to harness the power of the natural forces within you to achieve your goals. Luck is not a chance happening, but something that is created. Learn how to Find out how to use the tremendous power of your thoughts to help


Harness the power of the natural forces within you to achieve your goals. Seeds of Luck: The ABCs of Creating Your Heart's Desires tells you how to harness the power of the natural forces within you to achieve your goals. Luck is not a chance happening, but something that is created. Learn how to Find out how to use the tremendous power of your thoughts to help fill your true needs and get what your heart desires. Discover the secret to making affirmations work by infusing your words with the creative forces of nature. Learn how to recognize and obey your inner voice. In Seeds of Luck, the author explains how you can direct the events of your everyday life, influence your circumstances, and create your own luck. Follow the precepts and specific techniques in this book, and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make good things happen for yourself and others.

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Throughout history, human beings have looked up to a source they believed to be a higher entity than themselves, a deity, for help with life's difficulties and answers. In some ancient societies, sacrifices were offered to their gods for their needs such as a richer harvest, fertility, good health and prosperity. In some modern societies, people look up to dead saintly beings to intervene in their behalf and grant them their wishes. Others turn to fortune tellers and psychics for a peek into their future.


Intuitively, human beings know there is something much greater, bigger, and limitless than themselves. This something has been referred to by different names in different languages, cultures, and religions. The many names that have been used to describe this something include: God, Allah, Universal Mind, Primal Force or Energy, the Absolute, the Cosmic, the Infinite, Universal Consciousness, the One, Divine Intelligence, and many others.


It is not what you call this Divine Intelligence, but your conception of IT that matters. Yet, people from different cultures, religions, and of different beliefs have attempted to relate to this Divine Intelligence in totally different ways based on customs, beliefs, and understanding. Unfortunately, in many cases, these attempts are hampered by superstition, ignorance, misconception, misunderstanding, and lack of knowledge.

Even people who don't believe in any other force besides themselves must believe in themselves; otherwise, they could not function as human beings. By believing in themselves, they indirectly acknowledge something they are part of that makes their very existence possible. No matter what one's beliefs are, our physical existence on this earth plane is a manifestation of only one-half of who we truly are. There is indeed another component to our very existence, the ethereal, immaterial, or spiritual component. Nothing exists by itself. Our material world is filled with manifestations attesting to the existence of this universal force. We cannot exist without being part of something else, no matter what we call this something, and in spite of what our conception of IT is.

No matter one's beliefs and understanding, people everywhere have one thing in common: they want, and would like to understand, influence, and explain their lives and experiences. Of particular interest to many people, is the ability to influence their fortunes (as in luck, chance, fate, success, or wealth). Many people wish for the things they need or want in their lives. Others turn to psychics for answers and explanations of many of life's experiences. In both cases, these people want to change their fortunes. For those who pray, they often do not receive answers to their prayers. Similarly, psychics have no power to influence the fortunes of others, and their ability to peek into the future of another person is severely limited.

If prayers appear to go unanswered, and psychics cannot change the fortunes or luck of others, and dead saintly beings cannot intervene on people's behalf and bring about what they desire in their lives, why do some people appear to be luckier than others? For some people, whatever they touch turns to gold, while others have the opposite experience. Is there a secret to improving one's fortunes, and if so, what might that be? If you are among the people who pray, do you always receive answers to your prayers? If not, have you ever stopped to ask why not?

There are so many things in life we don't understand, can't explain, or won't acknowledge. One of these is the abundant energy that permeates all things. In fact, we are, beyond this physical existence, energy of a higher grade. Our entire universe is ruled and controlled by energy. We can't see or touch it, yet the effects of this energy are felt every moment of our existence.

For examples, we don't see the air we breathe, yet we know it is ever present. We see the leaves on trees sway in the wind, but we don't see the wind that is pushing them around. Anything that is thrown up, must fall back to earth due to the force or effect of some energy we cannot see and yet it exists. Planets are held in their orbits by some energy that we can't see, and precipitation is held up in the skies by some energy until it is released as rain. There is also the creative energy that can be harnessed with our minds and thoughts to bring about desired changes in our lives. The list of examples of the different kinds of energy is infinite.

