Selected Papers on Photoelasticity / Edition 2

Selected Papers on Photoelasticity / Edition 2

by Terry Yuan-Fang Chen

ISBN-10: 0819434884

ISBN-13: 9780819434883

Pub. Date: 11/12/1999

Publisher: SPIE Press

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Table of Contents

Section 1Two-Dimensional Photoelasticity; Birefringent Coatings
The method of oblique incidence of photoelasticity (S.E.S.A. Proceedings 1950)3
On the Tardy and Senarmont methods of measuring fractional relative retardations (British Journal of Applied Physics 1953)19
Photoelastic evaluation of individual principal stresses by large field absolute retardation measurements (S.E.S.A. Proceedings 1956)23
Experiments in mechanical and optical coincidence in photoplasticity (S.E.S.A. Proceedings 1961)37
A comparison of static and dynamic properties of photoelastic materials (Experimental Mechanics 1963)42
An analytic separation method for photoelasticity (Experimental Mechanics 1966)46
On dispersion of birefringence of photoelastic materials (Experimental Mechanics 1966)53
The generic nature of the absolute-retardation method of photoelasticity (Experimental Mechanics 1967)64
On the complete determination of dynamic states of stress (Experimental Mechanics 1968)73
Photoelastic-fringe multiplication for tenfold increase in sensitivity (Experimental Mechanics 1970)80
Interpretation of fringes in stress-holo-interferometry (Experimental Mechanics 1971)88
Accuracy of birefringent-coating method for coatings of arbitrary thickness (Experimental Mechanics 1961)94
Reinforcing effect of birefringent coatings (Experimental Mechanics 1962)106
Section 2Three-Dimensional Photoelasticity
The fundamentals of three-dimensional photoelasticity (Journal of Applied Mechanics 1938)119
Stress analysis by three-dimensional photoelasticity methods (Journal of Applied Physics 1940)126
A new material for three-dimensional photoelasticity (S.E.S.A. Proceedings 1948)135
Interpretation of photoelastic transmission patterns for a three-dimensional model (Journal of Applied Physics 1954)145
Further work on the general three-dimensional photoelastic problem (Journal of Applied Mechanics 1955)148
The determination of effective stress and maximum shear stress by means of small cubes taken from photoelastic models (S.E.S.A. Proceedings 1958)155
Optical phenomena in photoelastic models by the rotation of principal axes (Experimental Mechanics 1966)162
Fringe multiplication in three-dimensional photoelasticity (Journal of Strain Analysis 1966)172
Designing with scattered-light photoelasticity (Experimental Mechanics 1980)181
Three-dimensional photoelasticity by stress freezing (Experimental Mechanics 1980)187
Section 3Digital Photoelasticity
Complete automatic analysis of photoelastic fringes (Experimental Mechanics 1979)199
Half-fringe photoelasticity: a new approach to whole-field stress analysis (Experimental Mechanics 1983)206
Automatic stress analysis from photoelastic fringes due to image processing using a personal computer (in Applications of Digital Image Processing VII, A.G. Tescher, editor, 1984)216
Photoelastic measurements by means of computer-assisted spectral-contents analysis (Experimental Mechanics 1985)224
Automated photoelastic analysis (Strain 1988)230
The computer-aided holophotoelastic method (Experimental Mechanics 1990)236
A single-valued representative function for determination of principal stress direction in photoelastic analysis (in 9th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics 1990)246
Toward full field automated photoelastic analysis of complex components (Strain 1991)256
Digital dynamic photoelasticity (Optics and Lasers in Engineering 1994)264
Digital fringe multiplication in three-dimensional photoelasticity (Journal of Strain Analysis 1995)269
Toward RGB photoelasticity: full-field automated photoelasticity in white light (Experimental Mechanics 1995)276
Whole-field automatic measurements of isochromatics and isoclinics in photoelastic coatings (in International Conference on Experimental Mechanics: Advances and Applications, F.S. Chau, C.T. Lim, editors, 1997)284
Automation of white light photoelasticity by phase-shifting technique using colour image processing hardware (Optics and Lasers in Engineering 1997)290
Digital determination of photoelastic birefringence using two wavelengths (Experimental Mechanics 1997)304
Section 4Applications of Photoelasticity
Quenching stresses in transparent isotropic media and the photoelastic method (Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 1950)311
Three-dimensional photoelasticity and its application in machine design (Transactions of the ASME 1958)320
A three-dimensional photoelastic investigation of stresses near a reinforced opening in a reactor vessel (S.E.S.A. Proceedings 1959)332
A photoelastic approach to transient stress problems employing low-modulus materials (Journal of Applied Mechanics 1959)344
Stress concentration factors under dynamic loading conditions (Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 1959)352
The use of high-speed photography and photoelastic coatings for the determination of dynamic strains (in Fifth International Congress on High-Speed Photography, J.S. Courtney-Pratt, editor, 1962)
A photoelastic analysis of stress wave propagation in a layered model (Geophysics 1966)375
Measurement of elastic-plastic stresses by scattered-light photomechanics (Experimental Mechanics 1976)394
Integrated photoelasticity for axisymmetric problems (Experimental Mechanics 1978)402
Three-dimensional strain distributions in upset rings by photoplastic simulation (Experimental Mechanics 1981)408
A numerical-experimental analysis of the contact stress problem (Journal of Strain Analysis 1985)418
A micropolariscope for automatic stress analysis (Journal of Strain Analysis 1987)423
Computer aided photoelastic stress analysis of a variable-pitch lead screw (Journal of Strain Analysis 1997)434
Fracture Mechanics
Photoelastic stress analysis for an edge crack in a tensile field (S.E.S.A. Proceedings 1954)442
An investigation of propagating cracks by dynamic photoelasticity (Experimental Mechanics 1970)460
Use of three-dimensional photoelasticity in fracture mechanics (Experimental Mechanics 1973)468
A photoelastic determination of mixed mode stress-intensity factors (Experimental Mechanics 1978)474
A general method for determining mixed-mode stress intensity factors from isochromatic fringe patterns (Engineering Fracture Mechanics 1979)484
Half-fringe photoelastic determination of opening mode stress intensity factor for edge cracked strips (Engineering Fracture Mechanics 1989)495
Composite Materials
Application of birefringent coatings to glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (Experimental Mechanics 1969)506
Fiber-optic acceleration sensor based on the photoelastic effect (Applied Optics 1983)512
Fibre optic photoelastic sensors (International Journal of Optoelectronics 1992)516
General-purpose photoelastic fiber optic accelerometer (Optical Engineering 1997)539
Other Related Studies
A mathematical theory of photo-viscoelasticity (Journal of Applied Physics 1949)546
New model materials for photoelasticity and photoplasticity (Experimental Mechanics 1962)557
A theory for photothermoviscoelasticity (in Fourth International Congress on Rheology, E.H. Lee, editor, 1963)561
Birefringence in viscoelastic materials (Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics [ZAMP] 1971)570

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