SELECT : Microsoft Excel 97 Plus / Edition 1

SELECT : Microsoft Excel 97 Plus / Edition 1

by Philip A. Koneman, Pamela R. Toliver, Yvonne Johnson

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Table of Contents

Overview of Windows 95
Project 1: Creating a Workbook.
Project 2: Editing a Workbook.
Project 3: Enhancing the Appearance of a Workbook.
Project 4: Editing the Structure of a Worksheet and a Workbook.
Project 5: Creating a More Complex Workbook.
Project 6: Creating a Three Dimensional Workbook.
Project 7: Creating a Three Dimensional Workbook Using Logical and Lookup Functions.
Project 8: Analyzing the Sales Data.
Project 9: Using Financial Functions.
Project 10: Using Statistical Functions.
Project 11: Using the Analysis ToolPak to Analyze Sales Data.
Project 12: Reporting Sales and Product Data on the World Wide Web or a Corporate Intranet.

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