Self Defense

Self Defense

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by Christian Braun

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Self Defense 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
bad_credit More than 1 year ago
This book does have some good advice about staying aware of your environment, parking your car so you can drive forward out of danger, using mace properly, etc. However, the author gives legal advice more fitting to his native Germany than the US. He says that after you strike or knockdown your attacker to say sorry and "What did I do?!" This is so witnesses will tell the cops that you were the victim. Any US lawyer will tell you that you never say sorry in a self-defense situation or an accident; it implies guilt. The writer's lesson will get you in legal trouble. I have studied Jeet Kune Do, Kali, MMA, and Traditional Japanese Jujutsu just like the author. Which is why I don't understand his takes on those arts. He shows an attacker using one strike, then freezing so the defender can throw five back. Not only is that dangerously unrealistic, it goes against the JKD teaching of simplicity and directness. One strong counterattack with proper timing thrown to a vital area is taught in JKD, not five moves that have to go in a certain, complicated order. He shows how to defend against dogs, but the german shepards shown are docile, and not fighting back. I wonder if the author has actually ever tried grabbing a dog IRL. They shake hard, and turn to bite you. It's almost impossible to hold one. Mace is a better route. A number of the knife disarms, grappling pin reversals, and grappling pin escapes in this book are shown with a key sequence missing. The author does not explain what's missing. As someone trained in those arts, I know exactly what's missing and how to do it, but a beginner would be lost. In closing, I will say that two of Christian Braun's other books ARE good; Self-Defense Against Knife Attacks, and Grappling Effective Groundwork. The knife book is the best book I have ever seen on Kali knife disarms. The Grappling book has a couple of moves in it that completely changed my game for the better. I have four of this guy's books. I heartily endorse the Knife and Grappling title, but will say to save your money and time and stay away from his Self-Defense and Free Fight manuals. They both suffer from missing sequences and the attacker freezing, or "dead" mentality common in ineffective martial arts that lack sparring. I really don't understand how that came out of this teacher, either, considering he has a decent record in live competitions. Sparring is a part of his training.