Selected Papers in Logic and Foundations, Didactics, Economics / Edition 1

Selected Papers in Logic and Foundations, Didactics, Economics / Edition 1

by Karl Menger, Henk L. Mulder

ISBN-10: 9027703205

ISBN-13: 9789027703200

Pub. Date: 03/31/1979

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Vienna Circle Collection Series, #10
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

I. Papers Introducing Logical Tolerance.- Logical Tolerance in the Vienna Circle.- 1 The New Logic (1933).- Appendix (1937).- 2 On Intuitionism (1930).- II. Opuscula logica.- 3 Meaningfulness and Structure (1930).- Appendix (1978).- 4 A New Point of View on the Logical Connectives (1978).- 5 An Intuitionistic-Formalistic Dictionary of Set Theory (1928).- 6 Ultrasets and the Paradoxes of Set Theory (1928).- 7 A Logic of the Doubtful. On Optative and Imperative Logic (1939).- III. Fundamental Concepts in Pure and Applied Mathematics.- 8 A Counterpart of Occam’s Razor (1960, 1961).- 9 A Theory of the Application of the Function Concept to Science (1970).- 10 Variables, Constants, Fluents (1961).- 11 Wittgenstein on Formulae and Variables (1978).- IV. Didactics of Mathematics.- 12 A New Approach to Teaching Intermediate Mathematics (1958).- 13 Why Johnny Hates Math (1956).- 14 On the Formulation of Certain Questions in Arithmetic (1956).- 15 On the Design of Grouping Problems and Related Intelligence Tests (1953).- 16 The Geometry Relevant to Modern Education (1971).- V. Philosophical Ramifications of some Geometric Ideas.- 17 On Definition, Especially of Dimension (1921–1923, 1928).- 18 Square Circles (The Taxicab Geometry) (1952, 1978).- 19 The Algebra of Geometry (1978).- 20 Geometry and Positivism. A Probabilistic Microgeometry (1970).- VI..- 21 My Memories of L. E. J. Brouwer (1978).- VII. Economics. Meta-Economics.- 22 The Role of Uncertainty in Economics (1934).- 23 Remarks on the Law of Diminishing Returns. A Study in Meta-Economics (1936).- VIII. Gulliver’s Interest in Mathematics.- 24 Gulliver in the Land without One, Two, Three (1959).- 25 Gulliver’s Return to the Land without One, Two, Three (1960).- 26 Gulliver in Applyland (1960).- Bibliography of Works by Karl Menger.- Index of Names.

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