Self- Care Theory in Nursing: Selected Papers of Dorothea Orem

Self- Care Theory in Nursing: Selected Papers of Dorothea Orem

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by Katherine Mclaughlin Repenning

ISBN-10: 0826117252

ISBN-13: 9780826117250

Pub. Date: 09/05/2000

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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Table of Contents

    A Note from Dorothea Orem
    Foreword, S.E. Allison and C.S. Balmat
    Introduction, S. Taylor and K.M. Renpenning
    Part I: Orem's Writings
  1. Essential Requirements for the Practice of Nursing: An Analysis (1956)
  2. The Art of Nursing in Hospital Nursing Service: An Analysis (1956)
  3. Nursing Education, 1966-1967 (1966)
  4. Inservice Education and Nursing Practice (1968)
  5. Clinical Evaluation (1968)
  6. Levels of Nursing Education and Practice (1968)
  7. The Nursing Process with a Focus on Data Collection (1969)
  8. Design of Systems of Nursing Assistance and Plans for the Individual (1969)
  9. Design, Production, and Control Operations Required for the Delivery of Nursing on an Agency-Wide Basis (1969)
  10. Nursing and Nursing Education: The Problem of Relations (circa late 1960s)
  11. Processes in the Development of a Conceptual Framework for Teaching Nursing and for the Practice of Nursing (1973)
  12. Some Premises and Rules for Use in Curriculum Design and Development in Nursing (1974)
  13. Validity in Theory: A Therapeutic Self-Care Demand for Nursing Practice (1976)
  14. Nursing Theories and Their Function as Conceptual Models for Nursing Practice and Curriculum Development (1978)
  15. Scholarly Endeavors: Eight Sets of Work Operations for Advancing One's Scholarship (revised 1979)
  16. The Structure of Antecedent Nursing Knowledge (1979)
  17. Nursing: A Dilemma for Higher Education (1982)
  18. A System of Concept about Nursing: A Personal History (1984)
  19. Self-Care Model of Standards for College Health Nursing (1986)
  20. Some Remarks Relevant to Nursing Practice (1986)
  21. Nurses and Nursing Knowledge (1987)
  22. Development and Dissemination of a General Theory of Nursing: The Past, Present, and Future (1987)
  23. Changes in Professional Nursing Practice Associated with Nurses' Use of Orem's General Theory of Nursing (1987)
  24. Self-Care and Health Promotion: Understanding Self Care (1987)
  25. Motivating Self-Care -- The Reality: Persons as Self-Care Agents (1987)
  26. The Profession and Nursing Science (1988)
  27. Theory Development in Nursing (1988)
  28. The Development of the Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing: Events and Circumstances (1988)
  29. A Perspective on Theory-Based Nursing (1988)
  30. Multiple Roles of Nurses (probably 1988)
  31. Nursing Systems (1989)
  32. Perception of Theory Application Around the World (1990)
  33. Some Considerations in the Use of One General Theory of Nursing to Formalize the Provision of Nursing at Crawford Long Hospital (1992)
  34. Work to Be Done (1993)
  35. The World of the Nurse (1996)
  36. Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory Development Group (1997)
  37. The Formalization of General and Subsidiary Self-Care Requisites and Components of Associated Therapeutic Self-Care Demand for a Particular Health State (1998)
  38. Nursing Practice Models (undated)

  39. Part II: International Perspectives on Orem's Work
  40. The Contribution of Self-Care Deficit Theory to Nursing in Mexico, E.C. Gallegos
  41. The Application of Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory in Germany, G. Bekel
  42. An Integrative Review and Meta-analysis of Self-Care Research in Thailand, 1988-1999, S. Hanucharurnkul, J. Wittya-Sooporn, Y. Leucha, W. Maneesriwongul

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