There are also nature's laws, which govern all things including our existence. As we go through life, we will often be faced with experiences and circumstances we wish were different. We're meant to have many of these experiences, whether or not we think we deserve or understand them. We must also contend with our destinies. They can bring about some experiences we sometimes may wish were different. Life is not always easy, no matter what you know or who you are.

No matter what our experiences in life may be, we are imbued with a super-creator known as the human mind. Along with the human mind is the natural energy (force) that permeates space. We can and should harness this creative energy with our minds to influence, affect, and change those things we can for our own benefit, and the benefit of others, to bring about a more fulfilling, peaceful, and rewarding life.


In America, Here I Come, I touched upon the subject of luck and offered an explanation of what luck is:

Luck indicates a "chance happening of events." However, the experience we call luck is not a chance happening of events. For simplicity, these "happenings" fall into two main categories and happen for a reason.

The first category is the self-created. We continually sow the seeds of our luck with our thoughts. These thoughts germinate, grow, mature, and produce fruits we then call luck.

Those thoughts that are very strongly impressed upon our minds are often impregnated with a creative energy, and then projected into the cosmic where they manifest themselves. The manifestations can be either positive or negative, and we call them luck—fortune or misfortune. Often, time has passed since we impregnated the thoughts that germinated and produced the result we call luck, and we are not aware of the part we played in bringing about these experiences in our lives.

The second category of these "happenings" occurs as a result of our response or lack of response to the subtle, inner urgings or guidance.Throughout our waking hours, we are continually bombarded with these promptings from within us. Some of them are stronger than others depending on the degree of the importance of the guidance, attunement with the Source, or the level of development of our faculties — sometimes referred to as psychic centers. Our response or lack of response determines whether this inner guidance results in fortune or misfortune.

Luck is not a chance happening, as generally implied, but a response to some action or lack of action on our part. Luck is simply a creation of our own thoughts, deeds, or actions. A Chinese proverb says, "The more you know, the more luck you will have." In other words, luck comes to those who dare to create it.

People create their own fortune. If we examine the so-called chance happenings in our lives, we will most likely discover we are directly or indirectly the creator of these happenings. The human mind is the greatest creator there is, and the subconscious is the greatest "manifestor." Whatever the human mind can create, the subconscious can manifest on the earth plane.

Among those who pray, many do so by faith, as an obligation, or as an outward showing of their devotion. Even fewer people pray knowing they will receive answers to their prayers.


There's a direct relationship between our fortune and our thoughts. Our thoughts, when focused and directed, constitute a potent petition. Answers to petitions come in many forms including so-called luck. Because prayer has religious implications, some people would probably deny ever praying to a Higher Power, Source, or to Self. In its broadest sense, however, prayer is something everyone does in one form or another through their thoughts.

Throughout this book, the word petition has been used for a better representation of the techniques described here, and to distinguish the approach from the religious form of prayer.

In this book, I will examine in more detail the different ways you can influence and change your fortune. I will examine the subject of luck and how you can begin to change your luck for the better. You will learn to focus your thoughts to realize that which you desire, want, or need. You will learn ways that will help you to improve or change your fortune and begin to attract more positive experiences into your life. In short, you will learn to effectively create your own luck, by attuning yourself with the Infinite Source, and manifesting the things you want and need in your life.


• No outside entity can intervene on behalf of people to bring about their wishes.
• It is not what we call the Divine Intelligence that matters, but our conception of IT.
• People's attempts to relate to the Divine Intelligence are often hampered by superstition, ignorance, misconception, misunderstanding, and lack of knowledge.
• Luck is not a chance happening of events, but a creation of our own thoughts, deeds, or actions.
• The human mind is the greatest creator there is, and the subconscious is the greatest manifestor.
• Answers to petitions come in many forms.

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