Seeing Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology through Film / Edition 2

Seeing Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology through Film / Edition 2

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by Karl G. G. Heider

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ISBN-10: 0205322670

ISBN-13: 9780205322671

Pub. Date: 06/22/2000

Publisher: Pearson Education

This is the only book/video package for cultural anthropology! This book truly incorporates films within the text. This unique package allows the reader to view the films in class or at home. Each copy of the book is packaged with a one-hour videotape including clips from fifteen ethnographic films. One reviewer says, "The greatest strength [is] its unique


This is the only book/video package for cultural anthropology! This book truly incorporates films within the text. This unique package allows the reader to view the films in class or at home. Each copy of the book is packaged with a one-hour videotape including clips from fifteen ethnographic films. One reviewer says, "The greatest strength [is] its unique and skillful use of film clips to enhance learning ... I can think of no better way to extend learning in anthropology than the use of films, and there is no one more qualified to select and present anthropological films than the author of this book." For anyone interested in seeing and reading about ethnographies.

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Table of Contents

All chapters conclude with “Chapter Summary,” “Key Terms,” “Questions to Think About,” and “Suggestions for Further Readings.”

1.The Study of Human Diversity.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
The Fields of Anthropology.
Anthropology and Other Disciplines.
Key Concepts in Anthropology.
Doing Anthropology: Find the Connections.
Focus Culture: Finding the Connections in Contemporary Bali.
Seeing Anthropology: The Goddess and the Computer.

2.Understanding Culture.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Defining Culture.
Focus Culture: Shared Malay Traditions and Local Variations.
Doing Anthropology: Societies, Cultures, and Subcultures.
Focus Culture: Yiddischkeit Subculture in Venice, California.
Seeing Anthropology: Number Our Days.
The Concept of Race.
The Interaction of Biology and Culture.
Seeing Anthropology: Latah: A Culture-Specific Elaboration of the Startle Reflex in Malaysia.

3.Doing Anthropology: Fieldwork and Theories.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Doing Fieldwork.
Focus Culture: Fieldwork among the Grand Valley Dani of Irian Jaya, Indonesia (West New Guinea).
Writing an Ethnography.
Anthropological Theories: How We Account for Cultural Behavior.
Doing Anthropology: Recognizing the Theory.
Seeing Anthropology: Dead Birds.

4.Meanings: Language, Symbols, and Art.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Doing Anthropology: Full-Channel Shakespeare.
Symbols, Art, and Identity.
Focus Culture: Art and Ceremony of the Kwa Kwaka' Wakw of the Northwest Coast.
Seeing Anthropology: Box of Treasures.

5.Psychology and Culture.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Cultures, Personality, and the Self.
Focus Culture: Cultural Themes in Vietnam.
Learning Styles.
Doing Anthropology: A New Intelligence Test.
Seeing Anthropology: Cultural Themes in Vietnam: How to Behave (Chuyen Tute).

6.Patterns of Production.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Cultural Adaptation and Production.
The Division of Labor.
Food Production Strategies.
Focus Culture: Horticulture of the Grand Valley Dani.
Doing Anthropology: Food Production Strategies in a Supermarket Culture.
Seeing Anthropology: Dani Sweet Potatoes.

7.Distribution and Consumption.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Distribution: Mechanisms of Exchange.
Focus Culture: The Redistributive Cargo System of the Zinacantan Mayans of Chiapas, Mexico.
Doing Anthropology: Your Own Transactions.
Doing Anthropology: Global Consumption.
Seeing Anthropology: Appeals to Santiago.

8.Marriage and Family.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Definitions and Functions of Marriage.
Forms of Marriage.
Doing Anthropology: Schemas of Love and Marriage.
Marriage as Exchange.
Marriage Rules.
Focus Culture: Marriage and Family in Japan.
Family and Household Forms.
Postmarital Residence Patterns.
Changing Family Forms in Western Cultures.
Seeing Anthropology: Farm Song.

9.Social Organization and Kinship.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Descent Groups.
Focus Culture: Patrilineal Descent of the Nuer of the Upper Nile.
Kinship Terminology Systems.
Non-kin Groupings.
Doing Anthropology: A Second Look at Your Social Groups.
Seeing Anthropology: The Nuer.

10.The Cultural Construction of Gender and Sexuality.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Differentiating Sexuality and Gender.
How Many Genders? How Many Sexualities? The Puzzle of Homosexuality.
The Role of Gender in Society.
Manifestations of Sexuality.
Doing Anthropology: Expressive Clothing.
Sexual Ethos.
Focus Culture: Gender and Sexuality of the Ju/'hoansi (!Kung San).
Seeing Anthropology: N!ai: The Story of a !Kung Woman.

11.Power and Politics.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Social Control.
Doing Anthropology: Backpacks on Campus.
Focus Culture: Adjudication in a Kpelle Village.
Patterns and Causes of War.
The Nature of Peace.
Seeing Anthropology: The Cows of Dolo Ken Paye: Resolving Conflict among the Kpelle.

12.Facing the Supernatural: Magic and Religion.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Looking for the Roots of Religion.
Doing Anthropology: Magic, Science, and Religion.
Sacred Power.
Focus Culture: Shamanism on the North Coast of Peru.
World Religions and Local Practices.
Seeing Anthropology: Eduardo the Healer.

13.Culture Change.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Forces of Change.
Doing Anthropology: Nailing Down Language Change.
Focus Culture: The Changing Trobriand Islands.
Indigenous Rights in a Changing World.
Seeing Anthropology: Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism.

14.Anthropology in the New Millennium.
Press Watch: Headline Anthropology.
Anthropology's Strengths and Contributions.
Three Circles of Anthropological Action.
Anthropological Analyses of Current Issues.
Doing Anthropology: Headline Anthropology.
New Directions in Applied Anthropology.
Focus Culture: The Suffering and Pain of the Khmer.
Final Reflections.
Seeing Anthropology: House of Spirit: Perspectives on Cambodian Health Care.

Appendix A: Thinking About Ethnographic Films.

Appendix B: Code of Ethics of the American Anthropological Association.




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Seeing Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology Through Film 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
illumsi More than 1 year ago
I'm an anthropology lecturer at a University. I bought this book for my first lecture. With the help of this book, I could prepare for my Introduction to Anthropology classes with confidence. I made powerpoint presentations based on this book. And my students seem enjoy my classes. What I like most about this book is that it gives a lot of examples and intruduces ethnographies and movies related to each chapter. So, my students rarely get bored. But it would be better if the theoretical and conceptual contents were layed out more cleary and orderly. Anyways this is an excellent book for both lecturer and students. This book includes a CD.