Self-Assessment Library v.2.0/2004 (saleable) = Print / Edition 2

Self-Assessment Library v.2.0/2004 (saleable) = Print / Edition 2

by Stephen Robbins

ISBN-10: 0131447114

ISBN-13: 9780131447110

Pub. Date: 07/24/2003

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Prentice Hall
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Table of Contents

I. WHAT ABOUT ME? A. Personality Insights.
1. What's My Basic Personality?
2. What's My Jungian 16-Type Personality?
3. What's My Locus of Control?
4. How Flexible Am I?
5. How Proactive Am I?
6. Am I a Type-A?
7. How Well Do I Handle Ambiguity?
8. How Creative Am I?
B. Values and Attitude Insights.
9. What Do I Value?
10. How Involved Am I In My Job?
11. How Satisfied Am I With My Job?
12. What's My Attitude Toward Achievement?
C. Motivation Insights.
13. What Motivates Me?
14. What Rewards Do I Value Most?
15. What's My View on the Nature of People?
16. How Sensitive Am I to Equity Differences?
D. Decision Making Insights.
17. What's My Decision-Making Style?
18. How Intuitive Am I?
19. How do My Ethics Rate?
E. Other.
20. What's My Emotional Intelligence Score?
21. What Time of Day Am I Most Productive?
22. How Good Am I at Personal Planning?
23. Am I Likely to Become an Entrepreneur?

II. WORKING WITH OTHERS. A. Communication Skills.
24. What's My Face-to-Face Communication Style?
25. How Good Are My Listening Skills?
26. How Good Am I at Giving Feedback?
B. Leadership and Team Skills.
27. What's My Leadership Style?
28. How Charismatic Am I?
29. Do Others See Me as Trusting?
30. How Good Am I at Building and Leading a Team?
C. Power and Conflict Skills.
31. How Power-Oriented Am I?
32. What's My Preferred Type of Power?
33. How Well Do I Manage Impressions?
34. What's My Preferred Conflict-Handling Style?

35. How Satisfied Am I With My Job?
36.How Heavy Is My Workload?
37. What's My Job's Motivating Potential?
38. Do I Want an Enriched Job?
B. Organization Structure.
39. What Type of Organization Structure Do I Prefer?
40. How Willing Am I to Delegate?
41. How Politically-Oriented Am I?
C. Careers.
42. What's the Right Organizational Culture For Me?
43. How Committed Am I to My Organization?
44. Am I Experiencing Work-Family Conflict?
45. How Motivated Am I To Manage?
46. Am I Well-Suited for a Career as a Global Manager?
D. Change and Stress.
47. How Well Do I Respond to Turbulent Change?
48. How Stressful Is My Life?
49. Am I Burned Out?

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